The System of a Vampire Chapter 57: Family Reunion


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Draig and Elisa arrived at a manor a few days later, this was the lower plane. The world where monsters resided, at least those of high class status. Looking at the scenery and architecture it was a bit more gothic in its style, reminiscent of a aristocratic venue.

Draig ignored his fellow Vampire's as he rode the carriage leading to the manor, his thoughts elsewhere as he continued digesting the information from Dracule. While he had a few glimpses he didn't possess the knowledge initially forcing him to go through this process if he wished to be fully capable of understanding everything and thus his end goal.

"Drevitch, come and socialize with your fellows. If you stay cooped up inside it will give a poor impression of yourself" stated Elisa suddenly as she peeked into the carriage after it had come to a stop without Draig's notice.

"Why should I care what these trash think of me, if they wish to cause trouble for me then they will not walk away scot-free." answered Draig while continuing his immersion.

Elisa heard the words and her face slowly became embarrassed as the curtain she peeked through was torn away revealing a red faced Vampire by her side.

"What was that you half breed" before he could go on further a cane twirled into his view and he found himself pinned to the ground with a foot on his chest.

"I said you are trash, as for calling me a half breed.... well lets just say if I was anything less than what I am then your entire race would could be considered a bunch flu carrying imbeciles" retorted Draig walking to another carriage and taking the curtain to replace his.

The Vampire on the ground was enraged as he grit his teeth so hard his fangs nearly broke, he seemed to become a phantom as he appeared behind Draig his arm poised to swipe but when he had made to enact the action he found a sense of weightlessness.

Draig turned around slowly as he bit into his little snack, staring directly into his assailants eyes as he swallowed.

"I will spare you one more time" stated Draig clearly as he continued to crunch into the arm in his grasp.

Those who had been following the commands to invade the mortal Plane were staring at the scene with goosebumps gathering on their skin. It was crazy for them to ever consider eating one of their own but this being before them did it so casually not even showing any shame over the matter. Whats more is he he even did it right in his victims face for that matter.



"Kin Drinker"

All sorts of words were being said but Draig cast a trivial glance towards them before they fell silent.

"Now as I was saying, do you understand" asked Draig with a piercing look.

"A-Aye sir, thank you for your graciousness" stuttered the Vampire before quickly bowing and making his leave.

Draig then stepped back onto his carriage but not before casting another glance towards those other Vampire's he had deemed as trash.

"Stay silent" muttered Draig but his words resounded like thunder in their ears.

However while most of those present were fearful there were those who seethed at the treatment from Draig.

"Hey brat, do you think you can do whatever you want just because of that meager show of power" asked an elegant looking man with crimson eyes.

"Apparently I need to be a bit more stand offish" came Draig's lazy voice

"You would be correct, around here true power is what matters most" added the Elegant looking vampire.

"Sylvie... I forgot she hadn't followed me here. Anyways what I was going to say is 'I'm Hungry'" smiled Draig as he once again disappeared but this time instead of the quick defeat the first blow managed to be blocked followed quickly by the second and the third.

Before anyone was aware at least twenty rapid blows had been traded and deflected.

"Seems you got some talent at least" complimented the Elegant Vampire

"Seems you are slightly better trash, let's see if you can handle a bit more of my power" countered Draig who then truly disappeared from the Elegant Vampires sight until he felt something like a vice on his neck.

Reaching to clutch whatever it was he quickly found himself withering, struggling he found that it only became faster until he couldn't keep consciousness.

Draig licked his lips and spat on the ground while he dropped the husk.

"Disgusting" complained Draig which caused those who had been witnessing the fight to start subtly send out communications.

Plans had to be made for this wild child, while everyone was panicked and sending messages Elisa had seemed to sink into the background and watched the situation with a cold smile as her crimson eyes glimmered beautifully in the twilight.

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