The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 19: Chapter 19


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" Pay for what?" I looked at him, he smirks, I quickly move back " No way, not my body," I use my hands to cover my chest.

" What is going through your head?" he poked my head " Do you think I will touch you?"

" It is not my fault for thinking that because you are a very big pervert,"

" I see," he was laughing

There was a knock on the door.

" who is it?"

" It is Jim,"

" oh, come in,"

" Kevin, you know it is a bad habit to leave your guest and come to be flirting with her,"

" He wasn't flirting,"

" If you say so," he laughed

Kevin stand up.

" I am sorry, let's go,"

" Ok,"

I saw them leave the room. Why did I think he meant my body? Aish so embarrassing. I covered my face.

" Kevin, what's wrong with your nose, it seems red," Melody asked

" Ah, it is nothing," he smiled

I came down to the living room and I saw Viola and the girls.

" Sorry for leaving, I didn't mean to,"

" It is ok, Nadia, no need to apologize,"

" Are you trying to make me the bad kid?"

" What the fuck are you talking about, I am not talking to you, I was talking them,"

" That is enough you two, Viola apologize,"

" No need to apologize because it will be an empty apology,"

" Why are you making me angry?"

" The two of you should stop it right now,"

" Kevin, I am leaving, since you don't care about me any longer," Viola said with no remorse at all

" Viola, there is something you need to know, you need to stop thinking of yourself as a higher person so that you will be able to make genuine friends,"

" Kevin, are you lecturing me, you know I have feelings for you yet you are treating me that way, I am leaving," she shouted and bang the door

" What was that?"

" I don't know," Jillian answered

So that is the reason why she said that she is in love with Kevin and she makes it look as if she is his little sister. I couldn't tell whether she likes him or not.

" So, what should we do?" Melody asked

" I know what we should do?" Sophia said

" What is it?" Cedric said

" Nadia, tell us the story of your life in the human world,"

" Mine, it is boring, there is nothing special about it,"

" Look, every life is interesting, you just need to find the right thing,"

" There we go, Jillian the lecturer,"

Sophia linked hands with me

" If you pay more attention to her, you will be so bored,"

" What, I am just telling that no life is boring,"

" Yes, we know, she needs to tells us about her life,"

" But Nadia have you eaten?"

" Oh, I haven't eaten, ok then go and take some food and you will come and tell us your life in the human world,"

" Trust me, you will be so bored,"

" it doesn't matter if we are bored, we want to hear it, Kevin are you not curious,"

" I am very much curious,"

No matter how much I tell them, they won't listen.

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