The True Gamer Chapter 17: Finding the People With Skills


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I had spammed Observe so many times in a short while that people started worrying for my health that had previously hated my guts. After a thorough search however I came with an amazing discovery. There was 200 people with a skill in Konoha or in a visit currently. When the Hokage learned about the little number of skills in all of Konoha he instantly launched a plan to protect them and help train them.

Those who were not part of Konoha and were normal citizens elsewhere he offered a family relocation to Konoha to them and gave them a special stipend for them to use in Konoha. About 170 people however out of these had one skill however and that would be a crafting type of skill that would eventually allow a person to add a stat on one of there products they make. One such person was obviously the guy who helped guy make his suits.

The guy literally had a skill by birth to make them and after guy took credit for them (Since the guy didn't want to take blame upon there horrible looks) he tried selling a few for the special properties. A few of the products include Dango, Ramen, Guy's Special Training Suits, Chidi Katanas, and finally a guy who could make healing toast. After it was found out what his toast could do he was sent to the hospital to make his heavenly toast.

Out of the last 30 skills 24 were teaching or fast learning skills such as speed reading. The last 6 Were special fighting talents/Skills. One was a orphan who could multiply his Chakra potency by using the key words Knit Together. The second one was Lee who was ecstatic to know he actually had his own talent which could show how he was meant to be taught by Guy sensei.

The third turned out to be a guy who had something similar to a rail gun powering device justu which every Elite immediately classified as a SS Rank Justu/Skill. The fourth was sadly enough Anko who's skill turned out to be back feeder which allowed her to back trace a seal made by one to it's owner depending on the distance between them, how much Chakra she had, the power difference between the people, as well as how long ago the seal was made. Learning this she set out to train so that one day she could locate a guy named Orochimaru.

The fifth was a young baby who was 2 months old which had the skill fast learning which sped up the rate of the stats the baby could gain. As such the child would definitely become a monster in battle. The Last one however turned out to be Konahamaru who had the skill Chakra manipulation that would reduce the cost depending upon the level of the skill of Chakra usage. The skill however was the first that I had however seen a limitation to.

Chakra manipulation LV. 11/999- This skill reduces the cost of Chakra based techniques by 0.1% per skill level.

Learning that one of the skill holders sadly had a limitation I sighed in pity. "Is something wrong with him," the Hokage asked worried for his Grandson's health. It turns out he has a skill but there is a problem to it compared to the others. Hearing this the old man clenched in anticipation. The boy has a skill that allows him to reduce the cost of Chakra in a technique.... the man grew excited yet more nervous as two conflicting emotions ran through his mind.

However the Skill has a limit unlike any other skill I have run across. Hearing this the man relaxed yet was a bit saddened at the news knowing that there was just a certain point that it would just become pointless trying to train it. After that thought however the man blew up in excitement knowing someone from a ninja clan finally had a skill, and what's more is that it turned out to be his grandson.

"Finally I can finally look forwards to having someone in the family I can let loose of the responsibilities involved in running the Sarutobi clan even if it will be a while from know," he yelled shocking others at the outwards display of affection in public at his troubles. One person in the crowd who was a Sarutobi when hearing this couldn't help but wonder if they truly were that bad to deal with.
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