The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 9: Marry me or Die (9)


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She started running but then realized that she was only getting herself more exhausted because the beast tree legs could extend up to 40 feet long and reach her in no time, its body was not as flexible but the leaves were as flexible as a snake, which could bend easily.
The beast tree attacks grew stronger as it was now fully formed, making her unable to outrun it. The beast tree released huge leave-wave that was now charging toward Xia Lin, she rolled and dodge it but just as she was about to stand up. "Boom!" The beast tree leg landed on her chest sending her flying across the forest, and her back hit a rock before she fell on the ground, she spat out a mouth full of blood.
'Since I can't escape, I have no choice than to kill it!' She looked at the beast tree that was charging towards her at full speed. A sinister smile appeared on her face, just when the beast was about to crush her, she disappeared and appeared behind him. Her body emitting a killing intent, her eyes were now red, demanding blood. Her hair that was tied in a ponytail was now loose, she was similar to the spirit of death coming from hell that came to claim its prey to plunge it down to hell with her.
Xia Lin drew out her flaming sword, Her sword was made of Moto ya Lifelo[1] as the flame could burn any creature and scattered their soul, leaving them no chance of reincarnation.
The beast tree started to attack furiously, "whoosh" a thicker wave of leave was thrown to Xia Lin, "Swash!" she raised her sword and split the leaves-wave in two and burning them at the same time.
Seeing as the girl remained unscratched from its attack, the beast tree raised one of its legs to trap her enabling her to run away so that it would kill.
Seeing as her leg was trapped, she suddenly disappeared and reappeared on top of the tree. "Poosh!" she pierced the beast tree with her sword, releasing fire only inside the beast tree. As the beast tree was struggling to get her out its back, it released all of its leaves with a powerful aura, this action threw Xia Lin out of its back, she landed on the floor. The fire started to burn the beast tree from within, seeing as the beast was about to die Xia Lin stood up and started to tide up her clothes then moved slowly aside her whole being looked like a predator waiting patiently for the death of its prey. She stood in front of the beast tree without moving, the wind was blowing and her hair and red-clothes were flying, she looked like a fox demon, beautifully dangerous to the point of taking your soul in her path. Seeing as it was about to die Xia Lin turned her back to the beast tree and started walking away.
"Slash!" four of the beast tree leg was holding her, pinning her down by holding her both hands and her legs, she was now under the beast tree that was burning down on top of her.
The beast tree didn't want to die by itself so it lifted itself and was about to crush Xia Lin who was held down.
Xia Lin was unable to move or to engage any type of defense, her mental energy was too weak to summon an invisible protective shield, she had to summon it using her hands but unfortunately, she was tied down. Just as the tree was about to sit and crush her, she closed her eyes helplessly trying to use the remaining mental energy to protect herself.
"Crack!" "Boom!"
The beast tree that was on top of her broke into two pieces then dissipate into thin air. Xia Lin opened her eyes when she felt the ray of sun on her skin, she looked around but there was no beast tree. She immediately stood up and started to carefully look around, then she heard a footstep of someone approaching her from behind. She turned but couldn't see anyone but she started feeling someone breath near her.
'Way too close.' she thought, she involuntarily shivered as she felt someone touching her cheeks.
'I see using camouflage?' she smirked then disappeared and reappeared behind what she thought was someone but for some weird reason, she reappeared in front of that person.
Xia Lin teleportation didn't help her this time because she landed in the arms of an invisible man, all she could feel was his arms tightening around her waist, his hot breath drawing near her lips and her heartbeat increasing. Not knowing how to free herself from his embrace, she started battling her way out of his embrace but unfortunately, her lips landed on his lips.
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