The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 1: Chapter 1


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" The vampire prince has killed his wife again,"

" It has happened,"

" I feel pain for the ones who will be his wife again,"

This rumor will continue to be around, I can't think about the times I have heard people say that, since when I was a child. People say that the vampire prince has married 12 times, whenever the Vampire prince wants to marry again, a lot of women hide their daughters, no matter how much they hide their daughters the vampire still find his way around. You can't probably say I am not scared, I am very much afraid because I am 25 years old, the age of marriage but what can I do?

" Nadia, you are here to buy something again, you should be careful, you don't want to be the next victim do you?"

" Aunty, don't worry about me I am alright,"

" I could see that, but you need to be careful," the woman laughed

" Don't worry I will be,"

" do you want the usual?"

" yes,"

The woman packaged it for me

" Ok then, bye"

" bye Aunty" I left

" Mom, I don't want to marry him, I will die," Britney said to her mom while crying

" don't worry dear, you won't die, you will live," The mother said while hugging her

" Mom, I have an idea, why don't we let Nadia take my place?"

" Nadia?"

" yes, she is not my sister, she is just a girl dad adopted nothing more. The prince has not seen me before, so he won't know we switch,"

" I can't do that, Nadia is a girl your father left in my hands before he goes,"

"Mom, as always you care about Nadia more than me, you are willing to let me die than Nadia, mom who is your daughter, is she the one or I am?" Britney said angrily and left the room where she is

" Britney," The mom shouted

" What should I do, do I have to choose between my two daughters? Honey," she looked at her husband picture " you left me with these two beautiful daughters, one my daughter I gave birth to and the other is the adopted one, no matter the decision I choose, I will hurt the both of them, what should I do honey, tell me what? I don't want to lose the two of them," The mother shook her head

I came home

" mom, I am back!" I shouted

" oh, Nadia you are back, let me see it," she took the bag away from me

" Mom are you alright?"

" Ye-"

" No, she is not alright, she is trying to make a big decision right now which should not even be a big decision,"

" Britney, that is enough,"

" Mom, it is not enough, I am your daughter while she is an adopted one you and dad decides to raise so mom it is not enough," She shouted

" Mom, what is Britney talking about?"

" Don't mind Britney at all she is saying rubbish,"

" What I am trying to say is that you are an adopted child, a girl that was thrown away,"

As soon as Britney said it, my whole world came crashing down, I was hopeless, I didn't know when I ran away.

" Faith" My mother shouted

I could hear the echo of her voice from far away

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