The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 6: Marry or Die (6)


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Xia Lin walked into her secret garden, her red dress turn as white as snow. She put on an invisible field protector to make it impossible for someone to detect both her and the garden. She sat on the floor with her leg crossed and started drawing out her blood to create a double. This process requires a high mental energy because if your energy is weak your power would downgrade to a low-level god and block you to that level. To be able to get back to her previous level she will have to transfer her level to a high-level god, turning them into low-level while she will take that god's level of power, but the god has to share the same power patterns[1] as hers.
The girl was seated in the middle of the garden, her white clothes started to change slowly to a crimson red. In that quiet garden, the sound of the wind coming along before it gets to where she was. It was almost like a presence that was there at the edge of perception. The wind was howling, it blew with a loud sound as it was getting stronger and stronger. It started to accumulate around the center of the garden forming a small tornado, the girl was in the center of the tornado, then the color of the tornado changed to a crimson red.
A loud blast exploded from the center of the garden, the place was now riddled with smoke and dust, the tornado that formed was now dissipated. Two faintly discernible figures in red appeared at sight, Two identical girls could be seen standing next to each other. They were peerless beauties, their eyes looked dangerous yet it could take your breath away, the girls looked like they haven't been touched by the previous explosion. Xia Lin looked at her double and nodded, she had been able to fool both her family and her enemy these past centuries using her double, she had no doubt that she could use her double to fool that Supreme shameless man.

Yang Mi has been walking in a circle for more than half an hour now, she knew that her sister had a double she never met her sister's double, she was afraid that her double would show that it was a fake. As she was immersed in her thought, a light suddenly appeared in the direction where Xia Lin disappeared. She turned her attention towards that light, waiting for her Big sis to come out. A girly silhouette finally appeared, walking towards Yang Mi.
Yang Mi didn't need to look at the girl's face to know that it was her Big sis but seeing as she was coming out alone, she figured maybe this time she failed in summoning her double.
"Big sis Lin Lin, finally you are here." She ran to the girl for a hug
"Mmmmm," she replied while welcoming her baby sister with a hug. This little girl might be the goddess of fire but her heart was soft, maybe because of her second power as the goddess of love she always hoped for a lovey-dovey happy ending in everything.
"Where is your double? You couldn't summon her because of our agreement, right?" She asked curiously looking at the light that still didn't disappear. "It's fine maybe we can send someone to go to Geng Gao Territory earlier on in your stead." She was trying to encourage her sister to not go to Geng Gao Territory now that she couldn't summon her double
Yang Mi has been mumbling all by herself, the girl she was talking to had no concern or worry written on her face, it was as if she was planning her next move and that everything her baby sister was saying didn't concern her at all.
They both went to sit on the girl's living room, She sat and put one hand on the arm of the chair, her head was facing the window, her eyes held a deep determination as if she was ready for the upcoming war. Yang Mi sat near her Big sis and held her Big sis's hands. Seeing as her Big sis Lin Lin was not showing any interest, Yang Mi assumed that her sister wasn't able to summon her double and was trying to come up with a plan B. She didn't realize that something was amiss since the secret garden was still open. Her sister has always liked to be silent and not talk unless it was really necessary. This was one of the reasons people felt worthless in front of her sister because when someone is talking to her, she looks like she wasn't the concerned one. She already knew, no matter how detached her Big sis may look on the outside her Big sis Lin Lin was one of the great listeners, she always thinks ahead but is always present and listen to everything people says.
"I will go get everything ready for the good wish ceremony." She stood up and walk toward the door, but she suddenly came to an abrupt halt.
"Big sis Lin Lin, what are you doing? Why are you blocking my path?" She asked quite surprise by her Big sis's behavior.
The girl who blocked her path was lazily resting her back on the door, yet her eyes held a glim that was mocking Yang Mi, her aura made Yang Mi unable to move. Just when Yang Mi was about to ask her something, Xia Lin looked at her and signaled her with her head to turn around. Not understanding what was going on, Yang Mi obeyed and turned her gaze to were her Big sis pointed.
Yang Mi's eyes displayed a great shock, it was almost like she was witnessing the end of their world, she held her breath without realizing it, soon she started to suffocate then she remembered that she was not breathing.
She looked a the girl seating in the living room and looked at the girl standing in front of her. she felt like her Big sis was playing a prank on her. She moved forward to look closely at the girl standing in front of her, she was trying to see which one of them was double. She knew her Big sis Lin Lin more than anyone else, but now she couldn't differentiate the fake from the real, so she walked back to the one sitting on the chair.
Xia Lin saw that her baby sister was walking toward her double Xia Xie, so she followed and sat next to Xia Xie.
Seeing as both of them were now sitting next to each other, Yang Mi tried to find a difference using her agreement with her Big sis Lin Lin but it was like she had an agreement with both of them, she thought she was going crazy. No matter how good your doppelganger skills are, no one can recreate themselves perfectly to the extent where both of them shared the same arrogant and domineering aura. Unless the double has been given the chance to grow up like a twin instead of a double.
"Impossible" she finally said
Both Xia Lin and Xia Xie raised one brow and smile devilishly, that smile made Yang Mi shiver. It was as if they could cause the death of all creature in Mapata realm, Yang Mi blood freezes as she watched the girls devilish smile.

[1] Someone who has the exact opposite of her power. She war and beauty and the other god have to be a high-level peace and hidden beauty god.
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