The Tycoon's Daring Wife Chapter 345: This Was Only The Beginning


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WARNING: MATURE CONTENTS ATTEND THAT ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR 18 AND UNDER. There will not be any major plots being mentioned and this chapter can be skipped if you are not comfortable with M-rated content. Please read at your discretion.

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Not wanting to trespass her boundaries, he began to detach himself from her, rising to his full height. Suddenly, she grabbed his arm and said, "I'm ready." 

His eyes uncontrollably darkened. He retraced back to her and cupped the back of her neck, lightly brushing his lips against hers. She groaned in annoyance at his teasing and made the first move in their kiss. She thought she was going to lead it until he pushed her onto the bed and kissed her firmly. He propped himself up with one muscular arm and deepened their kiss. Slowly, he lowered himself on top of her until their chests pressed against each other. She was trapped.

Every time they kissed, Zhao Lifei would lose herself. She could never bring herself to resist his intoxicating lips. Her hands glided up his chest hesitantly, whilst her mouth mimicked his actions. 

He grunted in approval. The hand behind her neck traveled down to her hips where he squeezed it, causing her to let out a sharp gasp. His tongue shoved into her mouth. She whimpered at the invasion and the sensation of their tongues colliding. She clenched the muscles she didn't know she had. Her hands found themselves sliding up his back, hugging him.

Then he pulled back.

She let out a cry at his loss, one that fanned his member a little too much.

"Are you sure?" His voice was huskier and deeper than she last remembered. There it was again. Something pressing against her thigh, so close to her female parts.

Zhao Lifei stared deeply into his eyes, her heart racing. Her breathing was labored, just like his. She wondered how one could have eyes dark as midnight. She could see her reflection in his eyes. Tenderly, she reached her hand up and touched his face. He brought his hands over hers and leaned his face into her palm.

Butterflies, or was it dragons at this point, fluttered in her stomach. She was nervous about the outcome, but she was very certain that she was ready. She gave a small nod of her head. 

"My love, express it through words." Yang Feng kissed her palm like it was her lips. She thought that was the end of it until he began to trail kisses down her slender wrist, teasingly, while maintaining eye contact with her. She could feel her toes curl when she stared him in the eyes. Lust. Adoration. Desire. So many things could be used to describe his raven eyes.

"I'm sure." 

Slowly, he helped her out of the dress. Once the zippers were fully undone, the gown slid onto the floor in a crumpled mess. "It's going to be wrinkled." She mumbled when he bent down and kissed her shoulders. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'll get you as many couture gowns as you'd like." He slowly lowered her back onto the bed. 

Zhao Lifei felt like she was melting when he kissed her most sensitive spot, suckling on the area. She let out a cry when he bit down without warning and soothed the area with his warm tongue. She held her breath when he began to kiss lower and lower until he was a breath away from her bra.

Yang Feng raised his eyes to look at her while he slipped off the bras of her breast. He waited for any noise of protest before reaching a hand behind and unclasping her bra. He tossed it aside and never once did he break eye contact. "Are you sure?" He asked again, unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside. 

Zhao Lifei's eyes flickered to the rigid lines on his abdomen, forming a solid eight pack. Her eyes wandered lower until she saw the prominent v-line. When she looked lower, her entire face inflamed. There was a large tent. 

She swallowed, nodded her head, and turned her face to the side.

He quirked a brow. He gripped her chin with his fingers. He growled low, "What did I say before?" 

She shivered at the rough tone of his voice. She didn't know why, but hearing his dominating voice made her even more excited than before. 

"I'm sure." The second these words left her mouth, he was back on top of her, capturing her lips. "Mmm!" She moaned against his mouth when he grabbed her breast, squeezing it, before kneading the soft flesh. His palm covered it whole, the roughness of his hand against her smooth, velvety skin made her shiver. 

She let out a tiny whimper when he began to kiss and lick a path to her breast, capturing the orbs of the neglected one. She gasped, her back arching, pressing her body against him when he teasingly flicked his tongue over the standing pearl. One hand dug into his shoulder blade, holding him to her whereas the other traveled up his spine, igniting sparks as she went. He grunted in approval, his entire body heating up alongside hers. 

"Ah!" She moaned when his tongue swirled around her nipples, waves of desire crashing over hers. "I-I can't…" She urgently whimpered, pushing at his chest, the pleasure too intense for her to withstand. He didn't stop. The more she let out tiny sounds, the more his mouth roamed about her breast. She withered beneath him, begging him to continue, but also stop at the same time. Her brain was a mess and after he was done with her left, he moved to her right, leaving the bud perky and hard. 

She could barely speak when he captured her other nipple and rolled it with his tongue, his hand showing attention to her left. She clung onto him, her head tossed back, eyes sensually closed. "Mm...t-this...I-I…" She tried to speak, but when he began to suck on her rosy bud, she lost all control of her senses. 

She gave in to him.

Yang Feng began to kiss lower and lower until it settled below her belly button. She had been ready the entire night. He could tell by her matching set of lacy undergarments. "Truly sure?" He asked her, his fingers looping onto the sides of the thin, flimsy fabric.

"Please…" She whimpered, her eyes still shut. He wanted to gently take off her undergarments, but when he heard the noise she had just made, he couldn't help himself ripped it off in one motion. She gasped at his sudden movement and attempted to close her legs. It was too late now, for he was already in between them.

He felt her body tense a bit and glanced into her eyes. His hands began to soothingly run from her knees to her inner thighs, his fingers feather-soft and teasing her sensitive skin. 

"How can you be so beautiful?" He rasped, staring deeply into her bright, glistening eyes, moist with passion, just like the pink world down under. Her chest was flushed and she snuck a peek at him.

Zhao Lifei was shaking, her legs trembling. She was ready, but even so, she couldn't stop quivering. F-from his tent, he seemed...huge. She didn't know how to react except look at him with wonder. 

"Don't be scared, my love. I'll be gentle." He tenderly kissed her on the cheek, one hand holding her hips in place whereas the other brushed the stray hairs away. 

"I'm not scared. It's just…" She nervously bit her lip, unknowingly turning him on even more. "I don't want to disappoint you."

Yang Feng let out a dark, seductive chuckle. "Never." He firmly declared, leaving no room for arguments. She slowly nodded her head and his hands trailed lower until it held each of her legs in place. His fingers dug into her inner thigh.

She let out a sharp gasp when he suddenly descended upon her most sensitive area, taking the orb of the oyster into his mouth. 

"A-ah!" She loudly moaned when he sucked on it, her back arching and her hips attempting to move. His rough hands did not allow her to move her legs one bit. With no way to free herself from the pleasurable assault, she could only succumb to the pleasure and beg for release. A rush of heat engulfed her while she reached the brink of her ecstasy. Then he stopped and she relaxed. Her relief only lasted a second before his tongue began to lap at her pink world, drawing the alphabet upon it.

"A-ah, n-no, p-please!!" She loudly moaned, grabbing a fistful of his hair, her eyes squeezed shut. She felt something building up within her and when he continued his assault, she felt her body begin to spasm. He was doing wicked things to her and she could only react by gasping for air, panting, and digging her fingers into his hair.

Yang Feng knew she was near. Perhaps just three more flicks of his tongue and she would find her release. He took off his pants and briefs in record's time, ready to place it inside of her the second she came. It would distract her from any pain. 

He pulled back his mouth and began to play with the pink bead using his forefinger and thumb. She couldn't handle it anymore, her stomach clenching. She couldn't hold it in anymore. She was at her peak.

"Y-Yang Feng!" She cried out when a pounding wave of pleasure repeatedly slammed into her body, turning it slack as she burst. Her body was drained of strength, turning completely limp. She rolled her face to the side, her chest rising with rapid breaths.

Through her hazy eyes, she saw him bring his fingers to his lips and licked it. "Delicious." He rasped before going back down. "N-no!" She moaned, her legs attempting to close themselves when he began to drink her juices. She wasn't ready for another round of insatiable pleasure. But little did she know, that this was only the beginning.
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