The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 62: First Real Lesson


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Zylvia gazed at her husband as he was lecturing her on how magic could be used, and how magic should never be used. They were in the library, she was sitting on one of the chairs and he was pacing excitedly. As he was talking, though, his voice had a gentle patient quality to it. It was about mid morning currently, and they had been doing this for several hours now.

"Wait, you are not supposed to use magic on a pregnant woman?" Zylvia felt her eyes widen, "Is it dangerous?"

Her husband smiled as leaned on her chair for a moment, "It can be, for the unborn child. Very likely to affect the child's growth, or mental abilities in some way. Best case scenario is they become a sorcerer due to it. Also, newborns should not have spells cast on them either."

"I see." Zylvia nodded, "That is good to know."

He continued his pacing. "Let's see, while you have a specialty in magic, as well as a secondary, most sorcerers have a type of magic that doesn't quite click for them as well. They can still cast it of course but they are naturally inclined to ignore it."

"Oh? What is yours?" She knew he specialized in abjuration magic and was good at evocation, an odd combination but he had a strange bloodline, but she actually had no idea what he would have difficulty with.

"Enchantment." He shrugged, "Personalty conflict."

"Same one I am good at?"

"Yeah... don't worry though there are enough similarities between the magics for me to still teach you."

"I know," A giggle escaped her lips. Her husband was acting cute. At least she found him cute. She was not sure anyone else found him exactly cute.

He continued his lecture, going over the guidelines on magic. Though there were few hard and fast rules, there were plenty of rules of thumb. Some of it was common sense, and he did not spend much time on those.

He had found some books on the shelves for her to read, that would help supplement where he was lacking. She perused them while listening to him, trying to absorb as much as possible.

They finally took a break some time after noon to eat. Zylvia was glad for the reprieve - her head felt like mush from all the new knowledge. That and she was hungry anyway.

Kaldrek helped her fix a plate for herself and sat her down. Unlike her, he still seemed to be brimming with energy. Though some of that may have been due to his excitement.

She leaned against him as she ate. No one else was around right now and she felt no real embarrassment from a display of affection.

Kaldrek slipped an arm around her waist, burying his head in her neck. Which in and of itself did not bother her but he was not eating. " need to eat."

"... Do I?" Kaldrek murmered against her skin, "But I would rather hold you...."

Zylvia let out a sigh, "Eat now, you can hold me later." She pulled away from him, and turned to look at him. His eyes met hers.

"Fine." After several moments he turned away and started eating. He still did not let go of her though.

She traced the arm he had around her with one of her hands, enjoying being close to him. She as rather glad no one was walking in on them right now. But they had gone to lunch rather late so it was not that surprising.

He took her back to the library after they had finished their meal. Instead of lecturing her though he sat her on his lap with one of the books he had handed her. He kissed her sweetly before telling her to read it.

Zylvia snuggled back into her warm human cushion. Opening her book she started reading, trying to ignore the playful touches of her husband. It was a bit easier after he started reading a book himself. Even so, apparently he was surprisingly good at multitasking because he would not stop teasing her with his touch.
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