The Tale of the Heroine Chapter 6: End of a nightmare...


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Three days after the girls were found, the searches were all given as closed.

Sigmund, Lucrecia and Kururu remained at rest during these three days.

They were so exhausted that they slept for three days.

During that time, they took the time to adjust things and also talk to those other children and try to help them recover better from the trauma.

The two were already physically recovered from everything that happened, but the psychological recovery was still a long way off.

After a few days had passed, everyone was partially recovered, and then took advantage of it to better understand what had happened.

Each of the children told what happened to them during their time there and how the last two survived for more than a week in that place.

The first two children told more or less the same story they told for the first time, but added some details, such as having seen a woman in the dark.

The story of Kururu was slightly the same, until the part where they separated.

「What happened was that I fell into a huge hole that burst open onto the floor. Only I fell with Saladin. But he had hit his head in the fall and was fainted on the ground.」

Her eyes turned to the ground in an attempt to remember the scene, so she continued.

「I tried to wake him up, but I could not and did not know what to do, since I had never been through anything like this before. So I just grabbed his backpack and tried to take him with me. When I was about to put him on my back, a monster that looked like a snake appeared in the back. He was very scary and kept making *shhh* with his voice when he spoke.」

At this moment she began to have reddened eyes, threatening a veiled cry. She sighed deeply as remembered that monster.

「I tried to run at full speed, but he took the Saladin and I could not hold, and as I was very afraid, I threw a stone at him and the monster ignored me and went in another direction taking my friend. I was so scared I ran to the other side without thinking or looking back. When I realized, no monster had chased me from the start, which made me a bit relieved.

I did not know what was happening and was afraid to go back where I came from, so I kept walking for a long time in that direction.

I do not know how to say how much time I walked, but it seemed an eternity. It came to a point where my two legs legs began to falter with such weariness. They were shaking more than twigs on a strong gale day. I also had to fight to stay awake, because my eyes seemed to weigh a ton, and there were times when I ended up sleeping as I walked.」

At that moment a vague smile welled up on his face, along with a distant look full of bitterness.

「I have not forgotten to always drink water and eat a little from time to time. When I found a crack in the wall of the cave I used it to hide and to rest. I know I stayed there for a long time and every now and then I heard noises coming from all directions of people walking, but I did not have the courage to show myself, because if I were a monster, he would kill me.

After I'd spent a long time in hiding, all the food and water ran out and I had no choice but to get out. But after a few hours, I think, walking in the darkness, I saw a little light coming from above that dimly lit a strange room.

This place was just the same as the others, but it had a transparent liquid that ran down the walls and roots and stood in a puddle. I got closer and saw that it was water coming out of the wall.」

She did not know, but there was a small spring at the top of that mountain and that must be a part of the mineral water that goes down and supplies the river of the city of Ikai.

「I drank all the water I got and filled the two bags of water I had with me. Since I only had water and had no more food, it was better to wait for help in that place, then I saw Lucrecia right in front of me, staggering.」

She had a slightly happy expression now, and she had certainly been very relieved to find her friend alive or to have someone with her at the time. Maybe both.

「Lucrecia and I drank water and after a long time waiting there, we heard loud noises of metal and followed that sound. Then out of nowhere a huge, scary dog ​​appeared in front of us. I could not run away this time, but then a very strong light came right by me and I could not see. At the same time I felt a pain that I had never felt before and my right arm was kind of hard and very sore, so Lucrecia

fall down.」

She then looked at Lucrecia and said.

「I'm so sorry! And then that light disappeared and the monster fled. There you are, end.」


Then it was Lucrecia's turn to be questioned. Everyone was curious to know what had happened, because the situation she found was quite different from the other children.

She was the one who was the most tired of all and seemed to have more scratches all over her body. She had a mark of blood on the right Achilles' heel, which should make it impossible for her to walk.

But what really caught his attention was his right hand. There was a burn on it that appeared to be only on the surface of the skin, but part of the sleeve of her clothing was singed. There were also many stains of monster blood, as well as carrying a small knife that was not with her when she entered the cave.

Everything was very mysterious and they wanted to know what had happened.

Then she began to explain to them what had happened to her during this time she spent there.

「Well, I do not quite remember what happened there. It's all vague in my mind and I really do not want to remember that much. 」

「Hmmm, well, you're not bound to anything. However, we want to know what happened to you. It is that among the 5 children, you are the one who gave less luck. A lot of adult people would be dead if they went through this. But if you want, you can rest better and talk later.」

The one who was talking was Sigmund who was also hospitalized there. But he was interrupted by the Boss.

「No! We need to sort this out now. The sooner the better. I know it's kind of rude and cold to say it, but it's necessary. Tell us what happened in detail, please! 」

The boss had a serious face and said it firmly, but without trying to scare the girl.

Then the girl stopped for a moment, thinking what she was going to say, took a brief breath and then began to speak.

「Eh ... hmmm ... thanks for caring, but it's okay. I think it's best to say what happened there soon.」

She sighed deeply this time, as if trying to buy time to organize her thoughts.

「Well, the beginning I think you should know by now. What I found strange is that whenever we went in there, I felt a slight tingling in the tips of the fingers and a slight chill, as if it were falling, even without leaving the place.」

「It is the effect of the seal on the entrance.」

Sylmeria replied, and Lucrezia then connived.

「Yeah, but this time I did not feel any of it, but I thought it must have been because I had grown accustomed to it.

Okay ... yeah ... then what I saw was strange was that big mirror that is in that separate room was not in the same place. I'm not sure if it's my memory, but he was facing the door and it usually was facing the wall and covered.

I thought it was strange and I noticed that, so I saw something that looked like a pair of bright eyes in my direction. One eye was as red as blood, the other as green as an emerald. I've never seen eyes like this before, but they scared me, they scared me so much.」

As the girl talked about what she had seen, her eyes widened and her mouth trembled slightly.

「I-I felt like something was wrong, so I did what you told me, I took the kids and ran, leaving everything behind. Only a bright thing appeared behind us and when I realized it, I had already left the trail. I kept trying to find my way back, but it was very difficult because I could not see anything.

Hm, we kind of took a long walk and took turns and at the same time we yelled for help, that's when Mr. Yalahar came and helped us. He explained the way, but he stayed behind. So I went in that direction and I was so distressed that I did not even notice that one of the children had disappeared. But I could not go back then, so I did.

But out of nowhere, the ground began to shake and I lost my balance. All I could do was push the two of them closer, so they would not fall with me.」

At that moment her eyes seemed a little lifeless as she tried to remember what had happened to her.

「...... That place ... It was cold and had a horrible smell of rotten flesh. I remember it was so dark it felt like I could touch the darkness. Besides, I had lost that stone that Mr. Yalahar had given me. When I tried to walk, I felt terrible pain and could barely move. But somehow I got out of the way, tracking down the walls.

Until someone appeared in front of me. I even thought about hiding, but he was already looking at me, so I could not escape. I was sure I was going to die right there.

But then a light came on and a female voice spoke to me. It was a sweet, warm voice, like Miss. Sylmeria. Only I did not understand anything she said. I do not know how she did it, but she did.

She gave me the dagger you talked about and a purse that seemed to contain medicine, food and water. She touched my ankle that was bruised and all the pain was gone. Then she pointed me in a direction I followed. I tried to see her face, which was covered by a cloak and her long hair, but she would not let me.

Oh yes, when I took that knife in my hands, my vision improved. It must be some strange power from her, but I could see relatively well, but I could not distinguish colors, or anything like that.

Even appearing some monsters in the direction she indicated, I kept following, diverting from some, fleeing and some I had to face. My legs were trembling at such times, and it seemed that the ground was a few inches away from my feet, as if I were floating. But I do not know how, I managed to get out of it alive in the end.

After I walked around a lot, I finally found Kororo, Kururu opaque ... well, she found me. And that's it.」


After she finished the explanation, Sigmund stood up. He had his usual expression with a faint smile and looked directly at Lucrecia.

「Hey, are not you forgetting anything? Some things are still missing without explanation.」

「Hmmm ... yes and no. I know we were rescued later, but I can not remember.」

「Ah, okay then. What Kururu said at the end was very interesting and I think it should be what I'm thinking.」

He approached Lucrecia's bed and looked directly at her.

Then he sat on her bed and began to move closer. His expression turned serious and he looked directly into the girl's eyes.

She clearly began to get nervous at this situation and looked sideways with a completely confused expression.

Suddenly he caught her soft, thin chin with the index finger and the toe of his right hand and turned her face toward him.

His eyes twinkled. The appearance of Sigmund is one that can be considered as common. He is not handsome or anything, as he is in the stories and he did not have a striking presence or masculine charm. He was just a tall, relatively thin young man.

Her hair was usually short and a bit spiky and at the tips they gave a slight curl. His face was not very handsome and his voice was in baritone tones more drawn to the medium.

And his eyes, which should be the most striking part, had the color of the iris browned like honey, but they did not call much attention. They always appeared to be tired and were accompanied by huge dark circles around them.

These features were very visible in the eyes of the girl who was being looked upon by this man at this very moment. But despite being an absolutely ordinary person, he had a certain strange and unique charm that captivated people. He had a cheerful smile and his manner of speaking was tired and drawn, but he was light and a little warm and receptive. This made people comfortable and happy just by talking to him.

So Lucrecia admired him a little despite being an extremely procrastinating and lazy idiot. And he was now before her, lightly touching her face and approaching.

They were so close that they both felt each other's breath. Their noses were almost touching, and at that moment the girl began to feel a little pressed. His chest began to throb louder and louder, and his eyes widened. His breathing was weak and hesitant, as cold sweat trickled down his body. The ends of her body, especially her fingertips, began to tingle and her eyes blinked in a frenetic rhythm.

(... Will he go? ... No, no ... no way ... he would not do it, would he? Here? ... no, never ... he would never be interested in someone like me ... he is much older and should like older girls, is not it? ... But and ... and if ...) She thought.

And by the time he gave the impression that he would advance further, she closed her eyes ...

... A few seconds passed ... and nothing happened.

After about 5 seconds he released her face and rose again. When the girl opened her eyes, she saw Sylmeria with a red face of shame and Kururu laughed as she watched.

Then Sigmund breathes and places one of his hands on the top of Lucrecia's head and begins to scratch it lightly, which calms her a little, after all that had happened.

「Really, it was as I imagined ...」

Sigmund said this smiling, as he looked at the girl and then continued his speech.

「Luh, now you can consider yourself an adult. Huh. I hope you are happy.」

She did not quite understand what he meant and she was going to try to ask, but she just smiled and thanked him.

「Thank you, I think.」

「But how do you know that?」

The Boss asked, and Sigmund quickly replied.

「It's simple, when the other girl said that she felt a pain in her right arm and that he was numb, and that he saw a quick light, which I also saw, it was quite obvious that it was the Singularity of Luh. That is, she woke up. It is probably related to electricity, considering that its aura resembles that of a lightning user, my friend.」

「But if you already knew the element for what this whole mess?」

Sylmeria said looking at him slightly irritated by all this.

「I saw the opportunity and enjoyed it. It's not often that a normal guy like me can take a sigh from an innocent young girl, right? Hyahhahahahah」

He grinned. Then he looked directly at the girl who was still a little ashamed.

「It's all right. Forgive me for that Luh, I did not mean to make you feel bad. It was just a bad joke on my part. You better get plenty of rest and enjoy that no one will charge you work while you are recovering. heh heh」

He then left the room and the others left as well.

At that time apparently the chip fell. Something incredible had happened to her. And even in this situation, where she went through a real nightmare, one of her friends died and another disappeared, deep down she was happy.


After some time after the searches were closed, the adults of the orphanage looked again at the whole interior of the cave. After checking in all directions they found absolutely nothing.

There were no traps, no bodies, and no magic scrolls anywhere. The interior was completely clean as if no one had even walked in there before. The fact that a great number of things disappeared without trace left them completely confused.

Sigmund said that when he was looking for the children the scrolls had already disappeared.

At that moment, the "Bad Boss" Uricios had the moment of clarity. He immediately went to the Underground Warehouse where they kept the magic scrolls collected and all their profits, except those that belonged to each one individually.

Opening the door that was still sealed, her fear materialized. There was nothing there, no money, no goods, no furniture, no papers or books. Everything was gone. There was only one empty room with cockroaches, spiders and mice that seemed to be the same size as a small cat.

At this moment, Sigmund realized very important attachment through the reaction of Urícios... These little animals are so despised by humans. At least they stayed there for their master and he did not even care. Riches really corrupt men's hearts.

Going back to what matters, there were no traces of break-in. There were no trailing marks and in some places the dust had perfect geometric shapes. That is, everything was simply teleported from there. Or not, you will know. In this world the most insane things can happen at any moment, so it is not a certainty.

Their situation was very very critical. They needed that money and those rolls to keep people quiet and also to keep the place running. But now they no longer had their primary source of income and also could not afford the services they had hired before. Not only that, but they also could not bribe the guards who oversaw that region, which was a top priority. The reason was because this was a border region. Not only that, but it borders on the kingdom of Katharterio.

An emergency meeting had to be started. They had to find solutions to several of these issues immediately.

There was a lot they had to discuss and little time for that. There was no telling when one of the messengers of the empire would appear to collect satisfaction.

Then at that moment, in a 10x10m room, all the 13 adults who run the orphanage were gathered at a dinner table. Except for Yalahar, who was missing.

Clockwise, beginning with what was on the opposite side of the door was: "The Chief"; Hagane "The Pure Metal Automaton"; Dajiang "The General of the Kitchen"; Caroline Almaria "The Eloquent Lady"; an empty chair "an empty chair"; Sigmund "Ocelot (self-proclaimed)" or "The King of the Useless Knowledge"; Fourlan "The Invisible"; Laxes "Nerves of Steel"; Yohan "Bluebeard"; Marvin Rick "The Fanho" or "Necromancer (by Sigmund); Sylmeria "The sweet girl who gives diabetes (by Sigmund)" or "The Gentle Lady"; Brunhilde "Princess of the Ice Heart" or "Girl of Liquid Nitrogen (by Sigmund)"; and Jhyr "The Samurai" or "Jesse (Sigmund never remembers that one") and Yuyui "The Novelist".

Everyone was ready to discuss the future of that place ......

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