The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 10: Chapter 10


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" What are you doing?" I was panting

" what are you thinking about?"

" Nothing,"

I was breathing hard. His hands were on my waist. He uses his hand to brush my lips. What is he doing? Is he going to kiss me?

His face was on me.

" I wonder how it is to touch your beautiful lips,"

" eh eh, stop it,"

" Should I stop?"

His mouth was getting closer to mine. I thought he was going to kiss me but he didn't, he removed his hand from my waist.

" Look at your face," he was laughing

" You pervert," I was enraged

" Who is a pervert?"

" You are the one of course,"

" anyway come and sit down," he was patting the chair

" Ok,"

" So Nadia, tell me how is your life in the human world?"

" It is good,"

" The human world is filled with lies and rumors, I bet in the human world there are rumors about me,"

" Yes, you are right,"

" What type of rumors?"

" There is a rumor that you killed the other wives that were here before me and you are a bad person,"

" I see, so when you came here, weren't you scared?"

" Well, I was a little bit scared when I first came here but as time goes on I wasn't scared any longer. By the way, why didn't you come when I first entered here, you now came in one month?"

" I was in a place that should not be known,"

" I see,"

" Why are you so honest, aren't you afraid that what you say, I might get angry and kill you,"

" Of course not, why will I be afraid, you are a nice person, you don't kill people without a reason,"

" What makes you think I am a nice person,"

" I haven't known you for long but what I can see for the past few hours, I can tell, you are a nice person,"

" You are different from all other girls, I have seen,"

" How so,"

" Because of my status they would try to do everything to make me happy and they would try to seduce me but you are not like that you are way different,"

" Geez, why will I seduce you?" I said smiling " it is getting dark, I want to sleep,"

I stand up. I went into the room. I brush my teeth and took a shower. As I come back from the shower I didn't expect to see Kevin here.

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