The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 58: Unspoken Feelings


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Kaldrek had been worrying about his wife. Zylvia had been feeling lethargic and had slept away most of the day. That was not what worried him the most though. His lovely little wife's appetite was a little bit down. She had not eaten as much today.

He stroked Zylvia's hair, pulling her closer. She was in a half doze, which made her look adorable as she nestled close to him. He was happy with the way she always seemed to try to touch him and be close to him.

He was pretty sure his lady had feelings for him, she had not said so but the way she always acted around and towards him was such that the conclusion came easily. The way she was always seeking for confirmation of how he felt made him feel a bit guilty, but he found himself incapable of managing to say just what it was she needed to hear. He disliked the way it would always stick to his throat.

He wrapped her up tighter in his arms. She was not falling ill, right? He reminded himself that overworrying was not a good thing, it was only one day of a lowered appetite. If her appetite did not improve again by tomorrow though, then he could start worrying. It might just be that she had not actually done much today, thereby meaning she had not expended as much energy.

His mind went back to the conversation they had had only a few minutes ago. The way she had teased him made him want to shake his head helplessly. It had been rather, well bold and flirtatious. This was how she was going to tease him now for the rest of their lives, wasn't it? As long as it was in the bedroom he did not mind too much. Though if she ever said anything like that in front of other people, he knew he would end up blushing like crazy.

Kaldrek let out a soft sigh. He really did love this beautiful woman, and all her little quirks, The fact that he did not always understand her was something that would keep life interesting. Giving her attention was one of the highlights of his days this past week. He enjoyed it, he knew she enjoyed it, and it was the best he could do right now to tell her how he felt.

He found himself dozing off as well, lulled into it by just how comfortable his wife's body was. The soft sound of her breathing was like the sweetest lullaby. It gave him a sense of satisfaction knowing that if he fell asleep he would wake up next to her.

He startled completely awake again when he heard Zylvia's stomach let out a soft rumble. She pulled back from him, a blush reddening her soft cheeks. He could not stop himself from letting out a chuckle, making her glare at him. Brushing his lips against hers, he smiled at her, "Hungry, Zylv? Let's go get you food in your stomach." Patting her stomach area, he was happy that her appetite seemed to have returned.

He scooped her up into his arms as he stood up. Watching her cheeks redden even further made him smile. Making her blush was something he was finding entertaining as well as a little bit gratifying. Her blush signified that he was doing something right, at least most of the time that was what it seemed to mean.

"Kaldrek, put me down!" Zylvia started squirming in obvious embarrassment. Her hands pushed against his shoulders, making him have to shift how he was holding her.

"I don't want to," A mischievous smile came onto his face. He knew he was going to do as she said but he did not want her to know just how little resistance he had to obeying her, "But I guess I can if you give me a kiss first."

She stopped squirming and looked down at him. A beautiful smile appeared on her reddened face, making his heart skip a beat. She leaned down, wrapping her arms around his neck. The kiss she gave him was more intense and thorough than what he had actually meant. He shuttered his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feel of her pressing against him, her tongue in his mouth.

When they broke apart, he slowly put her down on the floor, knowing that he was blushing as he did so. As they left their room she wrapped her arms around his arm clinging to him in a way that made him exceedingly happy.

He sat her down and got her some food. The warm look she gave him was more than enough to keep him doing this for her. If she was happy, that would mean only good things for their relationship. Keeping Zylvia happy and smiling was one of his priorities. He considered it his duty as her husband, his requirement as her lover , and his joy as her friend.

Watching her eat happily, he mechanically ate his own food. She really did look adorable when her cheeks were stuffed. Kaldrek had to control himself to keep from pinching her cheeks.

He took her back to their bedroom, and tucked her into bed. Not feeling overly tired himself, he picked a book before sitting beside her and climbing under the covers. She scooted closer to him as she lay her head in his lap. Her behavior brought a grin onto his face as he gently stroked her head and opened his book and read out loud for her. He was not fully aware of when she fell asleep.
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