The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 12: Marry me or Die (12)


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Xia Lin felt pain all over her body, she thought this being was powerful but powerful wasn't enough to even start to describe his power. It only threw into the lake but she felt like her whole body was shattered to pieces.
'I cannot fight it, If I try I will die. I have to escape this place without losing too much power.' she was about to fly off again to escape but her leg was still trapped by the Serpent.
Her enemy could predict her every move which rendered it impossible for her to escape when she tried to fly, it pulled its tail, at the instant the Serpent released her. Due to that action, Xia Lin was thrown in the air without being ready, she hit a tree that was ahead.
"Uhggrr!" she moaned with pain.
She stood up and tried to teleport but she felt pain in her leg, she looked down at the source of the pain and she realized that the Serpent didn't just hurt her but her skin and bones could be seen, the marks looked like its sucked her skin.
'I can't let this thing touch me.'
She drew out her flaming swore when she realized that the tail was coming for her again.
"Slash!" she cut the end of the tail.
The tail that was flying toward her was now sinking in the lake.
Xia Lin devilishly smiled while looking at the sinking tail, then she raised her eyes to look at the Serpent.
'No way!' Xia Lin was shocked by what she was seeing.
The tail she just cut was reforming itself, it was growing back! 'Just how powerful is this being? To be able to regenerate this fast, even the Titans I battle with before couldn't regenerate this fast!'
Although she was shocked to the point of puking blood, her face remained calm with a small smile on it. She looked as if she couldn't be shaken by anything, she was sizing this being as if she could see the end of this Serpent.

Behind a tall bamboo tree near the lake where the battle was happening was a godly-looking man sitting on a beautiful palanquin that was floating the air while watching the fight. He Lan was wearing a white robe and a mask on his face, although his face was covered, his beauty and powerful aura wasn't. He looked majestic sitting on that white and gold floating palanquin, His long black hair was gently fluttering as the wind was caressing him. He Lan was focusing on the battle that was going on because the outcome or the flow of it would determine whether he will go with his plan A, marry the Xia girl or his plan B, kill her here. He knew that she was strong but no matter how strong she was, wounding the Serpent was something that only a high-level Titan can do. This Xia girl was nothing more than a high-level Goddess, her powers were far lower than this Serpent, but he was somewhat hoping she would wound him so he wouldn't need to kill her now.

Xia Lin's flaming sword appeared in one hand while she made a sign with her other hand that duplicated the flaming sword, she was now holding two flaming swore in both hands.
A powerful energy came whirling out of Xia Lin's body, at the same time her body was extruding a blinding ray of red light and her robe was flying as the wind was blowing, her hair that was tied in a ponytail lashed out like a fury. Xia Lin lips curved into a smile as she was looking at her enemy, her smile was terrifying as it could cause any being to waver at the sight of this girl.
Xia Lin charged toward the Serpent at full speed, just when she was about to reach the Serpent.
Whoosh! she disappeared from its sight.
"Slash!" She appeared on the right side of his neck and cut it open, leaving a huge amount of blood flowing out of his neck like a waterfall.
When the Serpent felt that the girl wounded his neck, he directs his tail to slice her.
Whoosh! She disappeared again, the tail that was coming at full speed to slice her didn't touch but then,
"Slash!" The tail sliced his own wounded neck instead of Xia Lin.
The Serpent let out a sound in agony, after a while he turned around to try to see if the girl reappeared somewhere.
When he turned his head to the left, he saw her sitting on his tail with a mocking smile on her face.
The Serpent became furious by the sight of the girl, he opened its mouth and direct itself to its tail, before biting onto his tail he made sure the girl was still there and,
The Serpent bite the tail with all his might. Being sure that he had beaten the girl along with his tail he pressed down on his teeth to smashed the girl.
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