The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 13: Chapter 13


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" Shopping?"

" yes,"

Should I go? I haven't gotten out of the palace ever since I came, besides it is very boring out here. I could take the chance and look at this place.

" Nadia, are you alright?"

Sophia waived in my face

" Sorry,"

" So, what do you say, are you coming or not?"

" I am, let's go,"

We left.

This was my first time outside the palace, it was very beautiful. I couldn't help but admire the place. Everybody was all staring at me, I feel goosebumps all over me. Why are they looking at me? Is this their first time seeing a human.

" Nadia, stay close to us, don't wander off ok," Julian said

" This is not the human world, you are not yet a princess so you have to be very careful," Melody said

" Ok, thank you,"

" oh my gosh, let's look at that shopping mall over there, they have a lot of beautiful clothes," Sophia exclaimed

They all run after Sophia

I could have pay more attention to them, this is when I realize what the girls have been telling me, I am the only human here

" Wait up,"

Oh, where are they? Why can't I see them? I looked around.

" Sophia and Melody, the two of you should wait,"

" What is going on?"

" Where is Nadia?"

" Isn't Nadia here right now?"

" She is not here,"

" This is seriously bad,"

" We need to look for her right now,"

They all run to look for Nadia.

" You are a human, your blood scent is so nice,"

" Who are you?" I was going back and I hit the wall

" Is she asking us 'who we are'?"

" It would be too bad if we only drink her blood, she is a pretty girl, why don't we do away with her,"

" You are right,"

They pushed me down, I was so scared.

" This is no good, I should use my eyes to figure out where she is,"

" Don't do it, it will drain your magic power,"

" Sophia, Nadia is a good girl, she can't suffer like this, If I can help her, let me help her"

Julian uses her eyes and saw what is happening to Nadia. She was weak due to the power she uses.

" Go quick, she is in trouble, she is in city X,"

" This is where I come in," Melody said

" No, please don't,"

As the man was about to kiss me, that was Melody came. Melody uses her power and burned that man alive. The others all run away. I was so scared, I couldn't move. My whole body was shaking. Is this the so-called vampire world?

" Nadia, are you alright,"

I couldn't talk.

" Nadia, Melody, are you alright," Sophia shouted

" Yes, I am alright but Nadia is so scared

" Nadia get up,"

I barely managed to get up. I couldn't talk. I don't know what they did but they carried me to teleport.

" Nadia, are you alright,"

" Yes, I am,"

" Amanda, give Nadia some water to drink,"

Kevin and the boys came.

" What is going on?"

" Well, we went out today with her and we did not pay much attention to her, we lost her,"

" Lost her?" Cedric said

Kevin went to me.

" Are you alright, Nadia"

" I am tired, I want to go inside," I said with a soothing voice.

" Ok, Amanda take her inside,"

" Melody, tell me, what happened?"

" She got kidnapped. They wanted to **** her and drinks her blood but luckily I came on time,"

" So what about Julian, why did I not see her here?"

" She is getting treatment," Damian said

" What treatment, was she injured,"

" She uses her eyes for us to be able to find out the whereabouts of Nadia,"

" Who is it?"

Kevin's eyes turned red.

" I won't let the person off the hook," he turned his ring.

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