The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 24: Chapter 24


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@@I was in the kitchen preparing water for him. I began to feel dizzy and a big headache. That is when Amanda came in.

" Nadia, are you alright, nothing happens to you right,"

" I am fine,"

" I am glad I call the prince friends if not, we don't know what could have happened,"

" You called them?"

" Yes, I was going to come to meet you but Lionel came and stopped me, then he knocked me out,"

She was saying something, I couldn't hear her, and then I fainted.

" Nadia, Nadia,"

" What is going on over there,"

" Let me check,"

" Nadia, what happened to her?"

" I don't know,"

" Call Phillip,"

Phillip came and started treating Nadia.

" Is she alright?"

He checked her pulse.

" What is going on? she is alive but why do her pulse look dead, who is she?" Phillip thought

" Is everything the matter with her?"

" Yes, don't worry, she was tired that is why she fainted,"

Kevin came.

" Is she alright?"

" Kevin, you are awake," Cedric went to meet him

" You should be careful,"

" Jillian, thanks for your help and sorry,"

" Kevin, you are my best friend, of course, I will help you when you are in trouble,"

" Thanks, is she alright,"

" Yes, a lot happened today, so she is very tired that is the reason why,"

" Ok,"

" Kevin, what triggers your reaction, it isn't the full moon yet, is it,"

" I don't know,"

" The old woman once said that there are two reasons you can get triggered is the full moon which we all know and the second reason is that when you found your mate, thinking about it you last saw Nadia before the reaction started, could she be?" Melody said

" There is no way, a vampire mate is not a human, it is either a vampire, a demon or any other supernatural being,"

" Well, maybe you are right,"

" What if I say that she is not a human, will you believe me," Phillip said

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