The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 20: The Supreme Couple(3)


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Xia Lin felt the presence of someone in the room. 'It's him' she thought while involuntarily clenching her fist.
He Lan appeared and stood there observing Xia Lin. 'Tonight is the night to subdue her.'
'He is not moving?'
He Lan heard Xia Lin's thought but still didn't move and stood there observing every inch of her. Before coming here he went to his library, he was able to communicate with his dragon but he couldn't ask him anything. The dragon told him that he could subdue to and win her to his side only by being with her.

Step. Step. Step.

Xia Lin's held her breath while she heard his footstep getting closer, and closer, and closer.
He Lan stood few inch away from her, but for some reason her heartbeat kept on rising and rising. His immobility was like torture to her, she could move but she couldn't or she didn't?
Herself didn't know why she was behaving this way, her father warned her that after the marriage she would start changing but he never told her how much she would change.
He Lan who was standing still looking at his bride finally broke his immobility and waved his hands.
That gesture caused the veil to fall off, reveal her unworldly beauty to the man whose eyes were fixated on the girl seating in front of him.
Xia Lin lift her head to face the man standing in front of her.
"It's you? How can it be you?" she said while standing up from the bed.
However, just when she was about to stand up, He Lan put a hand on her shoulder and pushed back to sit on the bed.
" C'mon now. It's our wedding night you shouldn't be arguing with your husband.", Xia lin rolled her eyes.
"Do you even know who you went against? Do you even know what you've done?"
He Lan bent down and moved his face closer to Xia Lin's face, with a sweet and seducting voice her said "Enlighten me!".
Xia Lin leaned back on the bed to avoid making the mistake to kiss him.
"I'm to married the Supreme Titan, I am the future Supreme Goddess." She pushed him and stood up. "No matter how much grateful I am that you saved my life, I can't repay you by marrying you so please get out of this room and let get this charade annuled." She said while trying to remove her qipao.
He Lan smirked while looking at his bride undressing herself. " I don't think you can be the future Supreme Goddess again, because you've already been confered that title during the ceremony...."
"You don't understand. No matter how close you are with the Supreme Titan, he will never forgive you for getting between us; and you saved my lide so please cancel this thing." she interrupted him while removing her headdress.
"I don't mind watching you undressi..."
"What did you said?" she cut him off again
He Lan sat up placing his hand on his lap while looking at Xia Lin, his eyes were so percing that she felt like she was standing naked in front of him. With that deep look on his eyes, a half smirk appear on his lips.
"You? You are him?" she said while gasping with shock.
She started walking closer to him, to take a closer look at him; she walked from left to right and from right to left.
"Would like me to remove my clothes so you can take a better look?" He asked teasingly.
"Yes..." she absentmindly replied. "NO" she rebuked after processing what he said.
He stood up and walked closer to her, "shall we start?" He said while caressing her face.
"You want to be with me?" she asked, 'he must be kidding, we enemies' she thought.
"You don't know, do you?" he asked while walking in circle with her in the middle.
"Know what?"
He Lan made placed one of his fingers on his phoenix mark on her forehead.
The ritual of marrying a Supreme Titan was not commonly known because since the beginning of time there was only one Supreme One.
During the wedding night, all the creatures, beasts, humans, Gods, Titans; all of those who have sexual intercourse at the same time as the Supreme Couple would give birth to a genius who will live only to serve the Supreme Couple.
He Lan removed his finger from Xia Lin's face.
She was moved by a wave of emotions, she didn't know whether to be happy or sad.
"The entire world are waiting for us to consumate our marriage?"
He smiled while touching her undone hair that fell down like waterfall. He showed her that for a purpose, although it was true that the entire world were waiting for them to consumate. The entire world didn't know that information, only the lucky one who concidentally will be having sex will birth genius. The other thing he didn't tell her was that their loyalty wouldn't be on the Supreme couple but on one of them, and those people have the choice to choose between protecting him or her.

[Note: Unedited Chapter.]
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