The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer And The Heir Chapter 111: Into The Atlantic Rim IV : Altercation


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Standing here under the hail of gun fire would be a recipe for disaster, and even though Raven song seemed to have everything under control with his shield intercepting all of the plasma blasts, the moment those other guys got up from the ground, that's when things would get really dicey. Plus we had to get out of this office, or we would be invariably boxed in by their reinforcements once they get here.

The spear wielder was laying down some suppressive fire, so I couldn't make any moves without getting pumped full of holes, but then again my armor was almost legendary, so I should probably be able to withstand a couple of heats. Come to think of it, I've not really had the chance to out this armor to the test, but not now, I needed to get out of here.

I moved to the door with Raven Song keeping close behind me, his tower shield still blocking the plasma blasts from the spear wielders assault rifle. The door was automated, and the moment it opened, I could see other officers coming onto the bridge that led to the office. I didn't have too much time to think on my actions as I pulled on Sky's strings, sending one arrow after the other at the rapidly approaching group of people. The first strike whet into someone's head, pulverizing it and leaving behind a bloody mess.

My arrows had more power now than before, from what I can see my first arrow had as much power as my sixth wind marked arrows used to have before Sky's level increased. And with the new passive skills, she was giving at damage at the level of a small hand cannon, or maybe a shotgun with a singular damage point.
Raven song followed right behind me, and slammed his shield on the ground, a dull brown barrier rose up to block the entrance of the office keeping the other guys behind us, this way we won't be boxed on both sides. I would have taken to the air already, but I had dozens of guns shooting at me, I would be too exposed to them, and an easier target for them to shoot out of the air.

"The barrier won't last long Captain, it would just be there for two minutes. We have to get off this bridge before then." I nodded my head to him as I pulled back Sky's strings.


The previous meteor shower would at most release a maximum of fifty or sixty beams of light that cause extensive damage, but this time it was almost as if they doubled, or rather tripled. Hundreds of dull explosions accompanied by the screams of men and women rang out across the entire airship as the skill ran it's course. But the officers weren't the only thing that received damage.

The bridge we were on was shredded by the continuous strikes, it let out a loud cream as one end of it tipped towards the ground, the dead bodies and the injured ones of the officers all fell to the ground, falling almost fifteen meters to the closed bay doors beneath them. Raven Song and I fell we began to slide down the destroyed bridge, and just in time too as the guy with the spear burst out of the office with his spear pointed out.

His speed was so fast that he flew over our head, his spear glowing an icy blue as a blast of coldness assumed us. He slammed his feet against the metal wall opposite us, leaving a massive dent on it, before using it as a boost to shoot back towards our still falling body, his spear pointed directly at my heart. My eyed narrowed as I jumped forwards, pushing forward with my wings through the air and pulling my sword out at the same time.


Both sword and spear slammed into each other, causing a shower of sparks and blast of cold air as we flew past each other. Raven Song used his shield as board as he threw his one banded hammer at the rapidly approaching spear officer. I already reached the other side and slammed my foot against it just like he did, and turned flying towards him. I watched as Raven Song's hammer slammed into his unprotected face, or so we thought as he was able to raise the spear up quickly and defend against the hammer strike.

The hammer went back to Raven Song as the spear officer was left unbalanced falling to the ground. I sheathed the sea sword and I followed flapping my wings as I started releasing rapid fire arrows from Sky. I honestly wished I had more archery skills, but for now this worked just fine. But even twitch the increased speed and damage of my arrows, every thing I threw at him was defended against until his back slammed into the metal floor beneath him. But he wasn't even dazed as he flipped himself up, and just in time too as Raven song's hammer slammed into that spot a second later.

Raven Song and I landed on the ground at the same time his massive shield back in his hand and his one handed hammer flying right back into his hands mere seconds later. We were getting surrounded on all sides so Raven Song stood with his back to me. He flipped his hammer a few times as he crouched low.

"You take half and I take half?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Sure why not." I replied back with a similar smile, and in that same motion I raised Sky to my head and her bow form changed into a gleaming silver helmet with blue, purple and black highlights. There was a symbol of a full moon stretching from the forehead to just above my top lip. If was a full helmet and as I placed it on my head the visor glowed a piercing silver before settling down.


A loud explosion as flames and the sound of tearing metal filled the environment. Someone landed with a thud besides us, heat and pure animosity seemingly resisting from his body. The stout form of Zareth was revealed in glowing red armor, and his lance was very much on fire. These guy just ruined a perfectly epic moment just so he could make an entrance, my hatred for him just went up a few notches.

"What are sniveling babies doing, do ye intend to dance these blithering bastards to sleep like some tavern wench, or do ye want to spill blood and fight!"

Safe to say, we all wanted to fight. All three of us shot out from our positions, weapons gleaming as we joined the fray. For some reason the guy with the soar took a step back rather than joining as his comrades all rushed towards us with guns. A hail of gun fire was released in my direction, but I brought my wings forward using it to cover my body as the gun shots slammed into it.

I skid into a group if officers, rapidly spinning my body with my wings stretched out. Their armored edges buzzed through the air as the armor the officers were wearing was shredded into multiple heaps and scraps of metal. But metal wasn't only thing flying about as blood, flesh and bone followed right behind it. I shot upwards turning around as I sliced my sword downwards.


A beam of lightning energy shot out of the sword cleaning three officers in half and severely injuring another one. I turned and slammed the head of my sword against the face of one of the officers who have been rapidly shooting at my back like some sort of pest. His helmets spilt into pieces with debris from his visor cutting into his face. He was thrown backwards off his feet, but his journey didn't last long as Zareth's lance cut through the air and speared him right in the middle. And then Zareth swung his lance around with a body still attached to it and blazing into the chest of another officer, who was also thrown back only for Raven Song's hammer to fly through the air and smash his skull to Goo.

I threw a kick into the jaw of another officer sending him crashing back into s group of his friends. I suddenly felt off, So I turned back quickly to swing my sword, deflecting the spear that would have poked a hole in my back. The impact from both weapons was so strong we were both pushed back, our feet's raising sparks on the ground as we moved backwards, I stabbed my sword into the ground, bring my momentum to a halt, and he did the same too.

A massive ice blue glow covered his entire body as he crouched down, preparing to attack with his spear pointed towards me, held tightly with both hands. But two can play that game.
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I raised the sea sword and turned my body sideways and crouched a bit, then I brought the hilt to my chest holding it with both my hands and making sure it was pointed at the spear officer. Even with all of the battles going on around us, there was a lull, a silent and a zone that only had the two of us in it. Then...

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