The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 44: Display of Supreme Affection 2


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Long Fei was wearing a long cyan robe, his hair was tied in a half ponytail. He whole demeanor showed that he was someone of few words, but have a great observation skill. He looked more mature compared to the man who was walking near him.

'Judging from what Nubbi told me, this one should be the High Prince Long Fei.'

Su Mian was walking near Long Fei, his peach robe really enhance his beauty. He still had an ounce of innocence on his face, his aura was more welcoming that Long Fei. He had the type of aura that would make anyone wants to befriend him; any women would feel happy to get his attention.

'Sweet danger?' She thought while looking at Su Mian, ' he should be in charge of information, he could get anything with a honey trap' She smiled imagining him being pressed by her baby bro Yang Yang.

'Hmm, I would trade anything to see such a scene', her lips curved into a cunning smile.

He Lan's brow furrowed when he heard what his Lin'er was thinking about. 'She is just too abnormal! What type of person imagines such a thing about their own brother? Is she into BL?'

"Long Fei greet The Supreme!"

"Su Mian greet The Supreme!"

They both bow in respect.

"Rise!" Xia Lin said, "You must be the first High Prince Long Fei?" She said while looking at Long Fei"

"Yes, Your Phoenix. This prince wish Your Phoenix to be blessed and live for eon!"

She smiled, then move her eyes to the man next to Long Fei "then You must be the third High Prince, Su Mian?"

"How does Your Phoenix knows me?" Su Mian replied

"I heard about the famous four High Princes of Geng Gao, and from your demeanor and aura. It really impossible to confuse you with the other Princes."

Su Mian face revealed a beautiful smile, he was really happy that he was not confused with his Ren Tu. "Indeed, only Your Phoenix can have such insight."

"En..." Seeing how happy Su Mian was, 'he is really easy to please, my brother would've liked him'

"I saw how The Phoenix dealt with the official, that was very skillful." Long Fei added

"Dealt? I was only playing though?" She said with an innocent look in her eyes.

"The game was interesting, Your Phoenix. I also wanted to participate!" Su Mian enthusiastically said.

The harmonic atmosphere suddenly turned grey, a dark cloud was being formed; The temperature dropped below 0-degree celsius.

Someone was eating vinegar!

He Lan continued to feed Xi Lin some tangerines but shot a quick threatening look at Su Mian.

As soon as he said it, he immediately regretted his word. 'How can he say that he wanted to play with his GrandMistress? He will go get his punishment after this meeting.'

"Really? How about I play with you next time?" Xia Lin blurted out, not noticing the change in the atmosphere.

"Err... NO! NO NEED!" He automatically rebuked as his survival instinct was screaming 'danger, run!';

'Please have mercy on me, GrandMistress! How can you say that you will play with me.' he was secretly lamenting himself.

Although Xia Lin acted like she was unaware, she was clearly aware of the shift in He Lan's temperament. She wasn't stupid, but he was really cute when he was jealous.

"Why not? As High prince, it's appropriate for us to play when we have time? right?" She said while teasing Su Mian

"NO! NO! NO! YOUR PHOENIX PLEASE SPARE ME! ONLY THE SUPREME ONE IS DESERVING TO PLAY WITH YOU!" he said, he really wanted to dig a hole and disappear.

"Hmm...He Lan! Look, you are about to leave and I will stay here by myself, I asked the fourth High Prince to play with me in your absence but he refused." She said with a small voice like a kid who had been wronged, her hands holding He Lan's Dragon robe.

"He can't play with you." He said with a cold voice.

"But I will be bored, Darling!" she looked up to him with puppy eyes.

"You can do anything else but play with the High Princes." He said dotingly

"You Promise?"


"You promise, promise, promise?" she said with a childish voice.

"I give you my Dragon word," he said while patting her hair.

She moved her head, avoid his hand. 'You will mess my hair' she thought.

Reading her mind, He Lan moved his hands and picked up some nuts to feed her.

"Ok, since you promise. I won't play with them, but I can play with you." she shamelessly said.

Long Fei who had been watching his younger brother pitiful raised his head to look at his GrandMistress. 'She is too shameless! I thought she didn't want to sit on it because she was ashamed.'

Long Fei wasn't the only one who was surprised, Su Mian was also surprised but most importantly he was happy that she was diverting the GrandMaster's attention. He might be able to run away from his punishment.

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