The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 61: A Bit of Practice


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When the girls went to lunch, Zylvia was happy to see her husband waiting for them, well for her really. He grinned at her as soon as she entered. He had actually already prepared her a plate, and as she came in pulled out a chair for her next to him.

A bright smile lit up her face as she sat down beside of him, ignoring the smirk on Fayre's face. She was really glad to see him again, especially as she had not spent much time with him earlier.

"How has your morning been, Zylv?" Kaldrek propped his head on one hand as he gazed at her.

"Fairly good, me lord," A cheeky quality creeped into her voice, as she purposely butchered the language.

"No problems, then? Nothing went wrong?"

She laughed, "Not a thing."

"Good," Leaning towards her, Kaldrek ruffled her hair, "I'd hate to see you actually be in any trouble." The warmth in his eyes made her insides squeeze painfully. He turned to the queen with a smile, "Can I borrow my wife this afternoon, I wanted to work with her. "

"But of course, she is your wife, after all." Fayre seemed pleased, and winked at Zylvia.

Kaldrek, nodded, seeming pleased with the answer. He pulled his wife out of the room after she had finished eating, taking leave from their queen politely.

Once in their bedroom he had her sit on their bed, "Okay, my dear, let us see what you have got. Try to hit me with a spell. I want to see what you can do when you consciously try."

Taking a deep breath Zylvia squeezed her eyes shut and tried to trigger her abilities. Nothing happened.

"Try tapping into your emotions." The suggestion came after she had been sitting there with nothing happening for a while.

Remembering what exactly she had been feeling when she first cast a spell, she tried using her attraction to her husband. She felt an odd energy run up her spine and a moment later, Kaldrek placed a kiss on her forehead. "Alright, we'll have to try to make it so that you'll be able to use it whenever."

He really did seem so enthusiastic about having someone to teach magic to. He kept having her try to cast spells, with varying levels of emotion. She discovered that feelings of love seemed to work the best to trigger her magic.

"I don't think that this is something I can use very often," Zylvia laughed as she leaned over to kiss her husband's cheek. While she was supposed to be working on her magic, she could not help but get affectionate with her husband. They were alone, after all, and in their bedroom. He did not really seem to mind either.

"Perhaps not right now, but you have the ability and it can be trained. It might take a while though, and enchantment will always be your strong suit." He slung one of his arms around her shoulder, "Tomorrow I will start teaching you the rules, that way you don't try to do anything dangerous, okay?"

She nodded and leaned in closer to him, kissing him softly. He responded, pulling her onto his lap, and deepening their kiss. When she pulled back she smiled at him, and teased him, "Enchanted, yet?"

Her husband's cheeks blushed, "Very," the word left him in a breath. He pulled her as close to him as possible, "Zylv, my dear, you are either an amazingly good enchantress, or I am particularly weak to you."

With that he kissed her again, not giving her time to process his words. Kaldrek was leaving her breathless, and a little bit dizzy. Zylvia marveled at just how much Kaldrek seemed to enjoy spending time with her.
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