The Vampire King Chapter 2: chapter:1_At college


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Chapter: 1: At College
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
12,February, 2012.
It's 11:23am,at lorendo college in San Fransisco, California, USA.The sky was very cloudy.The classroom was very dizzy.Harry ( Harry Riok) was looking outside during class time.His best friend Fresto(Kevin Fresto) hissed in his ear that after college they will go to play soccer.Harry agreed. At 3:48pm the college over and they gone to the field for playing.But suddenly it started raining.
:I think we can't play now.
:yea...OK see then.Bye.Harry
Harry returned home at went to his room.He is a fan of magic spells and magic things.He likes harry porter and he is so happy that his name is harry.
:harry....come here.Fresto called you.
:I am coming mom
: hello,harry
:yea.I am here.
: my uncle Jennef Lond is going to come tomorrow.
:oh!uncle jennef ......
:we decided to go on a picnic in Sunday.
:oh....really!our summer vacation will also start after this Sunday.Great.
:OK.Let's meet tomorrow at college.

Next day...

:yea,so where we will go Sunday....
:mmmmm...I think it's not a picnic it's a investigation or travel.
:just for know that uncle jennef is a ghost investigator and he also investigate in paranormal and supernatural things.
:so ,do you mean that we will go with him to help in investigation.
:hmmmm.....but mainly for fun.
:OK ,then .is there anybody who will also accompany with us?
:yea...leond,Chrissy,bondy,Gavin and Loren
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