The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 52: Need to Talk


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Kaldrek gazed at the beautiful woman curled up on his bed. She had fallen asleep...a grin spread across his lips, as he shook his head. There was a rather satisfied look about her as she rested.

He covered her with the blanket, tucking her in. She really was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on.

Zylvia's magic was all over the place, almost tangible. He could sense it all over. This was a secret he did not really tell people but he had been able to sense magic without trying ever since his bloodline had awakened. He was pretty sure he needed to tell her about her abilities now, as he was pretty sure she was ready and needed to be taught to control it. The way her magic swirled around her so wildly was indicative that she had finally completely broke through the dormant stage. When she had used an enchantment on him the other day he had known she was close, though not quite ready.

He stretched himself and let out a slow breath. He wondered what exactly he found more attractive about his wife. Her physical beauty, or that overpowering spring of magic inside of her. Everything about her tugged at him, calling him to give himself to her in any way she deemed fit.

When he had first realized that he was sensing magic from her, he had initially thought she might be a draconic sorcerer due to her fiery red hair or perhaps a fire elementalist sorcerer. He had decided against this due to just how passive her magic was, as both of those tended to be aggressive bloodlines. Now, he had come to the realization that her magic seemed to be triggered by emotions. At least initially. She could probably learn to use it in different circumstances, but it would take a while.

He took a deep breath, in an odd way from the observations he had been making, their bloodlines were highly compatible as romantic partners. His bloodline was naturally drawn to magic, and her bloodline was highly attractive to any spell caster. It was as if her bloodline was designed to seek out someone with magical abilities as a mate. Despite this, Kaldrek was pretty sure that he still would have liked Zylvia anyway. After all as much as he was attracted to her physical appearance and her magical abilities, it was her personality that had made him fall completely for her, the other things were just bonuses. She was a wonderful person and he found himself completely in agreement with the queen that Zylvia deserved the best.

Kaldrek stroked her hair, before walking back to his desk. Now that he had given his wife the attention she had required of him, he really needed to get back to work. Even if she had distracted him he couldn't really complain as he now felt he could work better. Her ability to share manna was a good enough excuse to ignore his job for a while and entertain her. After all, he could only use as much magic as he had manna, so he was actually improving how quickly he could get this done.

He lost track of time as he was immersed in work. He snapped briefly out of his focus when he heard his wife stirring, but kept working. When he did finally take a break he glanced at her. She was sitting on their bed watching him with a bright smile on her face. She had a beautiful smile.

"Zylv? How are you feeling?" He smiled back at her.

She looked away as if unsure how to answer, "Umm, why?"

"Do you feel a little funny? Different maybe?" He stood up and languidly walked towards her. The bashful expression on her face made him want to tease her but this was not the time.

She paused and then murmured, "A little....why?"

"We need to talk." He took her hands in his and sat down.
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