The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 18: The Supreme Couple (1)


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After adjusting Xia Lin's arm on his neck, He Lan's hand that was holding her arm on his neck gently caressed her arm all the way back to her shoulder. He Lan's eyes kept looking at the girl's face as if he was looking at the most beautiful and intriguing thing he has ever seen.
He didn't want to be this drown to this Xia girl but he couldn't help himself but caress her face.
He Lan stared at her sleeping face for quite a time, his eyes showing a hint of admiration for the girl. Just as he was going to caress her face again, his hands stopped midway when he heard the sound of someone approaching.
A body formed itself out of thin air, Xu Feng appeared kneeling wearing a black outfit.
"Everything is ready, Grandmaster," he said while lifting himself from the ground. He couldn't help but look intrigued at his Grandmaster's way of looking at the Xia girl. He Lan's eyes that once was displaying gentleness change into displaying a murderous intent, he moved his hand to Xia Lin's neck and started to choke her. He released her neck and made her body lift itself while floating behind him.
He turned to face Xu Feng, "Shen?"
"They haven't taken any action yet, I suspect they haven't realized that she is missing in the carriage."
He Lan started walking, Xia Lin's sleeping body start following and Xu Feng was following behind.
As they were walking they disappeared

Thud! Thud! Thud!
Xia Lin opened her eyes, but her vision was still blurry. All she could see was red and nothing else, but she could clearly hear the sound of people rejoicing, the sound of wedding instruments playing.
"Wait a minute! wedding instrument and red!" she immediately wanted to lift her hand to remove the veil but realized that both her hands were tied together.
"Really? that guy is not really planning to marry me, is he?" she tried to remember how she ended up in this situation but all she could remember was seeing the Serpent charging towards her, then blank.
'Did that beast knock me down? or did that guy knock me down? Wait if anyone knocked me down I would have felt it.' she made a sign with her hands to check her energy.
'Impossible! this isn't right how come my energy is full and my power has amplified, this wouldn't happen if anyone knocks you down. Since I'm this powerful I should first get out of here.' she released energy from her hands to undo the tie but it couldn't be undone.
'Ok! wait, if I'm this strong I usually can take down at least one low-level Titan unless it's that guy who tied me up, he was pretty strong and pretty handsome.' she shook her head.
"Xia Lin now is not a time to daydream, who am I marrying? is it that guy or the Supreme shameless?"
She tried to move but it was like she was glued to the chair, all the technics she uses during war to untie herself were useless against the lock placed on her.
"Something isn't right."
'If I'm marrying that guy, based on the power of this lock that means he is at least a high sage-level Titan but only those around the Supreme Titan have that power. If he is one of his people and marries me then that would bring me more trouble than I need. Unless I'm marrying the Supreme one, but how did he find me? Either way, I hope I'm marrying the Supreme one.'

The floating Palaguin came to a stop, then the sound of a trumpet was heard grasping the attention of all living creature in Geng Gao Territory.
"Ouf! I'm marrying the Supreme One, only high officials get the trumpet during their wedding."
Just when she was about to relax she remembered, how that guy was not scared even when she told him that her future husband was pretty powerful.
Her body involuntarily tensed up, 'he isn't a high official here, no that would be too much bad luck.'
She felt the palanquin being open and her sit being carried away from the palanquin, she couldn't feel the use of hands of powers.
'This is weird, am I floating?'
She was floating for a while until her seat came to a total stop. She felt herself being freed, she tried to move and realized that she could indeed move. The cuff that was tying her hands also released her but for some odd reasons, she didn't want to lift the veil.
Xia Lin stood up and started walking toward an unknown force that was drawing her to it. She couldn't think, couldn't run, couldn't help but wanting to get closer to whatever was calling for her.
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