The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 4: Marry Me or Die (4)


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Even if his power was only twenty percent, he was still the creator of all creation. He had to ability to manipulate minds, he could insert thought into anyone's minds and force them to think about something. This was how he successfully made his officials think they were forcing him into marrying Zhao Ling's daughter for the peace of Mapata Realm. He knew about Zhao Ling plan to use his daughter to seduce him, so he allowed him to think he could manipulate him. This was not the only reason he wanted to marry her, he hoped that he could manipulate her so she can be used to destroy her father just as Zhao Ling used him to poison his father He Luo. He heard she was a beauty, the type that could make you happy to die in her hands but he also heard that she was both merciless and a great war tactician. Her torturing skill would make any Titans, who were tortured by her, have a nightmare for two millennials. Now that she was going to be his wife, she wouldn't act rashly and would be cautious but not genuine. If she consumes the Kama before entering Geng Gao territory, he would not be able to use all his power on her.
'I won't be able to read her mind at all time but I can still enter her dreams.' He thought after realizing that he hadn't been able to read the mind of some officials, but of course, those were Zhao Ling's spies. They're bound to tell the truth in front of him, but the Kama sealed his true blood and protected them from the pressure of being bound to tell the truth in his presence.
'I need to found out who refines the Kama and its pill formula. I can't let them suppress the power of a true blood and stay unpunished for too long.' He thought.
"It looks like I have to keep my eyes on her at all times, but I need her here in order to make sure that I don't end up like my Supreme dad," he said while emitting a powerful aura mixed with some killing intent. He curled his lips to a sinister smile, but it was the kind of smile that would make countries bow to him.
The ninja-like man appeared as if he always standing there.
"I will carry on with our plan and make sure that everything is ready for the welcoming of Miss Xia." He said while being on his knees.
*Whoosh* both men disappeared into thin air and the room went back to its original coldness, it looked so calm as if it was empty.

In Shen Territory inside the royal land [1], the peach courtyard was lively as guest came to congratulate the eldest lady for her betrothal to the Supreme Titan. Xia Lin has never been socialite bird, she would rather be tortured than socialize with gods. Inside her bedroom, She was seated on her bed pretending to be waiting for her maids when she heard the voice of Yang Yang. She was wearing a beautiful red dress which was emphasizing the redness of her lips, her long black hair tied into a ponytail showing off her beautiful and her neckline. She had the kind of beauty that could cause countries to go to war, her skin had a beautiful shade ivory which made anyone who sees her unable to forget her. Although she had a slim feature, she had a domineering aura that could make anyone feel worthless to be in her presence.
"Why do I feel like you are up to nothing good sitting here doing nothing?" the man said while gesturing the maid who was about to enter the room to leave.
"It's just your imagination. What else can I be doing when people are outside celebrating my demise?" she said while turning her head to face the man who just entered her room. "I just came to let you know that Yang Mi is outside turning your marriage agreements into the greatest love story of Shen territory and making sure that all the goddess are jealous and envious to the bones," he said while walking towards Xia Lin.
"Sigh, I already have enough people who want to kill me including my future husband, if there is any girl who wants to take my place, I wouldn't mind giving in."
"A general about to abandon her soldier and run off the battlefield. I wonder what the world would think of the feared General Xia Lin?"
"I am not running away from my soldier since I am going in as a lamb for sacrifice. Father told me he has no spies in Geng Gao territory which makes everything even worse than I thought."
The man who was standing in front of Xia Lin sat up next to her. " Do you believe that the great Zhao Ling who have been able to remain in the rank of Martial-god for more than two centuries doesn't have a spy in his mortal enemy dent?"
"Mortal enemy? Doesn't it apply only to humans? I think it should be an Immortal enemy in this case" she said jokingly
"How can you have the strength to laugh when father is throwing you in the lion dent like you were a useless lamb," he said while looking at the girl with both a confused and worried look on his face.
She turned to him and smile lovingly, "I'm very useful which is why I am untrusted with this mission, don't worry about me, I will be just fine. I somehow always manage to find my way back home, so just wait for me here and when I come back I promised I will ask father about mother's whereabouts."


The door of Xia Lin bedroom have been sent flying, and a small girl entered the room arrogantly.
"Where are you, Yang Yang you old fox!" she screamed while looking around the bedroom.
"Shit! Big sis, please help this little brother of yours, I played a prank on Yang Mi before she comes and I think she might not be really happy with it," he said while looking for a place to hide.
"Come out right now before I turn this place upside down!"
Xia Lin who was looking at her brother hiding from his twin sister, turned her head to look at the mess her little sister was now causing.
"Mi Mi is that you?" she said half laughing at the girl's temper and opening her arms to embrace the girl who just appeared in front of her.

[1] Royal land is where all the relatives of Zhao Ling lives as he is the Royal father of Shen Territory
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