The System of a Vampire Chapter 58: Family Reunion pt 2


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Draig spent the rest of his time on the carriage until they arrived at the manor, those who had been traveling with him and Elisa had left him in peace for fear of another showing. Elisa contrary to what Draig had expected seemed to be in high spirits after the event which he had found odd but not overly so due to what Zarra had told him previously.

"We're here Drevitch" said Elisa with a dazzling smile

Sure enough looking out the window of the carriage Draig was able to see a glorious manor with servants lined up to receive them.

"Interesting, are these your personal servants or part of your coven" asked Draig curiously

"Oh no sweetie, these are the servants of the house. They serve everyone of our bloodline." explained Elisa chuckling sweetly.

"I see" stated Draig losing a bit of interest.

As if sensing the disdain Elisa quickly spoke up again.

"Quickly, come and meet your relatives. I am sure they will be excited to meet you" rushed Elisa throwing Draig out of the carriage.

Draig maintained his calm and started following behind Elisa projecting an air of superiority, the servants at the side remained silent though a hidden disdain was in their gaze.

Snorting to himself Draig continued forward and saw three men and two girls waiting for Elisa at the end of the line up.

"Mother" smiled the five people.

"Drevitch, meet your siblings." laughed Elisa receiving hugs from the two girls.

"This is him" asked the eldest male.

"Mother, why did you bring this scum here" stated the second showing their hostility.

"How dare.." began Elisa only to be cut off mid way.

"Scum? Would you care to elaborate on such a cute nickname" asked Draig walking to the second male.

"Simple you are filth that mother conceived with a human, your very existence is a smear on our house's name. Your filthy bloodline will only humiliate us and everything our mother has worked for" stated the man simply.

"I see, so what if you couldn't even hold a candle to the nova that is that scum" asked Draig as he began to twirl his cane lazily.

"Is that a challenge" confronted the male

"No... It is merely the facts" stated Draig as his cane swiftly found its mark across the male's face sending him to the ground.

The first male was about to speak when he soon found himself a spot next to the second, Draig proceeded to place his foot on the face of the prone form of his eldest brother while jabbing the body of the second with his cane harshly.

"I am quite tired of you little fanger's mistaking me for a half breed, so allow me to explain a few things. One, I am not to be trifled with, Two, I am something far more than what you could ever hope to become, Three, where I come from we go by the rules of 'Might is Right'. In other words if you wish to start trouble or prove your case, you must have the strength to back your actions. Now finally, it's nice to meet you two and I hope you would treat me well." explained Draig pulling himself away and turning to look at the other family members who had just watched the scene casually.

"Boys enough playing, introduce yourselves" ordered Elisa though her eyes once again showed that hidden gleam.

"Carson, your eldest brother" introduced the eldest of the three brothers who was casting an appraising look towards Draig.

"Allister" stated the second through grit teeth.

"Hello Drevitch, I am Dracon. I hope we can get along" laughed the third who came and hugged Draig directly.

Looking through the three of them it was obvious that the only thing in common they all had was the same mother.

"Don't forget about your sister's" said Elisa as she pushed the girls forward.

"Lisa, it is good to meet brother after all these years" explained the oldest of the two

"Roxie" introduced the second of the two.

"I'm sure" answered Draig as he began walking into the manner as if he owned it.

"Oh Drevitch you can't go there" panicked Elisa sensing a hidden intent.

Draig turned his head to acknowledge what was being said when he felt a strong force press down upon him causing him to cough blood.

Looking ahead he saw a youth with snow white hair and a small scar crossing his lips, Draig couldn't help the heat that coursed through his body.

This was something he had felt might not be possible after his recent level ups and evolution, but now standing before him was someone he could possibly compete with instead of a monster like Zarra.

"Oh is that how you welcome guests" asked Draig as a smile made it's way onto his face, a smile that incensed Elisa.

'That stupid smirk' cursed Elisa upon seeing the familiar look reminiscent of a certain mage.

"Outsider's are not welcome without permission" stated the youth without a change of expression.

"Oh is that so, I am sure you have been sitting there long enough and heard some of the words I have spoken to my brothers here." started Draig his eyes twinkling as if he had found a prize.

"I apologize for the rudeness but I was indeed listening" interjected the youth.

"Your perfectly fine, but allow me to continue. Since you have heard these words then you should be clear on how I do things" continued Draig as his cane started to twirl.

"I believe your words were 'Might is Right', yes?" asked the youth still expressionless.

"Exactly" finished Draig disappearing from his spot and following the disappearance a series of loud booms started singing out.

The youth who had been standing expressionlessly was suddenly flung from his position implanting into the wall vomiting blood while the armor he had adorned showed fist sized holes.

"Oh... I'm a bit disappointed, but at least you were able to take me by surprise" sighed Draig in disappointment and continuing his journey to the building.

Elisa and the others were standing in shock, Elisa less so than the others but still the strength Draig displayed had gone beyond her initial calculations.

'So it seems his time wasn't wasted in the other world' thought Elisa silently

While those who had called themselves his relatives were sitting star struck Draig was taking a tour of the Manor and he had to admit he was a bit impressed with the craftsmanship and Architecture. Adorning the walls of every hallway there were several portraits of past ancestors or great contributors of the house. It was truly something he had to be impressed with as he read some of the feats and reason behind their portraits being displayed.

"Oh who is the child wandering our halls" came the aged voice

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