The Star Of Everlasting Dreams Chapter 6: First Lesson V.2


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Alan cursed inwardly for his terrible luck, but he managed to keep a straight face, "I-I just wanted to take a look around the town I haven't been in this place after all..."

Nile began to smile almost devilishly as if he knew what Alan was up to, "Oh? Well, why didn't you say so? We can explore together then!" He rapidly said as he seized Alan's hand.

"Huh? No, W-wait! Don't pull so hard!" Alan shouted as Nile pulled him deeper into the town to explore.

Johnson silently observed the two for a moment before he spoke to the servant, "Return to the inn. I'll accompany Master Nile--" He narrowed his eyes as he instantly grabbed the hilt of his giant claymore.

"What is it?!" The servant asked as he looked around frantically for danger.

" must have been my imagination. Just hurry back to the inn." Johnson said as he hurried to follow Nile and Alan.

Once Johnson disappeared into a distance a beautiful woman in a dress appeared on top of a neighboring building.

"Interesting...I didn't know that he was strong enough to sense me. I must be cautious while I follow them."

If Alan were nearby, he would notice straight away that the woman was Haukea in her human form!

Haukea wearily sighed as she glanced up at the sky, "When will that cursed boy let him go? I wish to talk to him again--"

Haukea's face suddenly flushed with red as she shook her head, "Get it together! You aren't some lonely human! You only need to follow him because he might lend you to the creator! Besides...humans are only good as a source of mana..."

Haukea's body seemed to tremble as if she remembered something terrible. However, the trembling only lasted for a moment before she disappeared into thin air.

Alan's unusual hair and attractive face made people give him a second look. The attention was quite new to him as he was never one to stand out or socialize with people.

"I wonder if he is the father?" A woman said as she watched Alan walk by with Nile clenching his hand.

"What?! The Father?!" Alan thought as he overheard the lady causing him to almost trip from shock.

"Definitely not. They look nothing alike! They are most likely siblings. Although I would willingly make him a father..." Another woman said as she blushed. Her eyes didn't move until Alan's figure could no longer be seen.

"Please give me old body back!" Alan inwardly screamed as he was able to hear that last woman even though her voice was soft.

Alan was hauled into numerous stores by Nile, and almost everyone knew the boy. However, none of them felt happy to see him.

Nile constantly tried to buy Alan expensive items while they strolled around town, but Alan immediately denied such things without a second thought.

"You really don't want anything else?" Nile asked as they exited a store.

"No, I don't need anything else. You already gave me this Esther bracelet, and from what I can tell, it is very expensive." Alan sighed as he glanced at his left wrist.

Alan didn't know why this young boy was trying to spend so much money on him, but he did learn a few things during their stroll.

The money he remembered using is just a bunch of garbage, and it has been replaced by coins made out of a unique metal called Purple Gold.

Weapons, armors, and even books embedded with spells were being sold as if it was a natural thing. Things like wi-fi, electronics, and cars were unheard of in a place like Merton. The things people considered necessary in the past were unavailable, or the task could be completed by magic.

"Magic..." Alan unconsciously said out loud.

"Hmm? What about magic?" Nile curiously asked as he looked up at Alan with a strange glint in his eyes.

"Uh...Well, I have no clue about magic at all. I've been...away for ten years."

Nile's eyes widened for a moment as he looked at the man before him. He always thought Alan was a strange guy, a guy who he could never see through no matter how hard he tried. However, something in his gut told him that Alan was extremely powerful.

Just maybe...


Alan snapped his fingers once he noticed Nile was silently staring at him, and honestly, he felt creeped out by it.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was thinking about something. If you want to learn more about magic, then you join me tomorrow." Nile smiled.

"Why tomorrow?"

"A recruiter from the Nova Magic Academy based in Uliem is coming to test people's aptitude, and you can join if you pass their test. You seem a bit old, but they have special classes for older people wanting to learn."

"Special classes? Old? I'm only fifte--" Alan immediately shut his mouth once he realized this body wasn't his own.

He definitely didn't look like a boy just starting high school!

"The special classes aren't bad from what I'm told. Every person is capable of using magic. However, younger people have more potential than someone who is already an adult." Nile continued.

Alan felt weirded out being called an adult, but it was something he had to accept for the moment.

"Where is the test being held at?"


The Next Day

Alan woke up early along with the others to reach the destination of the test site. Apparently, it was being held outside of town towards a part of the Olvadi Sea called the Rift.

The Olvadi Sea is split into two regions, and one is called the Tranquil Bowl. The Tranquil Bowl is the most significant part of the Olavadi Sea, and it is where the majority of the certified fishers fish. The other region, however, is dangerous as many monsters coming from the nearby forest use it as a source of water.

Hazard Arrowhead is the name of the region, and it earned its title because it is shaped like an arrowhead. The Rift happens to be the area that separates the two regions, and a crowd of almost 100 people gathered a few miles away from it.

The majority of the people in the crowd were young children with various lifestyles. The adults, however, were merely a fourth of the 100 people that came to take the test.

Suddenly an old man with a long royal blue robe covering his body slowly walked in front of the crowd. He then cleared his throat a few times before he spoke with a warm smile on his face, "Good Morning everyone. My name is Professor Verrick, and I will be overseeing this test today."

Verrick spoke in a soothing tone, but his voice seemed to enter everyone's ears with no difficulty at all.

"Ah...Magic." Alan softly muttered as his eyes focused on the old man before him.

Verrick looked quite ancient with his long grayed hair and aged face filled with wrinkles. However, his green eyes were vigorous and brimming with life!

"However, before you take on the test. I'll give you your first lesson."Verrick continued as a long unique cane made out of wood suddenly appeared in his hand.

"[Condense Light]!" Verrick said as his eyes seemed to glow with an unusual light.


Suddenly a sphere of light about the size of a basketball appeared in front of the old man. The light was bright enough to be seen in the daytime, and it started to revolve around the cane as if it was alive.

"Elemental magic is the strongest form of magic. The, and there are seven notable elements. Light happens to require no affinity unlike the other six, but it does require absolute control over your mana pool." Verrick carefully explained.

Hundreds of eyes were focused on the old man as he continued to teach the fundamentals of elemental magic.

"We have learned that practicing using the light element allows the person to have better results when using the element they have an affinity with. However, the light element also deemed the weakest, but it does have its own uses... [Disperse Light]!" Verrick said as the sphere of light seemed to grow in size before it exploded, blinding everyone in the crowd.

Groans of agony could be heard coming from the crowd as their eyes felt as if they were pierced with a needle. The pain only lasted for a couple of seconds, but it was enough to draw tears from the feeling.

The crowd was furious at Verrick for using such painful magic on them!

Alan was even cursing at the man as he rubbed his tears away, "Shit! A warning would have been nice, or just an explanation would have been great!"

"Hahaha! Oh, I never get tired of showing the first lesson! " Verrick laughed as he clutched his stomach and immediately the respect for the old man was lost because of this display.

The crowd began to get a bit loud and exhibited signs of becoming an angry mob!

However, before it could escalate any further the air around the old man suddenly changed as his eyes glowed fiercely with an unusual light.

"Make no mistake you brats. I may be an old man, but don't think for a second that I can't end your worthless lives in the most painful of ways! " Verrick's coldly said.


No one breathed nor moved a muscle as they were genuinely terrified of the seemingly weak old man. His glowing green eyes seemed to give the feeling that he could see everything going on.

"Learn these two spells before nightfall!"

"And if you don't... Then don't ever think of joining our academy for the rest of your wretched life!"
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