The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 16: The Flaming Girl (2)


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He Lan's eyes were still locked on the girl who was walking away, unknowingly of him, his lips curved into a beautiful smile that could send countries to war.
Xia Lin who was walking immediately came to a stop. She knew deep down what had caused this noise, The monster was awake from his knockdown and was coming for her.
The Serpent was heavily injured by He Lan, but he looked more terrifying now than he did before. The hate in his eyes showed that he was ready to die but wouldn't go to hell alone, he would drag Xia Lin down with him.
Xia Lin didn't have time to prepare for a way to fight back as The Serpent's speed increased and was getting closer to her.
Unknowingly of her, her body started to shake at the sight of The Serpent who was charging towards her. She was paralyzed and couldn't move, it was like she lost control of her body.
In a blink of an eye, a loud scream was heard from the shore of the lake.
She let out a scream that stopped time for a few minutes. The bird who was flying nearby in the sky stopped moving, The Serpent who was charging towards her also froze. Everything froze except He Lan, her scream sounded more like a scream due to pain than a war scream.

Xia Lin felt like her body were both burning and incredibly hurting as if her bones were reforming themselves, this pain was due to the fact that her soul and body were forcefully merging itself with Xiao Xie's.
At the same time, the swords that was in her hands also merged into one, the flaming fire that was spiraling on the sword merged with her creating a red flame of fire to burst out of her body.

Her scream got stronger making it unable to ignore, it sounded like an agonizing cry at first but now sounded like a scream of war, her voice now sounded so scarier now because both Xiao Xie and her voices were screaming within her body making it look like she was possessed.
Her beautiful black hair had turned flaming red as they were flying due to the heavy wind, her beautiful hazel eyes also turned flaming red. She looked so frightening that a glance at her would make you taste what hell would feel like.
Xia Lin looked dangerous yet attractive to the point where you would be hypnotized by her beauty but when you would regain conscientiousness it would be too late because your soul would already be scattered or devoured by her.
He Lan who was looking at the girl tilted his head and furrow his brows, his eyes had shown a hint of surprise and intrigues. The corner of his lips was curved into an almost half smile- half smirk.

The Serpent who has been frozen during her whole transformation process was still able to see her transforming, it was just that his body couldn't move. When he regained his mobility, he was still charging toward her at full speed, so he didn't have time to stop himself. Although He tried stopping himself by decreasing his speed his body unwillingly found itself attracted by the flaming devilishly looking girl who had her sword pointed toward him. When he saw that his body was about to be pierced by her flaming sword, the Serpent wanted to turn around but the moto ya lifelo of the flaming sword came out of the sword bitting his body as if he was a tasty fried chicken.
He Lan who was about to stop the Serpent who was charging at the Xia girl was also a little shocked by what he saw. This Xia girl was able to do something that was only possible in theories, to achieve her merging, it would require her to study and cultivate using the Supreme book which could only be open by him and was currently in his private library.
He wanted to save the Serpent as it was his new pet but he wanted to know how far her power could extend.
'Without reaching the rank of a Martial-goddess she is already powerful enough to kill The Serpent, I wonder how strong she could get if she was to become a Titan', he thought. Although he was a little taken back by her power, he was sure this was the first she uses this power.
The only reason why she was able to use this power was that He Lan had passed onto her some of his energy which activated her flaming blood.
Seeing as the flame of Moto ya Lifelo was about to devour the soul of the Serpent, He Lan immediately made a small sign with his hands and the Serpent's soul was immediately detached from his roasted body.
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