The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer And The Heir Chapter 112: Into The Atlantic Rim V : Let's Do It Again


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My sword smashed into the spear, but we had both braced ourselves for it, so the sonic boom that ensued did not push us back. He threw a kick at me, but I moved to the side and forced his spear downwards and then I moved the hilt of the sword backwards and smashed it into his chest. He took two steps back and smashed his spear into my sternum. It hurt and left me a bit winded, but we both ignored the injuries.

He whipped the spear upwards, sending the blade towards my eye, but I ducked and shifted my head, watching as sparks raised up from the point where his spear met with sky's helmet form. The loud grating sound made my ears ring something fierce, I took a step back and had to quickly shift to the side as his spear came whistling towards me again. I stepped into his guard and slashed down, lightning flying of my blade to hit him in the chest.

He shrugged it off, and turned around with a flourish, using his soaked like a staff as whipped it towards my chest. I held the sea sword in front of me and blocked the attack, we locked weapons and turned it into a battle of strength, but this was what I wanted. I smiled at him as I moved my head backwards and then smashed if forwards to his face.

[Lunar Strike!]

The sound of an elephant trumpeting was heard as the sky's shadow appeared being me and smashed forward with blazing silver glow. My. Opponent couldn't defend against this strike as his body was smashed away from mine, almost as if he was shot from a cannon ball. I blinked my eyes in surprise, I didn't expect that there would he that much power behind the strike. I didn't hesitate and shit towards him, jumping into the air and bringing the sea sword crashing down on his head.

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He raised his spear sideways and defended our weapons rising sparks as they met once more. The power behind the strike brought him to down to his knees, but he pushed the spear forwards and hit in on my stomach again, this time I couldn't resist letting out a pained huff as I stepped back and watched as the spear started to glow. He was about to use a skill, and given how ridiculously powerful the sea sword was, I don't want to find out what it's spear counterpart can do.


The effects of his skill suddenly disappearing shocked him, and that gave me enough time to send a super kick under his jaw that spun him around and threw him off his feet. He flew through the air before ye was sent smashing into a group of canisters. A blazing lance flew past me as Zareth followed close behind, his lance speeding three officers at once, Raven Song followed close behind as he ran off a couple of fuel drums and then slammed his massive tower shield down on the head of another helpless soldier.

I rushed forwards, flapping my wings as I took of the ground and then aimed for the guy with the legendary spear. However I underestimated his abilities as he turned around and pointed the spear at my falling form, a blue beam of light flying towards me. I brought my wings forward to block the attack, causing a painful impact that pushed me even higher into the air and left my wings feeling so numb I couldn't feel them enough to even move.

I only had just a second reorient myself in the air, before I fell down towards the spear wielder, my sword pointed straight at him as I let gravity pull me down. He was waiting for me to come closer before piercing at me with his spear, this was so that he I would not be able to escape, but I also had a plan of my own that he wouldn't see coming. When I got close enough to him, at about five meters with was just the distance I needed, the moon on my helmet glowed silver.


It was a head-butt that was also an aoe skill, without a doubt it was probably the most ridiculous weapon in my arsenal, but in this case it was exactly what I needed it to be. The distance between the guy and the ground wasn't too far, and adding the power from the strike, it was akin to him being slapped by a giant palm. He slammed into the ground, the metal under him gaining a crater as his helmet and much of his armor shattered to pieces. A second later the sea sword stabbed into his chest as he released a loud mournful howl that shook me.

I was finally able to see the appearance of the people we've been fighting, and honestly it wasn't good. Slime covered Soft pink skin, bulbous black eyes, hairy tentacles or rather tentacles that were hair, a black tongue and serrated teeth that freaked me out. They were an aquatic race that probably weren't fans of sunlight or humidity, I have no idea what they were called, but seeing as this guy was about to die, I don't think it matters.

At that moment, the sound of a missile heading for back rang out loudly, I turned to see that his leader was out of the office and aiming to blow me to bits. But Raven Song jumped in front of me as the imaged of a golden illusory mountain suddenly blossomed to life in front of him and blocked the rpg.


This was his ultimate skill, and the sneak attack drew Zareth's attention to them. The dwarf did not stand on ceremony as he shot towards them, his lance blazing and aiming for the leader and the goons besides her. But Zareth's attention was not the only one that was drawn.

The spear user gave a quick thrust at my chest, however he missed and it went last my side instead. It drew a deep groove into my armor and still cut me deep enough that the ribs on my left side could be seen. He got back up to his feet with my sword still stuck in his chest and turned around to run, however there was no way I was letting him go.

I struck forward with both my wings and watched with grim satisfaction as they pierced through his back and out his chest. He released a shrill scream that was even worse than the first, but it did not stop me from putting a stronger force behind my wings as I pushed them deeper into his wounds, widening them it a rather grotesque manner. I lifted him up, his blood spilling from him and onto my body, leaving me with an appearance that was akin to a monstrous devil, then I pulled both ways and his body was ripped apart, red and black blood spilling every which way with a healthy serving of guts and inner organs.

Both my sword which was stuck in his body and the spear he was holding fell to the ground with loud flattering sounds, follows quickly by the mutilated body of my former opponent. I quickly picked both my sword and the spear and threw them into my inventory as I had Sky transform back into her bow form. Then I turned to Raven Song and Zareth.

"You guy's should get off the ship and tell Qitar to blow it up in three minutes. I'll cover your retreat, I'll be right behind you!"

Zareth who was currently facing off against the leader of the officers just abandoned his fight and jumped into the hole he had made on the floor of the airship. Raven Song at least knew enough of what I was capable of enough by now, so all he gave me in return was a nod as he also jumped down.

There were still a significant amount of officers still left aboard this airship, but I didn't waste time to count as I started nocking my arrows and releasing. With every second that passed, I made sure a life was taken whilst using my wings to defense against the plasma blasts and every other attack they tried to use in neutralizing me. It went on for almost a minute until I noticed grenades in the hands of some of the officers.

I have a rather bad experience with getting blown up, and this was not a situation I wanted to experience again, so I just jumped out the holes on the floor of the airship. I spread my wings and let it catch the wind currents beneath the airship. I though I was free, until I felt a lancing pain on my calf quickly followed by the loud sounds of a battling gun spitting fire at me. I dived and went into a rotation as the gleaming blue sea spread out beneath me, I moved my body left and right, digging the hail of gun fire adamant about shooting me out of the sky.

I shifted my eyes to right and saw the Acheron in the distance, she was facing my direction, but even from here I could see the Ion pulse canon aiming at the airship. They already saw me jump out whilst dodging plasma blast, Qitar was never someone to hesitate when it came to taking action. A beam of silver and blue light shot out of the cannon and flew over me and impacted the airship biting a hole through it and in mere seconds blowing up the entire contraption into a heap of flaming metal. Metal that was now falling right on top of me.


The chill of the ocean severe to jolt me awake as I brought my wings tightly to my body and shot forward through the water. I was almost as fast swimming as I was when flying, and in no time at all I cleared the entire area, and just time too as what ever was left of the Sacred Coral border patrol team sank slowly to the bottom of the ocean. I shot out of the sea spreading my wings as I landed on deck with a loud thump, I gave everyone a big smile as I said.

"Let's do it again!"
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