The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 14: Marry me or Die (14)


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"Boom!" The tail that was coming at full power and full speed did not touch her but instead, the Serpent was about to attack her was sent flying to the other side of the lake.
Xia Lin whose head was down looked up to see a godly-looking man standing in front of her. She couldn't help but be mesmerized by him again, he was indeed so beautiful that every time no matter the situation she would be captivated by him.
"Was he in your way again!" she said with a very weak voice that surprised herself.
He Lan only shook his hands in response to her question.
"Why?" She wanted to know why he saved her now.
He Lan curved his lips, his beautiful smile threw Xia Lin back to her drooling phase.
'Oh, my Supreme! I can die in peace but I don't want to die.' she thought while looking at the devastatingly handsome man in front of her.
He Lan heard her thought and immediately regained his posture, he was wearing a mask but somehow it was like she could see through it.
"Do you want to get out of here?" he asked her. This was the first time he actually made a full sentence.
Not feeling sure on how to reply, she only lifted one eyebrow in a questioning way.
Understanding the meaning of her raised eyebrows he added, "I can help you get out of here if you please me."
Xia Lin had no clue what He Lan was about to ask her, so she was looking at him with a questioning look in her eyes.
He Lan smirked and said "Choose," in an authoritative way.
Not knowing what she was supposed to choose from she furrowed her brows. Just when she was about to open her mouth to ask.
He Lan hurriedly said"Marry me or...", he stopped and looked at her with a daring look in his eyes
"or?" Xia Lin asked with her eyes full of seduction and curiosity, she was somewhat attracted by his stupid demand.
"Die here!... Marry me or Die" he added with an arrogant look on his face as if he was sure of which answer she would choose.
Xia Lin simply couldn't understand the guy that was standing in front of her, but she felt flattered.
"There is a powerful monster that is about to come back to attack us, and you are asking me to marry you? Shouldn't you help me get out of here first?"
He Lan waved his hand and the liquid that was pinning Xia Lin to the ground evaporated.
After freeing the Xia girl, He Lan turned his back to her, looking toward the direction where the Serpent landed.

Seeing that the godly-looking man freed her, Xia Lin could deduct that his power must be greatly high. When she was pinned down by the liquid when the Serpent was about to attack her, she might have looked like she was afraid to face her end. She was actually draining power from her blood agreement with Yang Mi to break free. Although her power was exhausted she could still fight several Titans but this liquid's power was beyond her level of power, even when using the agreement she couldn't free herself.
He Lan saw that the Xia girl had no intention of standing up or even replying to his question.
He was annoyed that she was ignoring his presence, to make her aware of him. He Lan half kneeled with one knee on the floor, moved his body toward her and got extremely close to her and drew even closer to her left ear that Xia Lin could feel his hot breath caressing her neck.
He said with a gentle voice, "Choose", the tone was so seductive that Xia Lin body started to heat up.
Her ear was already red, she was blushing so much that she hated herself for being this responsive to him.
Xia Lin involuntary smiled and moved her head toward his right ear and said with a seductive yet domineering voice "I'd rather die fighting for my life than tie myself with a Tit...", She stopped midway when she realized what she about said. ' I'd rather die than tie myself with a Titan!'
He Lan moved back, his head was so close to her head that if the wind blew, their lips would touch.
Xia Lin started to feel hot as if air grew thicker around her, she was forcing herself to not move. Her hands wanted to put itself around his neck and pull him closer so their lips would unite into a kiss.
Something was telling her to taste his lips, but she fought the urge that was coming up. Maybe this was the hardest battle she ever fought because she was her own enemy.
He Lan was also intrigued by the Xia girl, apparently, her lips looked pink red-ish. They were so smooth that he could imagine their taste.
'Indeed worthy of being my opponent,' he thought. There was something boiling up inside him that he didn't like so he moved away from her.
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