The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 2: Chapter 2


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The mother slapped Britney

" Mom, you slapped me,"

" Are you happy that you told Nadia about her birth, she is my child just as you, I have always look at Nadia as my daughter, you can't tell me what to do," she shouted

The mom was wearing her jacket.

" Mom, where are you going?"

" Where am I going, I am looking for Nadia,"

" Mom, you can't go, you can't leave me here," she said while crying

She didn't answer. The mother left, she is looking for Nadia

I was walking, I didn't know where I was. Why is this happening to me? why? I kept asking myself those questions. That is when my mother called me

" Nadia,"

" Mom, what are you doing here?"

" Do you think I will let my child go out when she is angry,"

" Mom, I am not your daughter," I turned my back away from her

" Nadia, you are my daughter I don't care if I adopted you, I have always treated you as my daughter, that won't change you know it,"

" Mom," I hugged her and I was crying very heavily

" There you go," she keeps patting my back " Nadia, let's go home it is cold,"

" Ok," I went with her

We arrived at home and my sister Britney was standing outside waiting for us.

" Britney?"

" Nadia, I am very sorry for what I said, I didn't mean to say it,"

" It is okay, I forgive you" We hugged each other

" That is good, I am glad the two of you have put the past behind you, now let's get inside, you don't want to catch a cold," my mother said happily

We went inside the house and we warmed ourselves, my mom was in the kitchen making food for everybody so I began to get curious as to what Britney meant by "a big decision".

" Britney, what do you mean by mom has to make a big decision, what decision?"

" Nadia, well I was chosen to become the vampire prince bride,"

" What?"

" So I suggested mom take you to become the vampire bride, but right now I don't care, if it is my destiny to be killed, so should it be," she said faking a smile

Why would the vampire prince come and cause chaos in our family, why? I don't understand at all. I look at my sister, I know she is not happy. We eat that night and talked then we went to go and sleep. I had a dream.

" Nadia, go and take your sister's place in the arranged marriage, it will bring blessing to you," The mysterious lady said

" Who are you?"

" You don't need to know,"

The mysterious lady was about to leave

" don't go" I shouted

The mysterious woman left and then I woke up from the dream. As long as I remember I always had a dream, and that mysterious woman. I don't know her. Why would she say I should take my sister's place. What should I do?

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