The Tale of the Heroine Chapter 1: Prologue: The arrival of singularities


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The world is a place hostile and full of darkness. But it can also be full of interesting surprises.

Stories that begin, stories that end, and stories that start again.

Well, how do I begin to tell this story...? The story of how I became the greatest among all the heroes...!? Hahahaha.

I honestly do not know where to start.
To begin with, I don't have a name and this does not really matter much. But I have a story. Something I've been keeping in my mind too long.

Seriously speaking, maybe you should talk about the beginning of everything? The little spark that set the whole forest on fire. The starting point of this whole story. Because it all turned out this way.

This may be the end, is not it? So I want to tell you everything. Before the time runs out and I go where no one can come back. I hope you can hear me through.

This is the story about a beginning. The story about the beginning of an end. The story of a new beginning. The story of a mighty warrior. The story of a brave heroine. This is my story.

ー Year 100 according to the calendar of humanity (approximately) ー

Once upon a time there was a seemingly simple and ordinary world, where humans and the beings of this planet lived together in a certain harmony. Not that this world lives in peace, but after many wars against ancient evil beings who dominated all these races, through exhaustive battles, humans and semi-humans then prevailed over them.

The humans here in this region are also called "Jinnai," which is an abbreviation for "Jinmen Dake Shika Nai" which is a form as the ajins, or semi-humans, call them to offend. This expression comes from one of the human languages ​​and means "Just human appearance." They say it as a kind of debauchery with the way some humans treat their own kind.

Despite the apparent antagonism, most semi-humans are peaceful beings. Most of them are stronger than humans, but humans often outnumber them. Some are also sturdier and have thicker skins, thus enduring much more blows than an ordinary human. But there are also many other species that survived the war and were extremely hostile like the ... Well, I do not think it necessary to talk about them now.

Initially, no race had any special abilities, except for some that had some resistance to environments with strict climates.

Some could live in extremely cold environments to the point of completely freezing the extremities of the body, others withstand heat and so on. Otherwise, there was no great discrepancy of force and warlike power between the human and semi-human nations.

For this reason, they preferred to focus on peripheral battles than to engage directly in battles that could cost many lives.
Until something strange happened ...

A huge, powerful and imposing winged figure appears before a human city called "Vórea Póli // Βόρεια Πόλη" located at the northern end of the "Kosmos // κόσμος" nation on the border with "Svetot // Светот", both located to the south.

It was a gigantic winged black serpent scaly and scary. His height approached the 120 meters of the head to the tail and wingspan had about 110 meters.

It exuded an odor and an aura of disturbing death, accompanied with a strong smell and blood stains on its paws and the inside of the mouth.

It was something of enormous size and with a deep scary and evil look that made men faint in terror.

Then this being, surprisingly, began to speak directly to those people.

「Om du inte tar med mig guld, silver och ädelstenar inom tio dagar, ska jag sluka alla kvinnor och barn i denna stad. (If you do not bring me gold, silver, and precious stones within ten days, I will devour all the women and children of this city.) 」

The voice of the colossal being was incredibly frightening. Both by his grave tone that passes an aura of death, as by being a gigantic monster that speaks. And even being incomprehensible, it was clear that he wanted to impose himself on these people, like a nobleman who lavishes all his wealth on others to demonstrate his power and authority over them.

But he did not want to do it just with his scary power and presence.

「Those words... Is it some dialect from the North? What does this thing want from us?」

The man who asked this said almost shouting at the other guy standing next to him.

「Ho-ho-how will I know that!?... And I was already scared before he spoke, now...」

The second man's voice was so strident it felt like he was crying rather than talking. And to their surprise, the snake began to speak again.

「Jag är ledsen för elakheten att kommunicera på ett språk du inte förstår. Jag somnade i så många årtusenden i världen och hade till och med glömt det. (I'm sorry for the rudeness of communicating in a language you do not understand. I fell asleep for so many millennia in Världen and had even forgotten about it.) 」

The way he communicated the second time was slightly different, with an apparent air of nobility and some disdain.

Suddenly, strange lights had appear around the serpent. It was something that no one had ever witnessed, because besides this monster being unique, he could do things beyond comprehension.

When the lights ceased, all the people in that city. No. Everyone around the world, both human and semi-human and heteromorphic. Beings of the surface, of the sea, of the heavens and the underground. Absolutely everyone felt something strange in their bodies. The sensation was of how to ingest burning liquid.

No one knew what was happening, but that scared everyone, rightly so.

Then something completely astonishes them, to the point that some are paralyzed like living statues.

「Don't be afraid, small creatures. This now was just my singularity. They are secret and unique arts for every being and have been hidden for all this time from the worldly creatures. Isn't dangerous at all.」

The people didn't know if they talk, listen, cry or ran away... No one dared to move so as not to irritate this being before them. So they stood still, listening to everything in complete silence.

「Are you wondering why? Why am I revealing something that should be "secret"? The exact reason will remain a secret, but in a nutshell, I want to share what I know with all of you. But simply delivering would be very annoying. Then I will sell this knowledge in exchange for riches. If they do not have enough, then their wives and children will serve as payment.」

Everyone was so terrified that in this situation, it was not even possible that a hair passed through their...

Well, after a brief silence, a beautiful woman with full breasts, who wore clothes that indicated she was from a relatively rich family, took courage and approached the frightening monster, uttered a deep sigh, raised her beautiful face up and said in high voice.

「Hello, supreme being... My name is Bartha Voreia. And I would like to ask you something... When your excellence arrived here, we do not understand her words, but now she is being as clear as water... It was this her "singularity" that she did that...?」

She stammered and trembled as if she were inside a lake in the eastern glaciers. Her teeth creaked, even as she struggled to calm down.
At that moment, the monster sat back down, lowered his head, and looked directly into the woman's eyes. Then he tells her,

「... Your intelligence is quite questionable, isn't it? I remember saying that before. This is a magic invented by me through my singularity, which allows me to make any language understandable. It does not have anything special, so even it was easy to use on such a large scale. But it has become useless now, since it has permanent effect even on the offspring of beings affected by them. But I'm amazed to note that the males of your kind do not have the courage to speak directly to me. Or maybe you're a special case. So as a reward, I will not touch anyone who is related to you by the blood. What do you think about that?」

Cold sweat fell from his forehead as he saw the monster talking directly to her. So, she answer to him.

「... Well, I will accept your generous offer in relation to me and my children. But I...」

「Enough! If you have already accepted, you have already accepted. I will remember your face when I come to collect what I have come to demand of you. In addition, hurry to bring what we have agreed upon. I will fulfill my part, so you must fulfill yours as well.」

The monster at this time rises again.

"... This being is imposing and scary, but it is very talkative. I think he may be quite proud of his abilities, but there is no one to brag about. And what is this story of agreement? Nobody agreed to that in the first place." Bartha thought.

As if his previous speech was no longer enough, he keeps telling the crowd.

「Oh yes, I had forgotten. Now I speak directly to all of you who live in this small town. My name is Fafnir, the last living member of the dragon clan. Well, as I have already said, 10 days will be the deadline for you to bring me satisfactory wealth and I will give you my divine knowledge in return.」

He really is a good liar, because that was not quite what he had said the first time, it seemed more of a threat than an exchange of favors.

Surely you must have already deduced what resulted from it ... Women and children were devoured.

Not all because they brought everything they had, so he devoured half of them as consideration for their efforts and the slightly large amount of silver and gold.

After this, it is said that the dragon Fafnir fulfilled his promise.

He gave not only the residents of that city, but to all in the cities he visited, the location of a special temple.

Soon after that, the dragon simply disappeared without a clue.

They tell the legends that he was killed by a hero named Sigurd... was that it? Or was it Siegfried? I don't know. But it is quite doubtful by the way.

But what did this result?

In every warring country to come first, of course. A real bloodbath in search of absolute power.

After a long time of endless struggles, a mixed group of humans and semi-humans reached their destination.

When they entered the temple something unexpected happened. A blazing light swallowed the people of that place. This light flew and dispersed in the sky, going in countless directions.

After that, everything changed.

People, one by one, began to present skills they had never seen before. Skills that would change the course of history. That made the impossible possible. They were the Singularities.
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