The ultimate fate Chapter 14: New principal


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Dikano 's starred at Naledi who was also standing in front of the learners , happy he found the boy that he watched who resembled his son. He went numb, not knowing what to do.

"I am delighted to introduce our new principal Mr Thakgalo ,lets all make him feel welcomed " said the guy from the department

"Thank you ,I'm glad to be here.Let's get working and make our school proud " Dikano finished his speech

They all clapped for him ,but Naledi recognized him as the man who always starred at him back then.He became very nervous, was this a coincidence or the guy is stalking him.

After assembling Naledi rushed to his class without Introducing himself to Dikano. During lunch he went to Tshepiso's class.

" It's him Piso, don't you recognize him. He always starred at me,slowed down his car.Now he found me "

"You are just being paranoid Ledi ,I mean
what could he honestly want with you"

"Maybe he is a pervert, I don't wanna end up getting rapped .We have to move out if this school "

" Impossible ,you are in grade 12 remember. School president are you willing to let that go really "

"Piso you know I worked hard to be president "

"For all we know he was still learning how to drive. "
"What are the odds ,he starred at me the same way today, its creeping me out."

Naledi was convinced that something is going on with the new principal, he asked to go home early that day pretending he was sick.

After lunch Dikano went to Naledi's class to look for him but he had already left.
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