The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 16: Chapter 16


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@@We went back to the palace. When we get there, there was a girl who was inside, she immediately runs to Kevin and hugged him.

" Kevin, I miss you,"

Who is that girl? She seems to be calling him by his name.

" You should stop doing that," Kevin removed her hand away from him.

I decided to greet her.

" Hi,"

I greeted her, she looks at me and didn't respond to my greeting.

" Who is she, she is a human, don't tell me it is the girl you got married humanly,"

" Yes, she is the one, let me introduce the two of you,"

" Nadia meet Viola, Viola meets Nadia,"

" Hi!"

" Hi!"

She finally answers, I thought she won't answer.

" So what are you doing here?"

" I am here to visit you, I miss you a lot,"

" Really,"

" Can I stay here?"

" If I didn't let you stay, you will not let me rest,"

" Kevin, you know me best," she laughed

They are talking very naturally. I am glad she is staying, I could talk to some people.

" I am going inside,"

I left so that they should have time to catch up, it seems like they have not seen each other for years.

I took a shower and then I lie down on the bed and I quickly fell asleep. I was very tired, a lot happened.

" She is asleep, she must be so tired," he pushed Nadia's hair back " you are a pretty girl, how should I say this, ever since you came, there has been a joy in my life making me want to come here every day,"

There was a knock on the door.

" Who is it?"

" It is Lionel, my prince,"

" Ok, come in," Kevin stands up

" How is it, have you done it?"

" Yes it is done, their entire family is eliminated,"

" You never seem to amaze me,"

" Leave, I want to rest,"

" Ok,"

Kevin lie down and he fell asleep while looking at Nadia

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