The Supreme Titan's Ruthless Goddess Chapter 1: Marry me or Die (1)


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It was a peaceful night, the sky was cloudless, the stars above glowed large like fairy lights placed in a dark room. Each one of them was more like a sallow yellow orb than a brilliant pin-prick of white. Xia Lin was staring at the sky, her breathing slowed down as her body relaxed under the grass. The air felt like it has been thickened somehow, the starry night was all she saw, and for the first time, it was all she cared about. Xia Lin heard footstep of someone approaching her private garden. she heard the person's footsteps stopped coming towards her, after waiting for few minutes she lazily stood up and said: "Come out Yang Yang, I already heard you coming."
A tall man came out from the dark of the night, she looked at him, smile and thought to herself
'no wonder he causes so many women to fight and throw themselves to him, he is indeed too gorgeous for his own good'.
As she was in a daze, the tall man approached her, his robe was covering on half of his chest, he muscular left arm and chest could be seen. His long hair was flying as the wind started to blow, his eyes were blue like a deep sea. He looked at the woman in front of him, his gaze carried love and tenderness and he gently curves his mouth into a smile.
"The moonlight makes you look like a god, geez you are too beautiful Yang Yang," she said teasingly while touching her heart as if she was hurt by the sight of him.
"Lin'er I am a god," he replied while sitting on the grass.
"I must be really gorgeous to be complemented by the goddess of beauty..." he said while turning his gaze to the girl sitting next to him.
"It would be great if you use the same word to compliment your future husband." He added while looking at the cloudless sky, she turned her head to face him and gave him a cold glare that made his heart started to tighten as if someone was squeezing it.
"Aiyo...! Lin'er how can you bear to kill this baby brother of yours! Even the devil would not hurt his kin!" he complained jokingly while touching his heart and pretending to be hurting.
"I am also the goddess of war, how do you expect me to react when you bring up that shameless brat to destroy my beautiful mood?" she said turning her gaze back admire the beautiful starry night. he stayed silent because he knew she would soon tell him how she really feels about what her father asked her.
"I really don't want to marry him, I wouldn't mind fighting his kind for thousand years but It seems like the only way to win this time is through marriage." She finally admitted, she was known to be ruthless, she would rather kill than attach herself to a man. Although she did not show her emotions, deep down she wanted to experience love like the humans because she knew that the only relationship in this realm is the one that brings benefits.
"As expected of the goddess of war! You take your own marriage as an undercover mission." She snapped out of her inner thought and replied
"It's nothing more than a mission, the sooner I Kill him, the faster I can become a Martial-goddess."
Yang Yang smiled while listening to his sister's word, ' Indeed, she prefers blood over anything'.
"Why do you think father agreed to marry you off to him, I don't believe that he did it because of the damage in the human realm," hearing her brother question, she started laughing 'how can he be so stupid to ask her that question' she shook her head and look at him, 'indeed beauty without brain when it comes to war tactics'.
"It's the fastest way to the title of Supreme Titan. As a god, you should know that relationships are only beneficial if it's useful. Father wouldn't mind throwing us away if we are no longer useful to him. You better remember that even I will throw you away if you no longer make me laugh Mr god of sexuality and water." she said while tickling her brother.
'I will miss you and I will miss this place' she said in her head, 'Once I enter the Geng Gao[1] territory I will have to be careful with who I interact with and make sure this mission is a success'.
"Let's go, it's getting late and you have to make preparation for your trip to Geng Gao territory," Yang Yang said while moving away from Xia Lin. Hearing her brother she stood up and start walking in his direction, she turned her head to look at her private garden before resuming her walk and head to her courtyard.

[1] Geng Gao means "higher"
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