The ultimate fate Chapter 2: Exam jitters or what?


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Its been very rough since Dikano and his parents left ,but she was finally falling into a routine. Hoping she would ace her mid year exams Ditiro had studied very hard.

On the morning of the first exam she was about to write she felt nauseous and dizzy. "I can't let nerves get the better of me , I must do this yes" she said to herself while taking a bath . She entered the exam room ,as soon as she sat down the nausea got stronger. She took a few breath and calmed herself through the exam.

The next morning same story, but since she was not writing today something is definitely wrong with her. At times like this she missed Dikano's advice and hugs. She went to the kitchen for breakfast, but there was no food .Opened the fridge and took out two eggs , as she tried to break the first egg her mother shouted "Those are for my children who listen to me and know we eat breakfast 7am in this house.Put them back"

Ditiro placed the eggs back in the fridge and went back to her room , Naledi started crying. She tried to comfort him but it was not working. It was all too much for her she started to cry ,calling Dikano's name.

Kopano ,Ditiro's dad entered the room , it shattered his heart to see what had become of his daughter. "sssssshhhhhhh ,its gonna be alright come down now" Kopano comforted her.

She fell asleep in his arms, then Kopano took Naledi to let Ditiro rest. A few hours later Ditiro was woken up by the nausea, she tried the breathing technique but it didn't work. She rushed to the bathroom to throw up.

Ditiro took a bath and relaxed that's when it hit her,Where is Naledi.She rushed out of the bathroom, got dressed .But she was all alone in the house, panic raged through her as she displayed many scenarios in her head .She rushed outside and started shouting her son's name on the street. A few minutes of looking she felt herself loose the little energy she had left , she dropped to the ground.

"Ditiri wake up ,Ditiro" she subconsciously heard Kopano's voice. She Slowly opened her eyes , she was at the hospital.

"what happened?" she said
"You fainted " kopano answered
"Naledi ,where is Naledi? "
"Here he is with me come down"

The doctor entered the room

"Hello, Ditro your blood test results will be available tomorrow, im keeping you overnight for observation"

"What could be wrong with my daughter? "
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