The Tales of Three Realms [BL] Chapter 11: The Calm Wave; The Bringer of the Chaos (2)


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Quan Song's sword, Zhao Lu Jing Chen wasn't on par with Zhen Ding Lang Jian. But at least the name was slightly better, no... much better than the childish name. However, the ones holding the swords respectively were the exact opposite of their swords.

Nonetheless, Zhen Ding Lang Jian still helped Xiao Er regardless of its given name, which sounded like Xiao Er happened to have a slight grudge towards the sword and being not creative at all.

The blades clashed at each other, creating a ringing sound whenever they came into contact. The reason Quan Song still stood in the battle hall was because of his excellent stance and his experiences. On the other hand, the great mystical Resounding Blade had its power reduced almost into nothing. Xiao Er could barely maintain his stance in this duel, most of the initiative offenses were done by the other male.

The audiences were torn at two thoughts currently. They wanted to see him defeated, for wielding the Resounding Blade with his lacking skills was already humiliating to every being in this existence. On the same time, they wanted to see the true power of this legendary weapon, yet fearing that the barriers couldn't withstand it.

Ten minutes passed, Xiao Er had broken into sweats. His heart was thumping wildly, his hands started to tremble.

"I'm not going hard on you. Fix your stance." Quan Song said as he turned around to land another light blow to his head, which was countered just right at the time.

"Please don't." Xiao Er gritted his teeth. "You'll make me seem embarrassing if you won this duel easily."

Of course, outside the battle circle, no one could hear their conversation. The barrier didn't work well with sounds, and the clashing of the two swords covered their voices.

Xiao Er took a risky chance to peek at the water master ZhiYuan. The older man, looked only twenty or thirty years old at the most, was busy laughing and conversing with the other elders.

Following the younger teen's line of sight, Quan Song took a brief look and sighed, "You don't need to worry about master. He kept an eye on this duel even if he didn't look like watching us. Pay attention."

Another swing, and clang!

Xiao Er's sword nearly fell out of his grasp when he attacked. His arm numbed at that moment. Zhao Lu Jing Chen, on the other side, was still firm and calm. It didn't look like his sudden attack managed to startle Quan Song even for the slightest bit. As if he had predicted and waited for this act.

Under the underwater Eastern Sea palace, the best of the teachers and masters there couldn't be compared to Water Master ZhiYuan. On addition to that, Xiao Er's training was only the second best after the Shui children's. Even the thirteenth child, Shui LingYi, was still better than him! And LingYi was a girl, twelve years old at that!

If the past time Xiao Er was the one who ate the vinegar, now the table had turned. The Shui family silently ate all the vinegar on the side, excluding Shui QingWan.

Their clear crystal blue eyes burned with such fury that Xiao Er feared their ice-like eyes would actually melt. If any of the Shui dared to cheer on the wrong person (Xiao Er) and supported him, they certainly would be stared with such intensity that the glares could crush them alive. That's why no one took Xiao Er's side, excluding, again, Shui QingWan. She was an outcast enough to be safe from anymore threats.

Another cling-clang followed after closely, not giving Xiao Er any break he needed. His numb arm couldn't hold the sword much longer, so he switched to his other hand.

Quan Song's movements were calm, like dancing, but swift. Those movements nearly pierced Xiao Er numerous times. If this was any serious battle, the boy could guarantee that he would be a bloody mess of corpse in five seconds.

ZhiYuan made a gentle gesture, unnoticed by anyone but his disciple. 'Spare him, don't be too rash.'

Quan Song, seeing that, glared at his master sitting leisurely, with an expression as if saying, 'I don't need another Shidi! There're already a bunch for me to take care of! Shi Fu never do anything at all! Leaving me all thirty nine to babysit! Don't take in that many if you're not being responsible!'

'It's my right to take in disciples! On addition to that, you'll be much more responsible and it's a great way to teach discipline and respect!' ZhiYuan sulked.


'No! You are not!'

The silent conversation lasted as Xiao Er dodged death for his dear life. One mistake and he most likely turn into human skewers. He didn't care of what happened between the two, but he had a hunch that these two might have a deeper relationship than just being master and disciple.

They.... They might be lovers!

Xiao Er's face turned white as sheets at that thought. He shook his head fiercely. 'Why am I thinking things like that?! Unrespectful! Horrible!'

He unconsciously lowered his guard for a short period of time and...


'Oh, did I die?' crossed his mind.

Nope, he didn't. Xiao Er sighed in relief when he realized that it wasn't critical enough to kill him on spot, but quickly regretted it as pain climbed up his nerves from his abdomen.

'Might as well just die.' He thought again.

ZhiYuan's blanched, but that might be just his imagination. Quan Song turned his head to take a better look at his opponent, eyes wide in disbelief. His complexion seemed to be as pale as his master's now.

"Quan-xiong, when I said not being too soft on me, I didn't mean that you can skewer me alive."

"Shut—Shut up! This is, this is no right time to joke around now!" He stuttered lightly, panicking at the sight of blood slowly seeping through the dark blue robes. It was unnoticeable to the others outside the barrier, so they showed no response.

"Quan-xiong." Xiao Er spoke. Quan Song who looked like he was about to tore his outer robe to bandage him lifted his gaze from the younger male's abdomen. "Keep going. We shouldn't let them realize that something is wrong."

"No. Shi Fu wouldn't let your wound not taken care of! He wanted you to win—"

"That's why. Xiao Er understands that ZhiYuan Shui Shi wanted to make me his disciple. If His Excellency took me just because I was wounded, what will the others say?"

At this moment, Xiao Er hadn't understand the true reason he was chosen. He didn't think that pulling out the sword he grasped tightly was simply the reason ZhiYuan wanted him under his tutelage.

Quan Song gritted his teeth, "Okay."

They both stepped into the battle again, attacks significantly lighter than before, like they were only dancing around. Zhao Lu Jing Chen's blade was still clean, untouched by blood, perhaps because the spiritual aura emitted from the sword itself.

ZhiYuan, on the other side, quickly regained his composure. He watched as the two bantering attacks to each other. He thought, 'Why didn't A-Song call it to end and help him with his wound already? Does he really not want another Shidi and planned to kill this boy? If he dared to waste such a—'

After few steps of the act, his arms and legs started to fail him, trembled every time he swung his sword. His vision started to blur and felt light-headed. His breathing heavy and he began to wheeze.

Just a second before he collapsed, Zhen Ding Lang Jian hummed softly. It was unnoticeable at first, but slowly the hum getting louder. Spiritual energy flowed from the sword and engulfed its wielder. Quan Song took it as the cue to strike as hard as he could.

The wounded teen raised his sword to block the attack. He managed to repel Quan Song's sword. However, as the two swords came into contact, the glowing sword caused a ringing sound, loud enough to deafen everyone present. Some who expected that, like ZhiYuan managed to cover their ears from the sound, following after it was an even louder crashing sound.

When the haze was cleared up from the last blow, they saw that the battle hall now had a huge hole on one side. The pillars holding the ceiling crumbled, the barrier was fully broken. The ones watching slowly turned their heads to the one who caused one fifth of the Eastern Sea palace destroyed.

ZhiYuan's only smiled, bringing his open fan to hide his grin since it was too inappropriate to show joy in the current timing. Quan Song rolled out of danger at the right timing, but still felt as if he just got blown out from the palace. Said boy was too afraid to stand up, laying flatly on the floor in attempt to calm down his heart.

While, Xiao Er, the one who caused the mess, only stared at the hole dumbfounded....

"I can't believe you actually tsundere-ing your way to heaven." YueChen commented, his numb arms still raised.

"I can't believe tsundere-ing is actually a word." Yuan Ji countered, head still laid on his fiance's shoulder.

"Hey! If it's me who said it, it's a word, okay?!"

"I don't take it from a kid who can't even spell or read properly."

"Lay that out of this, could you?"

Yuan Ji lifted his head and looked straight into the ghost's eyes, and grinned.


After the loud crash, the heavens quaked. Which explains the troop sent from above to fetch the teen.

ZhiYuan side-glanced the troop, looking a little cross. His eldest disciple still laid flat on the battle floor, not intending to stand up. His body trembled, eyes tightly shut. Zhao Lu Jing Chen was embedded next to its owner.

Shui ZhouYe burned with such fury and rage, but fearful to take the initiative towards the wounded boy wielding Zhen Ding Lang Jian. Half the elders cowered to the side, trying to distance themselves from the dangerous boy. Thankfully the seats on side of the hall that got blown up was empty.

Zhen Ding Lang Jian kept pouring spiritual power out of its blade, the power concentrated on his wounds, closing and healing it in few seconds. After the wound fully healed, the sword stopped emitting powers.

Xiao Er stared blankly at the hole he created, failing to notice the troop approaching him. Only after he was only ten feet apart from the troop did he notice them.

The young man leading the troop inched closer to him, his hand holding a spear that stood roughly his own height. "Are you the one who pulled out The Resounding Blade?" He inquired, the answer was obvious.

"The Resounding what?" Xiao Er asked, puzzled.

"The sword you are holding now." He pointed, with a hint of mock.

Someone stepped in between the two and hit the back of the young man's hand with a fan. "Please don't get your hands into this matter. This is the sea, not the sky. You celestials couldn't just stick your nose in this matter, could you?"

The young man rubbed his sore hand and spoke with a clear tone, "His Majesty The Jade Emperor demands of Your Greatness' return. As well the one who unsheathed the sword."

"I don't want to." ZhiYuan sneered. "I'm taking this child back to the Frosted Nightfall Sect [Shuang Ru Ye Pai].

Hearing the words from his master, Quan Song whom still laid down on the floor groaned and raised both his arms in surrender.

"This command is coming from the highest sky." The young man rubbed his temples.

"This is currently at the Eastern Sea Palace. Know your place."

Shui ZhouYe silently vomited blood, 'You ruined my palace, taking away that child, and causing a mess. You still dare to use my Eastern Sea Palace as an excuse?! How shameless! Shameless!!'

"Please, this subordinate beg for Shui Shi to be cooperative for this once. His Majesty The Jade Emperor is—"

"Fine!" ZhiYuan grumbled. He turned around, and glanced at Xiao Er. "The matter should be finished in time less than five incenses!"

"Thank you very much Shui Shi." He bowed and saluted the Water Master.

The trip to the Heaven, how do you describe it... was rather quick. The young man knocked the base of his spear to the floor three times and in a flash of light, they all disappeared.

A second later, they had teleported into the heavenly court. The troop dispersed and took a place of their own on the side. ZhiYuan muttered something under his breath and glaring at the carpeted floor beneath his feet. Quan Song, after realizing that he wasn't in the Eastern Sea Palace anymore quickly stood up only to lose his balance and fell again. His sword was back to its scabbard on his belt.

Xiao Er glanced at his surrounding nervously, his palms started to sweat. On the other end of the carpeted aisle, sat a man on golden throne placed at least five feet high, looking like domineering the whole world from his seat. On the side of the aisle, rows of seats were occupied with deities and gods of all sorts.

The two youths bowed their heads in respect, only the Water Master didn't. He nodded a little, but merely just to acknowledge the ruler of the place.

"Er Lang, I believe that you had known why you are summoned here?"

The voice reached the corners of the court, calm yet a little humble. Hearing the way he was addressed by the Jade Emperor, Xiao Er couldn't help but to flinch visibly.

No one had called him Er Lang for three years. His name died the same day his family faded from existence. He went around as Xiao Er, not Er Lang. So, how did the God know his real name?

"Your Majesty, this humble me ask only one thing. Could Your Majesty please tell what this humble person had done for he is being summoned here?" Xiao Er cupped his hand and bowed once more, his calm composure started to disappear as time ticked.

The court was silent, but the spiritual aura there was simply too overwhelming. The master and disciple pair who were also brought there with him refused to open their mouths or do anything, making the situation worse than it should be.

"Er Lang, the sword you possessed was one of the legendary weapons humanity ever created. Its name was The Resounding Blade. However, I see that you've changed its name into Zhen Ding Lang Jian." He stroked his chin thoughtfully.

"The matter is, the sword had sealed itself for five hundred years. It refuse anyone who tried to claim it or unsheathe it. You being able to pull it out meant that the seal is broken."

"Please get into the point, Your Majesty." ZhiYuan interrupted impatiently. His disciple glared at his master's act, but only able to sigh for he couldn't do anything at all.

"I intend to appoint you as the new water deity, to join the ranks of the celestials."

"I'm afraid that I have to disagree with Your Majesty." ZhiYuan rejected, and few deities serving there as the witnesses murmured to each other among themselves. Some of them even wore a disappointed or angry expression.

"May I have the pleasure knowing why?"

The Water Master stomped his feet, the sound echoing in the room. "I, wish for young Er to stay as my disciple. Letting him ascend would mean that he lost the chance to get in the Frosted Nightfall Sect."

"That shouldn't be worried, the wish will be granted as Shui Shi wanted. For now, let's hear what Er Lang had in mind."

First of all, if you all could stop calling me Er Lang, I'd be grateful. Secondly, why I had to be dragged into this sorts of matter! Let me live calmly!!

But Xiao Er didn't utter the two thoughts in his mind. Instead, he said, "It'll be a great pleasure to this humble me to join the celestial ranks."

And then, that day, he officially became a deity. A novice water deity, under the tutelage of great ZhiYuan Shui Shi.

"The day must be long and tiring for you, no?" Quan Song said, voice carrying a gentle tone like a mother's.

"Let's see... duel, getting stabbed, blowing up the palace, summoned to the heavenly court, being a god. That's not much, but add something into the mess and I can guarantee that I will explode." Xiao Er dragged his legs as the two walked upstairs to the sect.

Quan Song laughed, helping him to stand properly. "Your real name is Er Lang, why change it into Xiao Er?"

"It's... It's what my family and everyone called me before I got into the palace. They all...died."

"Oh... I see..."

After a moment of silence, Xiao Er asked again. "Where is Shui Shi?"

"Teleported to the palace to apologise and compensate for the chaos we created, might also fix the palace."

Xiao Er winced at the mention of the hole he created. "Sorry...."

"Nah, not your fault at all. Let that damned master of mine took all the responsibility for everything."

"You seem... detest him?"

Quan Song stopped walking, and Xiao Er worried that he might said something wrong before he realized that the former took a deep breath and went ranting:

"Of course I detest him! He went around, taking in all young boys and girls he saw and he liked to the sect and left them all under my care! Before you, I already have to take care all thirty nine! With you, the children I need to babysit will be forty! If I didn't stop him going around, who knows how many I need to care?? Thank God I managed to convince him only leaving for annual meeting at most! I'm in charge of all my Shidis and Shimeis! He always laze around, worrying not a single thing at all!"

He panted as he finished the strings of words, before taking in another deep breath as if he wanted to continue complaining further.

"I promise I'll be a good Shidi, I won't burden you, Quan Shi-Xiong." He quickly said to save his ears, which failed.

"Good! If you needed to be taken care of like those brats, I'm quitting this damned sect! Who cares!"

And the series of complaining continued until they reached the sect.
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