The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 20: Chapter 20


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I went to take some food and eat. I won't lie that girl can cook very well. It is so delicious. After I was done eating, I went to the living room to tell them about my past.

" Nadia, you are here" she patted the seat " Come and sit down,"

I went to sit down.

" So, tell us,"

" I don't know where to start from,"

" you can start from anywhere, " Where should I start, should I start from my childhood? I can't even remember, I only remember when I was eight years old.

" Nadia, what are you thinking about?" she waved her hand on my face

" Sorry about that, " I apologize " I will first tell you about my family, I have a mother and a younger sister, my dad died when I was 12 years old. We have a very bad time ever since his death. I wanted to become a doctor but my mother doesn't have the money, I let her use the money for my younger sister to go to school."

" Really, why will you give up your dream for your sister, " Damian asked

" you don't understand, if you have siblings you will know how I feel,"

" Were you sad when you give up your dream, " Julian asked

" I will be honest with you, I was a little bit sad but I quickly get over it, I think of it as a good thing,"

" ah, I see,"

We talked for hours, I told them about my life and everything else except the fact that I was adopted because I think it is unnecessary to tell them. I was so happy to talk to them because I never had any friends to talk to the way I talked to them.

" I think it is time for us to leave, " Cedric said

" Ok then,"

They all stand up.

" bye,"

" bye,"

" did you know that Kevin has completely changed though he does not know that himself,"

" what are you talking about, how has he changed?"

" you see, Kevin doesn't stay in that Palace for long but now he is wanting to go there, and not leave. When we are working together, he always smiles

" let's just go, we will ask Kevin when he is alone,"

" Ok,"

" I am so tired, " I stretched

" do you want me to massage you,"

" can you do it?"

" I can do it very well,"

" Let's go to the room then,"

We left to go to the room.

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