The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 45: Display of Supreme Affection 3


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Long Fei wasn't the only one who was surprised, Su Mian was also surprised but most importantly he was happy that she was diverting the GrandMaster's attention. He might be able to run away from his punishment.

He Lan's eyes were clearly filled with desire when he heard Xia Lin's words, but he managed to calm himself. "Be good! I'm leaving in two hours."

"Really? then let's hurry up!" She immediately jumps from his lap and started walking towards the exit. When she realized that no one except her maid was following her she turned to see He Lan sitting on the Dragon Throne.

"You aren't coming?" She asked


"To play in the bedroom" She shamelessly blurted out

He Lan's desires flared up again, he had tried his best to maintain himself but here she was again provoking him. 'For Dragon's sake, he was trying to focus on his mission.' he thought 'I need to teach her a lesson on how to behave.'

He suddenly rose up and catch up to her, and they both walked out of the Throne room.

As they left, both Long Fei and Su Mian were again rendered speechless and blind by both their public display of affection and their shamelessness.

Xia Lin and He Lan both teleported to Tong Shen garden. As soon as they arrived He Lan started kissing her so passionately that Xia Lin couldn't breathe anymore.

'What was happening, she said she wanted to play but she didn't say what game it was!! How did it turn into this? Nevermind, this makes her feel good.'

She returned his kiss and waved her hands to remove their clothes.

Seeing that she took the initiative to remove his clothes, He Lan didn't mind her previous thought.

He carried her on the bed, and they kissed each other passionately.

Their body started to move as they gave in to their desires...


"Are you tired? You should sleep" He Lan said when he saw Xia Lin forcing herself to break from his embrace to stand up.

"Am this tired because of you, but I have to get change or else I can't go out and play." She said with a hoarse voice.

"To play? it can wait." He said while tightening his embrace and burying his head on her neck.

"We've been in here for 12 hours already, aren't you tired?"

"I can't seem to get enough of you, seeing you like this refill my energy," He said before capturing her mouth into another passionate kiss.

"We did it 30 times already. I'm tired." She said while he was kissing her neck

"Not tired enough to play, I want to make you unable to walk so you won't suggest playing with other men again." He said between kisses

'So this is why!' she blushed at the thought of what they just did. Truth to be told, she didn't mind another round, she also can't get enough of him.

"No, but this time I want to go out and play with you!"

"You ...Want ... To ... Play ... Outside...", he said while kissing her lips,' What kind of shameless woman did I get for wife?'

Understanding his twisted mind, she put her hand on his lips, forcing him to stop kissing her and to listen to her.

"Listen.... ...Aahhh" Just when she was about to speak, he started tickling her.

They turned on the bed, while "fighting" until Xia Lin finally managed to sit on top of him hold him down with one hand while the other was covering his lips.

"Ok, Stop!...." She was breathless "No more kiss..."

He Lan raised both hands to show that he "surrender", then he let his hands caress her hips.

Seeing that he finally decided to behave she removed her hand from his mouth.

"Darling, you said I could do anything I wanted, I wanted to go out with you to investigate the Chang Gui matter." She finally said while caressing his torso, her eyes waiting for his approval like a little kid.

'Oh, I see. Honey Trap! but how can I refuse her when she looks this cute'

"Ok, but we should set out soon since we've delayed the matter already."

"OK, let's go" She wanted to stand up but He Lan held her hips, preventing her from moving. She looked at him with a confused look.

"I said 'soon' not now, Let me hold you for few more minutes before we head out." He sat up and moved a strand of her that was hindering her face.

"Ok" she obediently said before laying on his torso.

She was a bit surprised that he agreed immediately as she was prepared to state all the reason why he should take her with him. But after deep thinking, it made sense for him to take her.

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