The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer And The Heir Chapter 110: Into The Atlantic Rim III : Negotiation


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"Wait! I'm coming with you guys." I heard Raven Song say behind me as he walked towards us. I raised an eyebrow at that, but I didn't really mind either way. The border patrol guys like they wanted to say something too, but Mack just had to flash the crest he was holding, and they swallowed their words.

Me and Raven Song huddled onto the floating platform, right in the middle of these guys who after repeated warnings, still want to fish in troubled waters. The platform went up, moving steadily but also rapidly as it approached the airship. The wind flew past us, ruffling our clothes as the ever imposing structure of the airship drew closer to us, it was a rather daunting experience, but I've seen whole cities go up in smoke, this was nothing to me.

Doors underneath the airship slid to the left and right, opening up to a cargo area within the airship that at the moment was fully surrounded by other officers. The doors closed shut beneath us, and the floating platform went up a bit, before placing us on a platform that stretched from one side of the ship, to what looked like a floating office or was it a cell. I didn't need to tell Raven Song to be prepared for things to go horribly wrong, but since these guys haven't made a move yet, I guess we could just indulge them.

We followed them into the office, which was larger than it looked from the outside, there were three cells at the edge of it, while there was a single desk within it. The guy with the spear pointed at a few seats in front of the desk asking me and Raven Song to seat while he and his three friends went around the desk. That's when his leader, just as I suspected, finally took the seat in front of us. I felt it was ridiculous though, you had us out numbered and over powered, so was there any need to go through all this trouble to hide your identity? That was just a question in mind, I didn't really care enough to ask him about it anyway.

"I will not waste your time captain Seven, you know why you're here, so instead of beating around the bush, hand us the legendary weapon and we can let you go without a fuss." The voice behind that gleaming silver helmet is female, I'm sure there's a story to tell somewhere, probably a quest too considering how much lengths she went to divert our attention to someone else. Didn't work though.

"I'm pretty sure both you and the person with the spear knows that it doesn't work like that. Even if I hand you my weapon, which I won't! It's already bound to me, and only if someone else with another legendary weapon connected to mine kills me, will that connection be broken and the weapon left unclaimed. But given how precarious both our positions are, I'll say that puts you in a really tight spot, you don't want to cause a diplomatic situation do you?

Because if you do so, you will expose the existence of both weapons, and not even the power they wield would save you from the trouble that's going to come knocking on your door. Plus you're not the owner of the weapon, what's it to you?"

I took a cursory glance around the office after I finished speaking. The walls were made of metal, though I suspect it's hollow given that it was about three feet thick, however the only windows here shared the same amount of thickness, like some sort of block shoved into the space made for windows. I would need a significant amount of force to break through it should the need to escape arises.

There were cameras within the office, which means I might not be able to take these guys out silently and escape without alerting the rest of the airship. Of course it might be too early to worry about a fight, we were not done negotiating, but I don't feel this is going smoothly.

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"It doesn't matter what you say captain, if you have to surrender your life in order for me to get the legendary weapon, then so be it. I will deal with the consequences of my actions later, in fact there might not be any consequences at all, not when I have the power of the seas with me." The leader said to me with type of voice that left no room for argument.

"Are you sure you want to take that gamble, my crew are probably getting into position to blow you all to molten slag and metal if I'm not out in 30 minutes. By then it wouldn't matter what you do, you will lose both your life and the weapons, as the sea itself would swallow it back." I said to her as I relaxed my back on the seat and crossed my legs.

I'm sure I looked s little too comfortable, so much so that I had Raven Song sending me chat messages and asking if I had a plan. This was the one advantage players had over the 'NPCs/AIs' the communicator on our wrist was no different from a phone, but the players could still chat and send message using the system.

"You know what I think, I think you're bluffing!" the leader said to me as she slammed her palms on her desk, is that supposed to intimidate me or something.

"Oh really now? You don't say." I replied nonchalantly with a dull smirk on my face.

"You might be showing this calm and collected attitude, but everyone knows the Ion Pulse Cannon is a weapon for off world combat. Not only is it expensive to make, no body in their right minds would place such a treasure on an old ship! So trust me when I say, no fictional canon is going to save you from what's to come. So make this easier on both of us, and offer yourself up to be killed. This weapon will only bring a traveler like you great misfortune, and since you can come back from the dead, I promise to give you a rewarding compensation for the loss of the weapon." The leader said to me, I could hear the desperation in her tone and voice, but I ignored her and turned to Raven Song.

"She thinks I'm bluffing, and even better she wants to me to give then my head on a platter. Tell me Raven what do we do?" I asked with nonchalance as I uncrossed my legs and moved it under the desk.

"Well it looks like we're not getting out of here without a fight captain, sooo?" Raven song dragged out his 'So', but basically he meant…..let's dance.

The desk in front of us was funnily enough the only thing made of wood in this office. Heck even the cups on it were metal, but since it was made of wood, it meant I had enough strength for my next course of action. I leaned back and kicked the edge of the table, sending it blasting back as it smashed into the sternum of the leader, pushing her backwards as she crashed into her comrades, all of them sprawled on the ground in a tangled and I'm very sure painful heap.

It would have been just my luck if all of them were mowed over by the table, but the guy with the spear jumped over and pulled out a massive assault rifle, complete with a futuristic tech glow that gave a promise that any hit from that thing would hurt like a motherfucker! He didn't hesitate to pull the trigger, but Raven Song was already in front of me, slamming his tower shield on the ground and intercepting all of what I'm sure plasma blasts.

When you think about it, a gun was faster than a bow, and the only reason I've been able to go beat my opponents with a bow, is because none of them used guns, or guns that were powerful enough. I beat Qitar because at that point in time, both our weapons seemed to be evenly matched, plus I had experience, and there's a balance within LDO that let fantasy weapons match up with sci fi ones. However there will always be advantages to hot weapons as opposed to cold ones. The rate of fire, plus the need to not have to string a new arrow every time you've shot the first.....damn it! I've not been really smart with my choices. The next time Skye gets a new form, I'll choose a gun. And if it's possible, I'll change her bow form to a sniper form. But never the less, I can worry about that a little later in the future, because for now I was in the middle of a fight for my life, and bow or not.....I have to kick ASS!
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