The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 17: Chapter 17


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The next day, where is Kevin? did he not sleep here last night? I am feeling a headache, what is going on? is he with that girl? Aish, why am I thinking about that? Whether he is with her or not, it is not my business. I shouldn't worry about it. My stomach grumbles. I am so hungry, let me prepare first before I look for something to eat. I took a shower as normal. I went to the kitchen to look for food to eat. Isn't that Viola, she is cooking, she can cook. I do not want to meet her.

" good morning,"

" Good morning,"

" Where is Kevin?" Viola asked

" I don't know where he is,"

She hit the table.

" How can you not know where he is, he stays in the same room with you, shame on you,"

Who the hell is she talking to?

" How will I know where he went to, am I more than one, If he went out, he went out,"

" Are you not embarrassed saying these things?"

" What should I be embarrassed for, if somebody went out, is it everything they tell you, If I am embarrassed, shouldn't you be embarrassed because the two of you are close, he could have told you where he is going to,"

" Do you know who I am?"

" I don't give a damn who you are, whether you are from a high status I don't care, you can't just insult me lie this,"

I left angrily. What kind of person she is? I thought she is a person who I can easily make friends to, I never thought she will be a person like that. I came to the Kitchen because I am hungry but now I am not hungry. The door was opened and Kevin with his friends came in.

" Hi, Nadia,"

" Hi,"

" I hope you are not angry with us,"

" I am not angry with you people,"

" Kevin, where did you go?"

" Why are you asking?"

" Kevin, you," I was very angry

That is when Viola came in.

" Wow, Viola you are here,"

" Kevin, why didn't you tell me that Viola is here,"

" I don't think it is worth mentioning,"

" Kevin, if you are going you should have at least tell somebody,"

" Well,"

" I am sure Nadia doesn't care where you are going to,"

" Hey, why are you mentioning my name?"

" What, did I?"

" What is going on here?" Julian said

" I prepare some food, let's go and eat,"

" I am not hungry, and Kevin I don't want to get insulted again, latest if you are going somewhere tell somebody,"

I left.

" What happened?"

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