The Tale of the Heroine Chapter 2: The Dawn of a New Age


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ー Year 1110 approximately according to humanity calendar ー

More than 1000 years have passed since the incident that originated the singularities. No one knows for sure the extent to which the legend of its origin is true and which points are only the delusions of villagers exaggerated by the minds of those who have received the stories.

The truth is that in fact, humans and semi-humans awakened within themselves, supernatural powers.

As soon as this happened, many more violent wars began, because the seek of power.

The hope of peace became extremely distant from the eyes of those who only knew how to fight to survive.

Surely there was some hope, a lot of hope, infinite hope - but not for us.

Peace was a dream only desirable, but only attainable to those who will be born in a distant future. That if there is a future for someone.

Many nations and races have been decimated in this period of time. Many stories, cultures and races have been completely vanished from the earth.

After many battles there was sudden peace in the world. Not because everyone was right, or because they made peace deals. But because a powerful giant had come on the scene. The Välde Empire.

This empire was founded on the lands of the kingdom of Världen, which is located to the north. It had unimaginable military power and had several soldiers who had "S" rank singularities. What made them fearful all over the world.

Briefly explaining, singularities receive ranks from E to A on two factors. [1] The difficulty of containment and [2] degree of damage to the target.

The first measures how difficult it is to contain the skill itself. If, for example, there are various methods of weakening such power, of deflecting and nullifying it, it descends into its classification. If he is untouchable and unblockable, he will certainly receive "A" rank.

The second measures the danger and damage that an ability can cause in other people and objects. It also varies according to the area of ​​effect and the number of targets that can be reached at one time.

Then, the classification is given as follows. If it is, for example, A and B, it would look like "AB", or B and C would look like "BC", and so on. The two exceptions would be when they are E + E, which then stand as the infamous "F" rank (also called "cursed" or "empty souls," since some believe that singularities come from the soul) A, remain as "S" rank.

There are other peculiarities in relation to singularities, such as the fact that they awaken around the age of 13, for example. It is not known exactly why, but almost everyone awakens only when they reach that age.

This information is only about the singularities themselves, regardless of the user's ability to manipulate them. In many situations, someone with a relatively weak singularity can be extremely powerful.

The "S" rank is an extra case.

The problem is that powerful skills are dangerous to the point of posing deadly risks to users. It is not uncommon for someone die by recklessly manipulating their powers. Of course this is also true for others, but as I said, it's a little more complicated for the S rank.

Let's say that one of them can expel from your body an extremely dense, highly corrosive acid mist. If he does not have flawless control over his ability to create a layer around himself or use a suitable protective clothing, the ability may even kill him.

Thus, all who touch the mist are killed in a very horrible and painful way, including the user, in case he does not have enough ability. What unfortunately happened often with the S rank.

In this case, even an experienced person would hardly get out of it.

Because the S's need a lot of training and dedication, it cost a lot of money. But they don't had time for this, so they were taken to the battlefield only to die and take out as many opponents at the same time.

With the power of the S-Class, Välde's Empire began its expansion, for they were the only ones at that time that had people with such singularities.

They sent them among the mighty warriors of the hordes of enemies of the other kingdoms, eliminating enemies easily.

They took advantage of the lack of preparation to strike a precise blow and set the fight in a suicidal movement and in some ways even a coward.

Another of his tactics was to poison wells or destroy harvest fields, undermining the sources of supply from other countries and making them dependent on direct or indirect trade relations with the empire.

After causing serious casualties to neighboring nations, it was not difficult to conquer the territory that had once belonged to them.

In a short time, many countries in the world served a single flag. Both human and semi-human kingdoms now belonged to the Empire. This established temporary peace.

ー Year 1219 of humanity calendar ー

As she looked out over the horizon, she could see a girl staring up at the mountaintop landscape. She was of average height for the age, seemed to be very young, at the age of 12, with shoulder-length hair, dark brown in color.

His eyes were very mysterious and deep and focused on the sight in front of him.

She was wearing a gray robe, all ornate and with some dark blue symbols sewn over the cloth. They were used by the old and no longer existing The Bright Order. And this one seemed to be someone of high rank.

But that dress seemed to be loose and old. Besides, she would not be old enough to be in a select group like that, made up of legendary warriors, who protected the Emperor directly and were one of the few who were allowed to make long journeys across the continent. Others who could be traders and adventurers.

So that clothing belonged to someone else.

The clothes were all soiled with mud and soot, with several stains of blood and had a huge cut at the height of the stomach.

She appeared to have an emotional attachment to this ragged clothes.

Suddenly, someone mysterious appears behind the girl.

「Miss, what are you doing out here so early? Did something happen? Why are you in those dirty clothes?」

The girl stared at the horizon. He was so motionless that he looked like an inanimate doll, standing and watching the sun rise.

This was a dazzling sight, like a painting.

After a few moments, she gives a sign of life, giving a deep sigh.

「What are you doing here? I thought you had something better to do than boring on me.」

She said it with a blank and uninterested tone.

「Miss Lucrecia, you should not be so rough with people. This can end up hurting their feelings.」

「Feelings......!? Do you have it by chance? Are you sure it's not a flaw in your programming? You're not here either out of concern. You're just watching me to keep me from running away from here, are not you?」

He don't expressed a reaction. That's because he could not even do it.

The one behind Lucrecia is called Hagane, a human-looking automaton. He does not have any kind of feeling and just obey orders.

Many of the automatons in this world see no problem in doing anything that is ordered, even if the order is to kidnap or even kill people.

「You should not be so close to a cliff. That is very dangerous. Besides, it's unpleasant for me to have to go down just to have to clean the floor. 」

Looking to the end of the cliff, there was a building that probably also belonged to the owner of that place at the foot of the mountain.

「I don't know if it was my impression, but I felt some sadism in you now!? Maybe we should open you to be sure...」

「I definitely don't know what you're talking about...」

After he said it, the girl turned, heading toward a house, which was behind them both.

She does not even look at the face of the automaton.

So he turned, and said to her.

「This is none of my business, but why do not you tell me what the problem is? They say it's good to express your feelings.」

「Yes, I think you're right. This is none of your business...」

She said that and simply moved on.

◇ ◆ ◇

There was a spot at the top of the Sa mountains, about 100 km from the city of Ikai.

There lived a beautiful young woman named Lucrecia.

She was an orphan who lived in this place, which was an orphanage. She did not know much about her past, except about her father, who owned that robe and was a mighty Grand Master.

There was a terrible battle that took place inside the Empire and that it destabilized a lot. And in it, this master lost not only his life, but the one of all his family. Lucrecia was the only one who survived, being just a baby. And it was said that her father and mother fought to the end to protect her.

But now she was alive, and completely alone.

In fact, this was not an orphanage at all. It was a preparatory place. Where children are welcomed, but not out of compassion.

It was to evaluate them.

Evaluate their talent and their singularity.

And then sell them to the Empire, the neighbor Kingdom or to someone interested who paid well.

The childrens were also taken to workplaces, coal mines, among others, to work and help support that place. Unfortunately, in this world, child labor is commonplace.

But he had an activity that was special. The good kids in this would stay with them.

They were the translations of magic scrolls.

This place was not at the top of a mountain for nothing. There was a cave hidden there. Inside it was an enormous amount of treasures and magic scrolls that were written in unknown languages. It was probably a headquarters for some group or organization that disappeared.

After the war, this place was lost, but was found by the Ice Heart Princess, The Boss and his guild mates.

When they saw this unique opportunity, they then sold everything they had to buy these lands, but they had no source of sufficient income, so they set up an orphanage as a facade to hide their activities.

They bribed the empire's guards, gave them soldiers and some magical scrolls besides money. For this reason, and also because they were in a state of crisis, the empire did not bother them.

The owners of the orphanage hoped one day to find someone among the orphans with the rare <dragon's singularity>. The ability to decipher languages. But that was almost impossible.

It was a skill that could do the same as the dragon did, and also had the ability to decipher any written language, even one that the person has never seen, as well as being able to speak it as well.

This was discovered because there were some people with similar or equal singularities.

It was said that there were people with the same uniqueness as the dragon of the legends. If it were true, maybe this would prove that he once existed.

As much as with skill, it became possible to understand any spoken language, since they were automatically translated into people's heads, written languages ​​were another story. Only the user of that singularity could read them without problems.

These magical scrolls were of significant importance, for through them it was possible to acquire unimaginable powers.

But they were in many different languages, and many had disappeared along with their civilizations during the endless wars of the past. Then it would be very difficult to decipher them. Only a few out of thousands had been translated.

Each one grants temporary abilities to its users, like improved speed, super strength and etc, in addition to being able to activate some spells. But since there were few that could be translated by conventional means, it was not possible to know for sure what the skills were or how the manufacturing process was.

The need to translate the magic scrolls came from the fact that in order to activate them, it was necessary for the user to know the ability of the magic scroll and then to recite the full spell in the language that was written.

As soon as they were used, they disappeared in mid-air, indicating that there was success in their activation.

As cruel as it was to use children for these purposes, they wanted absolute power and would go to great lengths to get it. They longed for a place among the stars, which was only permitted to those who had an overwhelming power.

Lucrecia was also one of the children who helped translate the scrolls. She was exceptionally smarter than most and worked at a faster pace.

But she was about to turn 13 and everyone was eager to find out what her abilities were. Except for herself, she did not care about any of it.

There were ways of detecting the nature of one's singularities, even before she awoke. A person with the singularity <detection> could find out what the singularity of someone was. Even though the person has never used or even awakened his power.

But they did not want to spend their money on it, since it was absurdly expensive.

Rich people used to pay for a Detector to examine their babies so early in childhood, to chart how their life will be in the future.

But the girl, Lucrecia, didn't want to be strong, nor did she want recognition or anything like that. She did not even know what she wanted, but maybe she did not want anyone to point out to her what kind of life she would have to have because of her abilities.

She already hated being exploited by those who welcomed her, for she was proficient at translating magic scrolls.

Nevertheless, however evil the unscrupulous attitudes of the orphanage owners were, they were not all evil. They only enslave innocent children who could not do anything. At least they only did this with children over 12 years old. The younger ones only did housework and participated in the <collection>.

Come to think of it, they gave them a home, so until it was really plausible that they needed to contribute to staying there.

Some were brought up in a gentle way, drawn by sweets and loaded into the carriages. And the carriages of the orphanage were called "vans".

Moreover, they even treated them well, asking with great affection every day how they went about their jobs. If they did everything right and were not leaving for the next week, they would not receive the severe punishments. (As for slavery, this is simply a joke, no one was in fact enslaved. The children worked because the situation was really bad.)

The owners of the orphanage that most interacted were the "Ice Heart Princess" whose name was Brunhilde Ild and was the head of the monitors, the "Chief" and the "Crimson Samurai."

The woman was a little sadistic and cruel, but with a good heart. If you asked her to whip you and beat you she would do it without any remorse, besides giving cold looks and answers the whole time. It really was the perfect match for the masochists on duty. I bet you must have a harem of perverts who idolizes her around.

His chief helper was one of the automata, the one that has already appeared. He was her relentless Algoz. Since he had no emotions, he would certainly not hesitate to do what was necessary, even against a helpless child. He was very helpful when some of them tried to flee using their powers.

She has other tormentors, but it is too early to speak of them.

Well the princess's job is basically to correct and discipline everyone. Especially those who do the translations. But she also cares for those who are her helpers.

The "Boss" never said his real name, but I have heard that he is called Uricius. That's probably not his real name.

His job is also to supervise, but his skill is one of the most useful. It can control minds and rewrite memories.

It is not too difficult to get rid of false memories, as long as one notices the inconsistencies of memories. But the Boss is very good at shaping memories. This makes it difficult to get rid of your manipulations.

With the smartest children he tries to make friends with them and bring them to his side, as he did with Lucrecia. Not that she was really an ally of the owners of that place, but she just thought it would be better to work inside that place than to work under the sun.

The Boss Singularity was more used to change the memories of children who had been very traumatized. So they could forget and live their lives as relatively normal children for that world.

He also suggested in their minds the idea that their work for the orphanage was for a greater good. That it was something done for the sake of the people who welcomed them when they needed it most.

And in the end. When the children went away, to the army or adopted by some family, he secretly modified all the memories so that they did not discover all that they did.

I learned that once one of the adoptive parents found out and this caused serious problems for the owners of the orphanage.

I also heard that he is the founder of that guild, but if he takes into account his ability, that is doubtful.

The Boss had one of his subordinates as a rather strange boy. He had curly hair that was always very short, wore reading glasses, and had enormous circles under his eyes like a panda. He used to help translators and helped to train singularities as well. He was quite young, but he looked old. It was the air of an experienced intellectual, but at the same time he was an idiot. He strangely seemed to like this job.

Another one is the Samurai. His name was ... was ... What was it? Joseph, John, Jesus, Jesse, Joshua, Jesse? Well that does not matter, does not it.

It turns out that their responsibility was to take care of the children who went to the labor camps. He evaluated and cared for people to know what they were capable of. He even helped many of them and recruited them to his group as well.

One of his subordinates was a weird kid. Not that there were any subordinates who were normal.

This one had a half hair shiver and a way to dress a little loose and appeared to be always sleepy. He spoke in a slow, drawn-out manner, but it was obvious that he was more dangerous than he appeared. Dangerous both in the sense of being strong and in the sense of being sexually dangerous. But as far as I know, until now he had done nothing wrong, just looked scary. He wore hideous clothes and lived talking that he would be a mage someday.

The immediate of the princess was a little mysterious, just like everyone else. She looked charismatic, cute, and no one could hate her. She had long, silky hair that emanated a faint scent of flowers. She was pretty, and she had a slender body that made her look perfect. But perhaps this was the result of her singularity, <Charm>.

Of course, anyone would be her friend, she would fall in love and do crazy things, but this is because they fall into a trance and lose control of their sanity because of her abilities.

That way she could be very cruel with the use of her powers. Like for example, when she visited a village and used her skill at all locally without restraining herself. Everyone fell in love with her and wanted her as a companion. Even women. And a genuine, widespread fight began to take place.

But it all went out of control when they began to freak out and really fight each other to death for her. Then she disabled the ability and fled before Chaos set in and she was arrested. Then she was found by the Boss and his group.

There are more of them, but all this is enough for now.

This orphanage in the mountains "Sa" near "Ikai" gave me a single certainty: this was a place of crazy people.

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