The Tales of Three Realms [BL] Chapter -2: A/N


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Hi, nice to meet you!

Firstly, thanks for reading this one book. And for the TRTWYB readers who stay until the end of the old version, I couldn't express more gratitude for your loyalty.

This book is basically a pile of tales that doesn't exist at all. Or in other words, totally fiction. If this work of mine coincidentally has few similarities to other greater works, please note that this was purely my ideas.

The Tales are about the same to Arcs. At the ending of the Tales, there will be extras and QnA. The questions are gathered from the beginning of the Tales, and answered at the QnA corner.

Please note that this work contains gore, traumas, deaths, and many things that could trigger a person. If you find reading this book uncomfortable, fell free to drop it.

For further details, you can ask me in Wattpad or Discord.

Wattpad: ShouLang_YueChen
Discord: PaperCrane#8962

But honestly, writing this book basically meant the same to step into my fears once more.
If one day I decided to drop this, please understand.

One more thing: please review, comment, vote, and bookmark. I'd be more than glad to receive supports.

Addition: I'm well aware that the first tale is boring, the second tale a little boring. But I really need them as the setting stone for the upcoming tales.
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