The ultimate fate Chapter 6: The accident


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Thanyo was in a foul mood , Dikano could hear him shouting at his mother from their bedroom.

" You bought shoes, after I told you we need to save"
"I needed something to do" answered Lebo

"Most women clean ,cook and bake when they need something to do"
"Well I'm sorry ,what can I say "

"Come we taking them back"
"You can't do that"

Thanyo dragged Lebo into the car . Dikano felt bad watching his mother being treated like that. "They always play rough,so she'l be fine" he told himself.

Lebo didn't even notice how fast Thanyo was driving, they didn't even wear seat belts. When they turned the corner of their streets they got hit by a truck.They both died at the scene.

After the funeral, the lawyers solds everything to pay off Thanyo's debts. Turns out things were so bad that they had used up even Dikano's education funds.

The social worker took Dikano to an orphanage, he was transferred to a public school.Now he had no one and nothing,the only thing he was left with are his parent's wedding rings.

Ditiro and Naledi were all Dikano could think about ,in order to help them he forced himself to work hard inorder to be eligible for a bursary. So he always had his head in shool books.

Dikano had to endure teasing from kids at the orphanage and at school. But that made him more determined to do his best.Little did he know that he was about to be a father again.
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