The ultimate fate Chapter 15: My son


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The next day Dikano figured out Naledi is avoiding him so he called him and the vice president Lwazi to his office.

"Mr Thakgalo ! , you wanted to see us"

"Yes , I didn't realize your name is Naledi "

"It is ,funny joke between my parents "

"And where are your parents? "

"They are at work "

" ok , so Lwazi right"

"Yes , I'm the deputy president. It's a pleasure to meet you sir" said Lwazi
"And your parents are at work too?"

" Parent ,my dad passed away 2years ago"

"I'm sorry to hear that , so I need you two to meet with me aftter school so we can discuss plans for the school "

It was clear to Dikano now that Naledi is his son ,but if Ditiro was married why is Naledi using Ditiro's parents surname. He needed answers,somehow he must get Ditiro to come to the school to see him.

" No problem sir , I just have to alert my sister so she wont worry when she doesn't see me"

"You have a sister?"

"Yes , We are very close"

"Ok,you may be excused. See you after school"

Naledi and Lwazi went back to class.

"Since when do you report to Tshepiso " Laughed Lwazi

"Don't tell anyone but the principal creeps me out .I wanted him to know he can't take advantage of me and get away with it"

" You know ,you and the principal look alike in a way. Maybe that's why he creeps you out"

" No we dont look alike ,just forget I said anything "

After the meeting Dikano was all smiles, glad that his son after so many years was close to him . But he was confused and didn't know how to go about telling Naledi the truth. He then thought maybe Naledi not knowing is a blessing , he could get to know him without any drama or awkwardness. So he decided to put on hold the plans to see Ditiro ,he wanted to get to know his son first.
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