The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 7: Girl Talks


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Zylvia was a bit startled when Jayesh fetched Kaldrek. She felt worry rising inside of her. The king had sounded serious, and the very fact that he hadn't waited until the next day meant that it was the sort of thing that couldn't wait, which usually meant something bad.

"What is the matter," Fayre's concerned voice broke into Zylvia's thoughts. "Where is Kaldrek? Shouldn't he be by your side? Or at the very least where you can see him?"

"Jayesh needed him. It sounded serious."

"Oh." The queen murmured, "No help for it then. Just as long as he didn't just leave you for anything unimportant."

Zylvia let out a soft laugh, "I wouldn't mind if he did leave me just sitting here. I am just a little bit worried as to what is so important as to have the king fetch him like that. My mind has been going through all the possibilities."

"Sounds like you need a distraction. Sitting around worrying isn't going to help anything. So let's go do something to get your mind off of it. It is still your wedding day after all."

Zylvia smiled, "Thanks. What did you have in mind?"

"We could read poetry. Or sew." The queen offered, then she seemed to think of something, "Or we could talk about our men."

Zylvia raised an eyebrow, "Talk about our men? Why would we want to do that?"

"Well, wouldn't it be fun to talk about all the little idiocracies they have? Even if you haven't been married long, you've known him for a while."

Zylvia laughed, "It would probably be better to do something more productive, like sewing. So why don't we do that instead."

"We could do both at the same time. Come on, it's been awhile since we had a girl talk."

Zylvia sighed as they went to go do some needlework, "It was bad enough hearing your lovesick ramblings before you got married, now I have to hear them after you've been married for two years."

"Oh, come on, I would listen to any lovesick ramblings of yours." The queen paused and looked at her, "How come you have never had a crush before, anyway? I mean your past the age of first crushes."

"Who says I never had a crush? Just because I never talked about it doesn't mean I didn't have one."

"Did you have a crush? And if so why wouldn't you tell me."

"I didn't see it going anywhere," Zylvia's lips curved into a soft, gentle smile as she thought of the first time she had ever fallen in love. "I have always known I would never be any man's first choice so why pursue a doomed romance?"

"Oh, Zylvia, but what if he would have reciprocated? Now you'll never get to know...are you sure you'll have no regrets?"

Zylvia stabbed her needlework absentmindedly, "Yes, I am sure. No regrets."

The queen sighed and looked at her friend with worry in her eyes, "Do you think....would it be possible for you to ever care for Kaldrek in that way?"

Zylvia didn't look up at her best friend as she answered, "Maybe, anything's possible, right?"

The queen sighed and said, "Now, I'm curious. Who was your first crush? Did I know him?"

"....Yeah, you knew him," Zylvia answered. She had managed not to talk about this for so long, why was she discussing it now, anyway. "But I am not going to tell you who it was." It would probably make the queen laugh if she knew.

"You're really going to leave me hanging like this?" The queen sighed, "How cruel, now I am going to be wracking my brains to figure out which boy you started treating differently."

"Now that I am married, it doesn't really matter does it? I only said anything because I was being honest," Zylvia said calmly. "Now enough about that, how soon until we can expect little princesses and princes running around the place. I totally want to be their nanny."

The queen's eyes glowed happily and she smiled sweetly, "Hopefully, it won't be that long. In the next few years I would think. And you are definitely my first choice of nanny."

Zylvia smiled, thankful that she had managed to successfully change the conversation. The two girls continued to talk about the queens hopes and dreams until late into the evening.
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