The Supreme Chapter 4: The Move


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"This Oasis of Terra-genesis, is the lake of the gods which only appears to descendants who have not yet crossed into adulthood and are yet unable to control their power, where ever they may be. The water itself manifests the descendants' uncontrollable power in an attempt to subdue the mass of power that is generated from the young descendants by creating a battle in their body and minds. It is then up to them to fight and take control of what power is left in them. For each descendant their training is different. Bruce for example, has no need to enter the lake. his power controls the earth and the sky, therefore the earth is more of an anchor for him. What amazes me the most is that Malia has power to control water, the earth, the sky and the animals. However at the state both of you are in you need to start physical training as soon as possible." before Ryan can finish his explanation on the lake all my power had been given back to me and Mia was calling for us. it was now time for us to leave this place but nether Bruce nor i was aware of where we were actually going.

"It's almost dark and we have been driving for hours. Where are we going?" Great I'm stuck with this boring, unrealistic man for hours in my brand new car, not knowing where we are going, in the middle of nowhere, while Aaliyah, Bruce and Mia are having the time of their lives in Bruce's Audi. "Just over that bridge and we will be half hour away." Ryan is getting on my nerves. "What bridge... What the hell! That wasn't there a minute ago." Am I getting blind now? "It has been there for decades, the bridge glamours itself. This is one of our secret passages in and out of the mortal world."

"O my god its beautiful whoa that's a long way down- something's wrong!" I'm feeling the same way I felt before my life changed. "Are you afraid of heights princess?" -Bzzzzz- the built in phone in the car was ringing. "What's wrong Malia?" Bruce's concern made Ryan uneasy. "I don't know Bruce it's the same feeling from... Should I pull over?" We just crossed the bridge and my indicator is already on. "We are almost there sweetheart, 5 miles and we're home." Mia chimed in. "It's okay Lia just do me a favor and breathe." We made it to one mile but I can't take this ache it's making me unable to drive.

I pulled to the side and got out. So did Bruce. " Something's wrong Bruce. Something's wrong. " as soon as I said it I heard twigs breaking and something running really fast on either side of the forested banks. " Did you hear that? " Bruce looked at me confused, "hear what?" Ryan, Mia and Aaliyah came out of the cars and start walking towards us. My skin starts to tingle with my unpredictable power that manifests inside me. "Everyone back to the cars now!" Ryan shouted. None of us except Mia was trying to get Aaliyah back to the car. "Well, well well, Ryan you've really outdone yourself this time." O my he's hot whoever he is. The pain in my chest was so intense I could hardly breathe. Maybe I was getting delusional.

"Let me guess the prince and the princess…. and mmmm a human." I can feel Ryan's anger from behind me. "In the cars now!" the hot guy's friends just arrived even they look enticing to look at but why is Ryan so angry?. "Oh come on Ryan we're old friends why don't you share?" His friends are smirking at me. They are all hot but I can't concentrate on them, my power is fighting to be released. "Give us the prince and princess and you can keep the human." The cute guy said with a smirk on his face. "Over my dead body." Bruce's anger is radiating through him, I can feel it. "You always have to do things the hard way don't you? Fine but now I'm taking the human too." The men standing in front of us had changed from looking like humans to fangs and hideous faces. My instincts kicked in and so did Bruce's. Before Ryan could do anything Bruce and I took off and went head on to those creeps. I grabbed the jerk who was just talking and broke his neck. Bruce did the same with one of that thing's friend. With my power straining to be free and not knowing what it would be like to release it I grabbed Bruce by his t-shirt and threw him onto Ryan causing them both to go skating back to the cars. "Die assholes!" Colors danced on my skin and my hands blazed with blue fire of the rage that i was holding inside me. These monsters killed my parents.

Like the speed of lightning I moved into battle, my power flared, not one of those demons got the chance to touch me. With the racing of my heart, my body and bare hands moved on its own work together to break necks and my raw power slashed through their flesh and bones and setting them on fire at the same time. They all came at me surrounding me. Each one of them that came at me got their deaths, torn into pieces as though they passed through a poultry machine.

At the end of it all, I stood in the middle of headless and chunked bodies and burning flesh. I'm breathing uncontrollably with no scratches and no blood on me. In a far distance I heard Bruce calling my name. My heart tugged which snapped me back to the world. "O my god! What have I done!?" I backed away from the burning bodies with fear in my eyes. I tripped over my feet but Bruce broke my fall with his body. "You stupid stupid girl, don't you ever push me like that again. I'm the one supposed to be protecting you not the other way around." Bruce scolded me lightly due to the weakened state that I'm now in.

"Mia can you drive please?" She gave Bruce a nod. "Aaliyah?" Bruce looked at her questioningly "I'll stay with Mia." Her voice shook with fear which made me look up to her from Bruce's arms. "Aal-" "No just shut up!" She's afraid and she hates me. Bruce got me back to my feet and into my car. He stayed and held me in his arms while Ryan drove. We were all silent for the rest of the drive. The car stopped. I'm so out of it that only after we all came out of our vehicles and Ryan introduced us to his home, then did I realize that the building in front of me is actually an ancient castle. "Welcome to Vernon's Cove and Valentina's castle. Your new home."

"I feel like I stepped into Narnia." Both Bruce and Aaliyah laughed in unison, clearly they were also thinking the same thing.
Looking at my surroundings I'm sure that I've seen this place somewhere before. My right ear tingled which made me turn to follow the faint sound I was hearing. If I weren't looking where I was going I would have fallen off the steep cliff. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw what was in front of me. "We can go for a swim after you've settled in if you'd like." Mia was being kind and generous. "I do love the beach but maybe another day, I'm a bit worn out after..." Mia shook her head completely understanding how I felt. "What you need my dear is rest. Come. I'll show you to your room and tomorrow I'll give you a tour of the castle and you can meet our servants."

I couldn't sleep and my bott has gotten numb from sitting at the bedroom window which overlooked the sea. I heard a soft tap on the door. All my senses tell me it's Bruce. Unfortunately, when I opened the door the face I saw wasn't Bruce but the devil himself, "what do you want?" I asked bitterly.
"I... I only want to speak with you." I scoffed at him, "sorry but I don't so if you can please leave me alone all will be fine between you and I." Ryan took a step back when he saw the rage in my eyes. "Please forgive me. Your tired from today's activities. How inconsiderate of me. Please rest and tomorrow I want to have a word with you." With that he left me standing in the doorway to retire to the comfort of this bedchamber.
which supposedly is mine.

For some reason I can't seem to find sleep so i decided to check out the castle. "Why do castles have these many steps?" I said under my breath. With bare feet I tiptoed down the steps which lead from the bed chambers to the grand hallway in darkness, not wanting to wake anyone. Being that I can hardly see anything, I decided I'll go for a walk outside so my feet can feel the dew on the grass. Someone was standing guard at the front entrance so I passed through the kitchen and went out the side door which lead me directly out of the castle and into the open grounds. I felt a wave of comfort like I belonged here. The question that played on my mind was how did I know where the kitchen was? My ear twitched with the sound of the sea. It's like the beach is calling my name. I shrugged of the question on my mind and went to the edge of the cliff. I remembered seeing steps earlier which takes you to the beach. It is a full moon tonight so I'm able to find them with ease.

I set my nose to the heavens and took a deep breath I love the smell of the sea, it always soothes me. The sand felt great under my feet and between my toes. "Mom, dad. I need your guidance. I've been grumpy since you left, my sister hates me and I hate those people for trying to take your place. I don't know who I am any more everything just changed so fast I couldn't keep up. One minute you're here then the next your gone. Its all my fault, if only I was there, I could have saved you." My heart aches so much i just couldn't stand being on the sand crying my eyes out so i decided to have a swim to clear my mind from all that has happened. I took off my dark blue night gown Malia gave me and left it on the sand. I stayed in my undies. The moon shined on the water giving it a louring look. The water felt refreshing on my skin. In the middle of my swim I felt eyes on me, calm calculative eyes which made me turn to face the shore...
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