The ultimate fate Chapter 8: meeting Pheladi


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Despite all that has happened Ditiro managed to pass grade 10 , she thought her parents will change their minds once they see her report. But to her surprise Naledi and Tshepiso were at the gate ,bags by their side.

"Naledi !! ,what happened " said Ditiro while hugging her kids.

" Grandma said we should wait for you here ,that today we leaving "

"Mama !! ,Mama" shouted Ditiro at top of her lungs.

She tried to enter the gate but her mother stopped her.

"I told you ,now leave. Go be with the fathers of your children " April locked the gate.

After hours of walking it was starting to get dark ,panic on Ditiro 's face but she was being strong for her children. A car stopped by her side ,a young woman named Pheladi at the driver seat.

" Hi , Sorry to bother you. Im I on the right path to Mall of the north .My GPS is giving me problems " Pheladi said smiling

" Yes you are " Ditiro said without looking at the young woman

" Where are you headed, maybe I can give you a lift"

"You cant help me ,Nobody can help me,"

Ditiro cried so bad , she didn't see Pheladi get out of her car . she hugged Ditiro.

"Hey , things can't be that bad "

" I have no where to go"

"Come ,get in the car"
Pheladi took Ditiro and her kids with her to Mall of the North ,she had a meeting there.After her meeting she bought food and booked into a BnB.

The next morning Ditiro was feeling better, she was even able to finish her breakfast.
After breakfast Pheladi told Ditiro she and her partner have a cottage she can stay in for as long as she wants.So all the way to pretoria from Limpopo she went.

Atleast things were looking up ,now she has to look for a job .Naledi was 2 ,Tshepiso a few months old how will she manage.
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