The System of a Vampire Chapter 56: Mother Deares


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Draig was sitting among the coven as he tried to think of the next phase of this battle, he was aware that they couldn't sit back even after all the damage he had caused to the pagans or more correctly it should be said its because of the damage he caused to the pagans. He had his mother to worry about as well, he didn't know if he should be wary of the woman or not but Zarra had his trust at least marginally.

However Draig was unaware that the woman in question was already present but it wasn't until he realized his surroundings had grown silent that he truly became aware.

Looking around he could see the frozen expressions of his followers even the leaves themselves had frozen mid air.

"Is this what you have dawdled around for, playing among these mortals while I worried about you" came the alluring melodic voice.

"I wouldn't call it dawdling, as for the bloodshed. I suppose we could call it a game" chuckled Draig while inside he was trying to figure out what was causing the bizarre scene.

"A smart mouth, just like that man... He was so charming when he was enraged but other than that he was a buffoon. Silly jokes and idiotic actions, I honestly don't understand how someone like that could wield such power. Tell me has he told you of me" asked the woman

"He has spoken of you before but unlike you he had mostly good things to say, so tell me what brings you hear Mother" answered Draig as his mind had settled after realizing that there would most likely be no harm to him.

"Simple, I am here to bring you to where you belong." answered the woman spreading her arms with a smile.

"Oh I do wonder, where is it that I belong" asked Draig amused by the insinuation.

"Among the Vampires of course, do you really think you can play around with the humans your whole life? Then again you are still just a child and children often get attached to their toys, how about mommy brings them along as well that way you won't have to worry about them" offered Mother

However contrary to her expectations Draig began laughing, not a soft chuckle as he usually did but an actual laugh that seemed to convey the feeling of superiority.

"You think that I belong among Vampires, even your emperor is not of the proper status to consider being my colleague and you actually want me to live among them. I am a true Vampire, not like the rabble you associate with. I am the sole inheritor of Dracule, I am an originator why would I settle among such an unadaptable species." sneered Draig, not that it was intentional but frankly he couldn't bring himself to associate with the Vampires, they were diluted little lowbreeds compared to his pedigree.

Mother was taken aback by the words before an extremely pleased look colored her face.

"Perfect, this is even better than what I could have ever hoped for. None of your brother's or sister's could bring me such a standing. Come Drevitch it is time to come meet your family" smiled Mother as she stepped forward.

"My name is Draig, you will do well to remember that. As for returning with you, I find myself content with my current abode. Feel free to take away your little fangers though" stated Draig as his cane began to twirl reminiscent of a certain mage.

Mother stopped seeing the action and her eyes narrowed a bit.

"Such a bad habit, I wonder where you picked it up and that arrogance.... Where is he, where is Zarra" demanded Mother

"Oh did someone call for me" came the cocky voice of Zarra.

"I should've known you would be waiting around here" muttered Draig as his serious composure seemed to fade away for a moment.

"Interesting you don't look any older than when we met in fact I would even say you look younger, I wonder how did such a situation come about." stated Mother coldly with a glint in her eyes.

"Ah interested in my beauty secrets I see, well first you need to loosen up and let your stress float away and then you take a nice little helping of go fuck yourself. Now in all seriousness, Elisa you have heard his choice. So what is the next move, the ball is in your court" responded Zarra as he began twirling his staff.

Draig seeing the action stopped twirling his cane.

"Simple he is just a child and has spent his time living in your world, I feel it is only fair for me to bring him to my world and allow him to know his other half before he makes a decision don't you think Zare bear" stated Elisa sweetly

"Zare Bear" said Draig with start barely containing his laughter.

Zarra went crimson hearing the old pet name she had used for him before coughing lightly.

"It is up to him in the end but if I agree to your request I want you to take your people and the rest of the pagans and leave the Mortal plane" stated Zarra with a deadly aura surrounding him.

"Now that sounds a bit unfair don't you think" asked Elisa

"How about this, if I go with you will you do as he has requested" asked Draig as he butted into the conversation.

"That will do splendidly, everybody gets what they want" smiled Elisa

"Very well withdraw everyone and I will leave with you" sighed Draig in resignation.

"Marvelous, I have so much to do now that your coming home. I have to sign you up for the academy get your proof of status oh and test your purity of lineage, oh my I have to get you some proper clothing and must introduce you to all of your uncles and aunts and your brothers and sisters will be excited to meet you as well. Oh Drevitch it is going to so perfect, you will love it" rambled Elisa as her eyes seemed to sparkle as she continued listing off numerous things.

Draig raised a brow and looked towards Zarra and saw numerous black lines marring his forehead as he grimaced.

"Drevitch say goodbye to your father and make sure he cleans up your toys, we are in a hurry" shouted Elisa causing Draig to jolt and Zarra to swiftly set into actions arranging everything.

"Alright leech brat, try to have as much fun as you can among your leechy brethren and try not to get bit." said Zarra waving to Draig as he brought the coven and the rest away for a bit.

"Later baby mage" stated Draig shooting a new insult towards Zarra which seemed to have done the trick.

Since the moment Zarra had his age reverted he looked younger than Draig causing a confusing situation if he were to claim to be the latter's father but hearing the name caused him to falter.

"Oh that is a splendid name sweetie, Baby Mage" laughed Elisa as she drug Draig away leaving neither man with his dignity.

'At least I will learn of the Vampires way of life' thought Draig as he consoled himself.

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