The Tycoon's Daring Wife Chapter 346: How Much You Mean To Me


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Zhao Lifei was melting, her entire body cladded with pleasure that weighed her down. His tongue continued to attack her, licking her clean. Her body was still trembling and while she was at the highest peak of pleasure, Yang Feng seized his chance. 

"I love you, so, so much." He whispered. He groaned, "This will hurt." Before she could register what he meant, he slid his thick, hard member into her. She screamed and pushed at his chest, her eyes tightly clamped. 

"I'm sorry…I'm so sorry, my love." He repeated over and over again. She didn't know she was crying until he wiped the tears away from her eyes. It hurt to even move. She had to steadily hold her hips in place, tears burning at the back of her eyes. She was prepared, but not this prepared

"I-it hurts…" She struggled to said. Even breathing was hard. She dug her fingers into the muscles on his arm, her eyes tightly squeezed shut. 

"I know, my love. I know." He hoarsely whispered, bending down to kiss her on the cheeks.

She could feel his large, hot friend pulsating inside of her. It was torturous and he had to dig his fingers into her thighs to prevent himself from pounding deeply into her. He was waiting, waiting for her to become accustomed to it. His brows creased and he forced himself to be patient.

He was going to love her senseless tonight. "Did I tell you how radiant you looked in that dress?" He pressed his lips upon her cheek, careful to not hurt her anymore. 

Zhao Lifei knew she was not a virgin, but after two years of nothing ever penetrating that area, it had become tighter than anticipated. She remembered how painful her first time was and how rough the man had handled her. All he cared about was himself and no one else.

But Yang Feng was different. They were worlds apart. It was horrible to compare them, especially when her first was not even close to Yang Feng's current standing. "I'm fine now." She whispered, staring into his eyes with certainty. 

"So beautiful…" He whispered, slowly rolling his hips so that she would be accustomed to it first. "So mine." His lips curled into a devilish smirk that made her stomach clench and her toes-curl. He looked like he was ready to devour her. 

Zhao Lifei didn't want to lie on the bed like a dead fish. She rolled her hips, earning a sharp hiss from him. "Don't." He warningly grunted, nearly losing the reigns of his beast. She innocently tilted her head and teasingly did it again, his eyes becoming the darkest shade of black she had ever seen.

"My dear, my love, little phoenix, cupcake," He said every nickname he could patiently give her. "If you want to take this slow, I need you to not move." 

"What if I want it fast and rough?" 

Her response stunned him. His eyes narrowing, "Is that what you want or what you think I want?" He wanted to make tonight all about her. No one else. It was their first time together and he wasn't willing to be so selfish towards her. 

She shrank into the bed, "B-both?"

He let out a peal of harsh laughter. She must've enjoyed torturing him like this. 

Zhao Lifei let out a cry when he pulled himself out, then gently pushed it back in. She was greedy, her fingers digging into his shoulders whilst her legs wrapped around his lower waist without warning. 

A growl of approval surfaced from the back of his throat. One hand held her hips in place and the other grabbed her hand, entwining their fingers together. She will not be able to find salvation or distraction from the pleasure he planned on giving her. She would be forced to only rely on him and he thoroughly loved that fact. 

He began to rock his hips, slow and sensual at first, testing her waters. "F-faster." She groaned, throwing her head back, eyes shut while she lost herself in his pleasure. 

"Gladly." He grunted, pulling it out and then pounding deeply into her, earning an unexpected cry from her end. She didn't know sexual intercourse was this pleasurable until he thrust his hips, harder and faster, driving her insane. 

Zhao Lifei covered her mouth in an attempt to hold back the sounds threatening to leave her mouth. He did not like that, pinning the hand down onto the bed, clasping their fingers together. She had nowhere to escape now and had nothing to hold onto except for him. He was forcing her to feel every rhythm and wave of pleasure.

She was a moaning mess as lewd sounds continuously flowed out of her mouth. "A-ah! P-please!" She cried out, when he picked up his pace, suddenly jamming into a spot that made her scream, "R-right there!" She panted; pleasure, heat, and passion coursing through her. Her hips rose to meet his, though she could barely keep up with his incredible speed.

Found it. There was no turning back now. He could tell she was very near her climax point. She was wildly panting and each sharp gasp added kindling to his flames. Her moans, cries, and soft whimpers were music to his ears. She released one of his hands, her fingers grasping strands of his hair.

Through her hazy eyes, she could see his hands move to cup her breast, her back arching, thinking he would do something to it. "This is mine." His voice was husky and rough, whilst one hand traveled down her stomach, placing a hand over the top of her womanhood. "This is also mine." He growled before slamming into her, hitting her jackpot. 

"A-ah! Y-Yang Feng!" She screamed his name while she released herself upon him, her body shaking and trembling. He let out a string of curses, burying his face into her neck while exploding inside of her. His thrusts came to a gentle lullaby as he waited for her breathing to calm down. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She felt beyond weak and exhausted. Barely able to move her legs, she forced herself to move her arms, wounding them around his broad, tense shoulder blades. She could feel his rippling muscles clench and pulsate beneath her hands while he rested on top of her. She didn't feel uncomfortable at all, for he didn't transfer any of his weight into her. He didn't move from inside of her until she took every last bit of him. 

"Why are you this perfect?" He said after a while. He kissed her shoulder blades, then her neck and rested his face there. 

"S-someone once told me to never trust what a man says during pillow talk." She hesitantly told him, his body going rigid at her words. She continued to play with his hair, her eyes lazily opened. 

"It seems I haven't made it clear how much you mean to me, my dear. I'll be sure to keep that in mind from now on." He murmured upon her skin, teasing her. "I mean what I said, my dear. You are truly mesmerizing beyond words."

He couldn't bring himself to be angry with her, not when she was working magic into his scalp and turning his body soft as a feather. She always knew what to do to quash his temper and he wondered whether she did it on purpose or not. 

"Sometimes I don't know what I did to deserve a woman like you." He sighed contently, nudging her shoulder and kissing any exposed spot he could find. "You don't understand, my dear, how much I love you." He released her hand and embraced her. Even though they were naked and he could feel every single one of her curves, he kept his hands and thoughts appropriate.

"I'm not saying this because we made love—"

"Made love…?" She didn't think he was the type to refer to sexual intercourse as something so…innocent and heartwarming.

"Yes, made love." He firmly said. 

"I-it's not séx?"

"No. Never." He lifted his head so that he could stare into the depths of her eyes. "No matter how rough we do it, enough to break the bed, or how gentle we do it, it will always be making love. It will never be just sex with you. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever." 

Her eyes watered with her overwhelming emotions, sniffling. "And you say I'm perfect? My god, what am I supposed to describe you then?"

Yang Feng let out a warm laughter that made her stomach churn and her heart race. Such an endearing sound. She wanted to wake up to it every morning and hear it before she went to bed. "Describe me as yours." He kissed her forehead, "Just as you are mine."

Zhao Lifei had to use every bit of willpower she possessed to not cry on the spot. A lump formed in her throat. The only thing she could do was rapidly nod her head and hug him tighter.
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