The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 43: Display of Supreme Affection 1


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"En...Why was Bai Ping Ting not made a Princess?"

"She was supposed to on her coming of age when she turned 15 years old but due to the war the Supreme One couldn't and later on, rumors started spreading that she wasn't made a princess because she was supposed to be the Phoenix."

The princes' real identity was He Lan's shadows because he couldn't trust other people with his affair he appointed them as High Princes. They carried different names when working as his shadows, Long Fei shadow name was Yu Yin he was indeed in charge of medicine both for him and to create a new one for his enemies. Xu Feng's shadow name was Yu Lu, he was his right hand. Ren Tu's shadow name was Yu Yun, he was a skilled assassin and beast tamer. Su Mian shadow name was Yu Shang, he was indeed in charge of collecting information!

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He Lan saw that the Officials left, he narrowed his eyes. He was getting more and more intrigued by his Lin'er. He wanted to know how she was able to seat on the Dragon Throne and remain unharmed, but when he saw her openly ask her maids questions about his shadows, he started eating vinegar.

'She should've asked him that, not her!' wanting to stop their conversation he immediately said.

"You are truly exceptional..." He said while walking out of his hideout

"You are here..." she said, she wanted to run to him and embrace him but she held down that foolish desire that was rising. She looked at Nubbi, indicating her that she can leave.

"Enh...", He walked toward the Throne and sat on the Phoenix Throne.

That action shocked everyone in the Throne room, both Xia Lin's closest maid and all the other maids, eunuchs and guard that couldn't leave due to the rules.

Xia Lin was already preparing her explanation, just in case but when she saw him seated on the Phoenix Throne.

She was...


"How do I look? Does it suit me?" He asked while fixing his Dragon Robe.

"Bad..." She replied

"Uh?", he was expecting her to say that he was handsome.

"That Throne doesn't suit you" She stood up and went to him.

He Lan was looking at the girl who was walking towards him, he was still amazed at how he didn't take her and press her under him right there at the Supreme Court's Throne room.

Xia Lin blushed as she saw that He Lan'eyes was locked on her, she arrived in front of him and took his hand, guiding him to stand up.

As if he was turned into an obedient child, He Lan let himself be guided by Xia Lin all the way to the Dragon throne while she 'made him sit'.

After making He Lan seat on his rightful Throne, she wanted to go but He Lan's hand stopped her.

She looked at him to try to see why he was stopping him, only to feel his other hand forcing her to sit on his lap. She didn't want to sit on his lap since this was the Throne room but she couldn't bring herself to refuse him, especially with the way he was looking at her.


'Nevermind, I will just sit; if that pleases him'.

He Lan's lips curved into a smile, seeing that he won.

Taking a grape from the plate that was near him, he started feeing his wife.

Long Fei and Su Mian, almost puked blood while looking at the Supreme Couple's love scene.

They were still single, for Dragon's sake. Can their Grandmaster and GrandMistress have their display of affection elsewhere?

What shocked them the most was their GrandMaster's behavior and his voice while talking to their GrandMistress. So gentle and loving, if one were to see him they will think that someone had to exchange him with someone else.

He Lan and Xia Lin had been looking at each other and smiling like stupid, while He Lan would some times feed her some grapes. He was really disregarding the fact that they were both sitting in the Throne room, therefore some servants were standing around waiting, in case they needed anything.

"Come," He Lan said with his hoarse voice.

Xia Lin turned her eyes in the direction where they were hiding.

'So they are his people?' she thought.

Long Fei and Su Mian started walking towards the Thrones.

Long Fei was wearing a long cyan robe, his hair was tied in a half ponytail. He whole demeanor showed that he was someone of few words, but have a great observation skill. He looked more mature compared to the man who was walking near him.

'Judging from what Nubbi told me, this one should be the High Prince Long Fei.'

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