The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 8: Marry or Die (8)


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When Xia Lin jumped out of the window and disappeared, Yang Mi stayed there standing still while looking at the direction where her Big sis disappeared. For some odd reason, she had a very bad feeling about this mission. She shook her head to remove any bad thought that was submerging her mind, then she turned around to face Xia Xie only to find an empty room.
Dang! Dang!
Yang Mi rushed to the front of the courtyard when she heard the sound of the sacred bell ringing. 'I can't believe Big sis Xie just went out to start the ceremony, I won't be able to interact with her for a long time.'
'We should have discussed the plan before the beginning of the ceremony. Big sis Xie just acting like Big sis Lin Lin.' Although she was complaining in her mind, her eyes were shining with excitement. She was somewhat glad to see her Big sis getting married, even though it was a fake one. She always thought her Big sis will end up alone and never married, but apparently, life had other plans for her Big sis Lin Lin.

Xia Lin has been walking for a while, she was one the fastest goddess in Shen territory but the distance between Geng Gao and Shen territory was huge. It would take any high-level god two days to reach here but she made it in four hours, she exhausted a great amount of power to be able to reach Geng Gao this fast. Xia Lin looked around to see if she could find a place where she could regenerate her power. She saw a small forest and decided to enter, this was the only way she could regenerate her power without being sensed by the Titans near the gate. The disguise pill uses a lot of both mental energy and power, therefore she was weak and only had about sixty percent of her usual power.

After walking for a while in the forest, Xia Lin finally found the type of tree she needed to be able to regenerate her power. The Tree was big and its leaves were creating curtain-like barrier making the tree look like a tent, the leaves' color looked transparent, giving one the impression like you could be seen the inside, but in reality, it was just a mirage.
Xia Lin walked under the big tree, the leaves reclosed as soon as she sat down.
As she was comfortable, Xia Lin started the regeneration process. After few minutes rays of red light started to come out of her body when she felt that the process was at its peak, she felt the ground started to shake beneath her. She didn't want to break the regeneration process, so she kept on focusing on the process, but just when she felt that her power was about to take a huge leap, the ground started to crack open.
"Crack!" This sound forced Xia Lin to stop her regeneration process, when she opened her eyes, a ray of light was blinding her view. She was about to look around to see what caused the curtain leaves to disappear she felt a huge wave of power that was about to smash her from the top, she instinctively rolled to the side to dodge the attack. All her senses were now in battle-mode, she immediately stood up her gaze was focusing on the big tree that was changing into a spiritual beast. The curtain leaves that was once beautiful was now alive, they moved like snakes. "Blast!" Just as she was trying to summon her power while not being detected a wave of leaves suddenly appeared in front of her. Before she could make out what was going on, she disappeared and appear on the other side, Xia Lin wanted to see for herself how the tree was transforming but she kept being attacked by the wave of leaves.
'It's transformation must be the time this beast is at its weakest point. I should attack'
Xia Lin immediately drew out some fire in one hand and ice-shaped arrow in the other hand and threw the arrows to the wave of leaves that was about to attack her. She directed the fire to the big tree, but the fire didn't reach the tree instead, another wave of leaves appeared and got burn.
"Damn it!"
The tree transformed into a tall beast, it had eight eyes and the root was its legs, Xia Lin looked down and counted twenty legs, she had fought with several spiritual beasts before but she never had to worry about restraining her power.
Now not only she had to restrain herself from using all her power by feared to be sensed by the nearby Titans, she also had to kill this beast because it didn't seem like the beast tree would let her go after a talk.

[1] Moto ya lifelo means Hell fire in Lingala
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