The Tycoon's Daring Wife Chapter 344: Burned


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Once they got home, Zhao Lifei did not walk straight to their bed or the bathroom. She, instead, made her way to the terrace that overlooked their garden. She could see the rose arches from there, the fountain, ghastly pale from the moonlight casting over it. Thick, trimmed bushes added a scenic feel to the main garden, and splashed throughout were different abundances of flowers that created an ever-winding world of colors. It brought life to this place, something she deeply appreciated. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Her eyes traveled beyond the arches. In the distance, she could see the arches of the bridges, whose railing was painted in red. It led to a gazebo resting on a small island. Occasionally, ripples would form on the water, created by the assortment of fish living in the pond. 

"My love, it's cold outside." Yang Feng approached her from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist. He rested his face on her shoulder. She leaned her head upon his while placing her palm over his hands. She melted into their embrace, relishing in his natural heat.

"You changed your suit jacket?" She asked, confused by the different shade of sleeves. The previous one he wore could be mistaken for a dark, midnight blue, but this one was completely black. 

"Yes. I had the previous one burned." He hummed, kissing the edge of her shoulders, softly and tenderly. He frowned. Her skin was as cold as ice. "Let's head inside, my dear. You'll get sick from the breeze."

"We've never slow danced before." She said out of the blue.

Yang Feng hugged her tighter in hopes of warming her up more. He turned her around and took off the new suit jacket, then draped it over her dress. 

She took it off. 

His eyes darkened, his lips thinning into a line. Then she surprised him by actually wearing it.

Yang Feng's chilly gaze became the first sunlight of Spring. He had a small smile resting on his lips. His heart skipped a beat at this sight. She should wear more of his clothes. He responded by bringing her body impossibly closer to him. Nothing could come between them, literally and figuratively.

"Then let's do it now." He told her, bringing his head down to tenderly kiss her forehead, then her left cheek, the right, her nose, her chin, and lastly, her lips. He made it a point to kiss the six points of her face every day. 

Zhao Lifei's eyes flutter closed when he gently kissed her. Slowly, their mouths moved together, savoring one another. One hand rested on his shoulder, while the other cupped his face. She leaned into his body, her heart racing at his teasing kiss. She could hear the butterflies in her stomach come to life, fluttering like the petals when a gentle breeze bristled by. To her, his kisses were an intoxicating drug that eased all of her worries. So lost in his kiss, she couldn't open her eyes. She wondered how it was possible that their lips could mold against each other so perfectly. It was as if it was meant to be like that from the very start of their lives. 

She felt safe in the strong arms around her, as if nothing bad could happen to her when she was with him.

Their lips moved together in sync, sensual and calm, neither of them hinting a different message. Then he pulled back and she rested her face upon his chest, breathing in deeply and calming the roaring tides of her heart. She wondered what was so loud until she pressed her ears closer and realized it was just his rapid heartbeat. Through his chest, she could hear the powerful rhythm of his heart.

"That wasn't slow dancing." She sheepishly said against his shirt. She could feel his hands caressing the back of her head and the rumble of his chest when he said, "I know." He responded.

Zhao Lifei felt his hand gliding down until it rested firmly on the middle of her back. He extended his other arm to the side, offering his palm to her. She stared at his palm and realized how reliable, trustworthy, and safe it was. 

A small smile graced her lips. She placed her hand in his palm and his fingers curled over it, holding her in place. She gasped when he swiftly pulled her to him until they were just a breath away. In her panic, she had her other arm at the side of his shoulder. 

He brushed his nose against hers and smiled, kissing her on the lips and then pulling back to give her some room. He could see her features very clearly. From the speckle of gold in her eyes, their color was like a river of freshly harvested honey, to her lips that were as plump as flower petals. 

Nothing in this world could equate to her. When she rested her face upon his shoulder, he endearingly kissed the side of her head, right upon her velvety, soft hair. He treated her like she was delicate. He was scared she might break in his arms. He would never let her go. He knew this the day she stumbled across him in the gardens, a very long time ago. 

"I love you." She whispered to him, staring up at him. Her eyes were the very resemblance of autumn's brown hues. They sparkled like polished topaz underneath the morning sun. Filled with joviality, they were shimmering all the hues of brown and gold. 

Yang Feng wondered how something could be so beautiful. He was always in a trance when he stared into her eyes. He was mesmerized and intoxicated by her. The only salvation to his addiction was her. 

"Silly woman, I have loved you since day one." He breathed out, his lips pressing against her forehead.

His words made her tingle, her heart skipping a beat. 

Zhao Lifei didn't know she was losing herself in his eyes. His rigid, obsidian eyes were burning like molten lava, seductive and tempting, but loving and tender at the same time. She had learned all sorts of partner dances [1] from a young age, but when dancing with him, she felt like a beginner.

He moved their bodies with expertise, never once missing a step while their bodies glided through the terrace. They danced without music and neither of them seemed to mind or realize it. His eyes held her captive and she continued to be beckoned by them — like he was to hers. 

With her heart in his hands, she trusted he would not break it. 

- - - - -

Their dance had come to an end and he was leading her into the bedroom, shutting the french doors behind them. He pulled the curtains shut and flickered on the lights.

Zhao Lifei took off his jacket and draped it over the coathanger. "Can you help me with my dress?" She innocently asked him, revealing her back to him. His eyes did not wander over her inappropriately as he stepped forward. She shivered when his fingers grazed her spine as he began to unzip her dress, revealing the strapless lace bra and her creamy, smooth skin.

Yang Feng swallowed hard. Her body was trembling and he didn't know why. The only thing he could do was lovingly kiss her shoulders. He took his sweet time memorizing every inch of her until his lips settled at the back of her ear. "I want you." He whispered against her skin, his ragged breath tickling her ear.

"Then make me yours." 

His eyes flickered with surprise. In one swift movement, he turned her around. His lips crashed upon hers, engaging in a passionate and scorching hot kiss. Their lips feverishly met against each other and all of her thoughts flew out the window. Her body ignited like the flames in his eyes. He angled her head, deepening the kiss. He was becoming more and more dominant, controlling, inching her towards the bed. He came down with her, never once separating their lips to give her room. She had tempted him with her words and now he was punishing her for it. 

Zhao Lifei couldn't bring herself to pull away from him. She was lost in the kiss and did not care about finding the right path. She moaned when he teasingly sucked her bottom lip, a pool of warmth gathered beneath her. She opened her mouth for him and their tongues met in a dance as old as time. Her body was loosening, melting, and she was completely defenseless against him. He pulled back to let her breathe. She whimpered at the loss of his lips, wanting more than what he planned on offering her. 

Yang Feng was on the brink of losing his sanity. He could feel her delectable breasts pressed against him, rising and lowering while she panted and tried to catch gasps of air. He couldn't resist her anymore. Something hard was pressing against her thighs. Even so, his actions betrayed him. He affectionately kissed her on the lips, just a small peck, in an attempt to satisfy the beast within him.
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